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Dancing Acts America's Got Talent 2023 watch

Dancing Acts America’s Got Talent 2023 watch

Dancing Acts America’s Got Talent 2023 watch

You can watch a compilation video featuring The Top 10 BEST Dancers on America’s Got Talent 2023! The list of performances and timestamps is listed below.

Our full coverage of the season can be found here


Source – Got Talent Global


Murmuration – 0:00

Avantgardey – 6:11

Chibi Unity – 9:18

Mariandrea – 17:03

Eseniia Mikheeva – 23:17

The Rybka Twins – 28:23

Atai Show – 34:52

Justin Jackson – 37:46

El Invertebrado – 43:26

Lambros Garcia – 46:10

Random Comments from YT

15 hours ago Avantgardey, I consider dance/athletes; speed, precision, power, timing, synchronicity, and aesthetics. The demanding choreography was innovative and incredibly well executed. The high-enegy and fun personalities, I did not expect, that added so much more to the performance. Can’t wait to see what they do next


1 day ago Cried of happy tears every time i rewatch Chibi Unity’s performance:) it was breath taking!!

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Gary Norman

Gary Norman

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