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Jane Marczewski Nightbirde Withdraws Golden AGT 2021

Jane Marczewski Nightbirde Withdraws Golden Buzzer AGT 2021

She had to withdraw the golden act from week 2 of America’s Got Talent Jane Marczewski Nightbirde Golden Buzzer AGT 2021.

Jane Marczewski aka Nightbirde has withdrawn from the competition.

Talent Recap reports that Jane has withdrawn. Watch the video

The judges and Terry Crews have a heart-to-heart with Nightbirde at the AGT Live Shows.

This sums up the situation in a good way…
She’s an amazing inspiration! She’s a fighter! I’m sad that she had to drop out of the competition, but I’m glad she’s doing the right thing for her and focusing on her health. We love you Nightbirde!

“You can’t wait until life isn’t hard anymore before you decide to be happy.”

Nightbirde is our winner this season! In a certain way, she won because she moved everyone with her words of wisdom and her music.

Simon Cowell was moved by her story and presentation to release an opportunity for Nightbirde to advance directly to the live shows.

Congratulations Jane aka Nightbirde…watch the video for the story and performance.

“Two percent is ok”

“You can’t wait till life isn’t hard anymore before you decide to be happy”

“Its important a lot of people know I’m more then the bad things that happened to me”

Additional coverage from ACCESS watch this interview

Jane’s Cancer Returned Ahead of Her ‘AGT’ Audition

After finalizing her divorce, specialists discovered that Jane suffered physical head trauma. She underwent brain wave therapy and her cancer came back for the third time. Jane started a GoFundMe to help with her medical treatments that are not covered by insurance. Doctors are confident that the same treatments will rid cancer from her body once more.

Jane decided on her artist name, Nightbirde, when she had a reoccurring dream about birds singing outside her window. Throughout her cancer battles, Jane has released music as Nightbirde including her inspirational anthem “Brave.”

“The third day, I woke up, went to the window and saw there were birds,” she told Lynchburg Living. “It was so profound: this image of being able to sing through a dark time, even when there’s no proof that the sun is coming. To sing in anticipation of the dawn, even if you can’t prove it.”

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