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Ahren Belisle's Journey AGT 2023 video watch

Ahren Belisle’s Journey AGT 2023 video watch

Humor does not always transmit well across all cultures Ahren Belisle’s Journey AGT 2023

You may or may not enjoy this type of comedy yet here we are promoting this week Ahren Belisle’s Journey AGT 2023 video watch.

Ahren Belisle's Journey AGT 2023 video watch
Ahren Belisle’s Journey AGT 2023 video watch

Ahren Belisle is a software engineer and mental health advocate turned comedian. Born in Northern Ontario with cerebral palsy, Ahren is a mute comedian who uses his phone to deliver jokes. Ahren has over 300,000 followers on social media and has been featured on 60 Second Docs.​

Again AGT has this imperial position to promote acts from overseas or outside the U.S. Canada is our close neighbor and so the producers earn a pass by selecting this act to release the performance early. Although, we wish to feature local acts on this site, breaking into American audiences is lucrative, and supporting local acts is also of considerable value.

Ahren performs at All Access Comedy.

Watch all auditions here

Engineer by day, comedian by night! Ahren Belisle makes the judges howl with laughter with his hilarious stand-up comedy



AHREN BELISLE Comedy … Nonverbal disabled stand-up comedian: I’m a mute (disabled) stand-up comedian. I’m also an engineer who makes mental health content on …

Ahren Belisle Comedy – Official Site for Comedian Ahren Belisle


A FORCE TO BE RECON WITH. The official website for Ahren Belisle. The newest Kill Tony royalty – golden ticket winner.

Comments from YT Users

54 minutes ago

I love the way our society is finally starting to see each other. When I grew up we described people as the way they looked. I love love love describing people’s gifts and abilities. My Dad (I love him so) would tell me…‘I don’t cater to personalities’ times have changed so much.


2 hours ago

We all can use a little laughter in our lives. I feel people are more depressed with technology and the disconnect it creates. Thank you for sharing your story and taking a guy like me, whose on the verge of losing everything and cheering him up. Laughter is what I deeply seek, especially in trying times like now, so thank you for sharing some with me and this community.

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