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Canada’s Got Talent 2023 Recaps News Watch

One of the best franchises in Got Talent world is Canada’s Got Talent 2023 Recaps News

Over 80 acts will magically appear on your screens this season on Canada’s Got Talent 2023 Recaps News Watch. CGT 2023!

CGT has been busy featuring singers, comedians, and more to take to the stage to entertain us all. Semi-finals clips are locked and loaded. Week 6 concludes the auditions phase and on to the semi-finals.

Final Results Night

Winner Conversion announced. Videos to come.

Congratulations to the winner and all the finalists this season. Enjoy the coverage and we look forward to another season of CGT!

TheTurnbullBrothers performed “If You Could Read My Mind” by #GordonLightfoot. A fitting tribute to a Canadian legend.

Meave’s rendition of “Somebody to Love” by @QueenWillRock

YES, she made all those noises herself! Is there any noise @genevievecote can’t make?

Conversion Dance group performance.

#AtsushiOno traveled through time to be here with us at the #CGT finale!

#Edmonton’s own #CoolGiraffes take the #CGT stage!

@TheRaySalgado performed a rendition of “Lay Me Down”

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Canada’s Got Talent LIVE Finale NEXT at 8 ET/5PT on @City_tv

All CGT Golden Buzzer Acts

Semi-final 2 performances

These two acts are heading straight through to the LIVE Finale! Congratulations #GenevièveCoté & #TheCast!

Curran Dobbs

The Cast

Anica Cranks

Magic Ben


Raymond Salgado


Katherine Lynn Rose

Genevieve Cote

Semi-Final 1 Compilation presentation

Canadas Got Talent 2023 Recaps News Watch

Play all S2 SEMI-FINALS | WEEK ONE Canada’s Got Talent 8 videos views updated yesterday Play shuffle

DOG TRAINER Alexandra Côté Dances With Her Furry Friends |

•5.4K views • 9 hours ago 2 8:02 Now playing

Atsushi Ono’s MAGIC Dazzled The Judges With Quick Card Tricks

•9.4K views • 9 hours ago 3 5:19 Now playing

SINGER Beatrice Love Delivers Big Emotions With This Original Song

•5K views • 9 hours ago 4 5:44 Now playing

DANCE CREW Conversion Impresses With This Emotional Routine

•11K views • 9 hours ago 5 4:35 Now playing

DANCERS Cool Giraffes Bring New Moves To The #CGT Stage

•4.1K views • 9 hours ago 6 4:50 Now playing

SINGER Maya Gamzu’s Incredible Performance of Domino by Jessie J

•8K views • 9 hours ago 7 6:16 Now playing

Mr. Cuddles The EVIL OCTOPUS Returns And Is Not Alone

•2.3K views • 9 hours ago 8 5:15 Now playing

You Will Be A Fan Of OPERA After You Hear Paola Troilo’s Voice |

• 10K views • 9 hours ago

TWIN SINGERS The Turnbull Brothers Charm With A Classic Cover

Week 6 Tonight End of Auditions

The Cast Golden Buzzer Behind The Scenes

The Cast after winning the group Golden Buzzer! Discover the secrets to keeping these old-timers young at heart!

The Cast – Golden Buzzer

Joze Piranian Comedian Audition


“Flexy-T” Summerville grew up dancing but was diagnosed with the rare connective tissue disease, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome when she was a teen. Determined to strengthen her body to help manage her symptoms, Toria embarked on a new journey, learning to embrace her disability while exploring the limits of the human body! After watching her incredible movement, the judges hear her story and are truly blown away!

ASD Band Audition


The auditions have come to a close on Canada’s Got Talent! We’re proud to announce the 18 Semi-Finalists that will continue to the next round with our judges and give the country the opportunity to vote for their Season 2 Champion! The best compete for your vote! Canada’s Got Talent Semi-Finals start next Tuesday 8/7c on


Alexandra Cote

Beatrice Love

Paola Troilo

Raymond Salgado

Maya Gamzu

Genevieve Cote

The Turnbull Brothers

Katherine Lynn=Rose


Conversion Group


Mr. Cuddles The Evil Octopus

The Cast

Cool Giraffes Group

Curran Dobbs

Atsushi Ono

GBA Group

Magic Ben

WEEK 5 Auditions

Woody and Fenton Golden Buzzer

Jasona dn Bronwyn Train Horses

Jack Thomas

Curran Dobbs Comedian

Val and Ganna Dancers

JP Parent Magician

WEEK 4 Auditions

Singer Maya Gamzu’s Golden Buzzer Moment

Singer Maya

Raymond Salgado

Pastor Kevin Fast

Syd Bosel Comedian

Reese Nelson Skater

Katherin Lynn Rose Singer

Cydnee Abbott Dancer

WEEK 3 Auditions

Golden Buzzer Anica

Extended Version Anica Moment

Dance Crew Cool Giraffes’ Audition

Sima Saxena Audition

Will Stelfox Magician Audition

Alexandra Cotes Friends Dog Trainer Audition

XPOGO Stunt Team Audition

WEEK 2 Auditions

Crew Conversion Golden Buzzer Moment

Quebec dance troupe Conversion uses unique shapes, movements, and incredible storytelling to captivate the CGT audience and judges!

Enacting the heartbeat of their coach’s baby, their contemporary routine is danced in perfect harmony, and even use props to literally elevate their moves.

Their audition is so emotional, their story particularly hits home with one judge, earning the whole crew @trishstratuscom‘ Golden Buzzer!

Crew Conversion

takes you behind the scenes with Conversion after winning @trishstratuscom‘ Golden Buzzer! Find out the secrets behind making 36 people move as 1!

Ben Magician

Growing up in a small Inuit community in Northern Quebec, Benjamin was stunned after seeing his first magic act at age 9.  Since then, he’s been mastering his sleight of hand. 

What results are an audition that stuns the judges with up-close magic precision, but it’s his finale that leaves Lilly completely frozen!

Meave The Busker

A local busker of Niagara Falls, Ontario, Samantha ‘Meave’ Pearson was singing to tourists passing by the outside of the CGT Stage. Howie Mandel spots the young woman and invites her inside to audition.

Putting her nerves aside, Meave delivers an impromptu acapella act that puts a smile on the faces of everyone in the building, and even judge @LillySingh is giving Howie props for discovering this amazing talent!

Mr Cuddles Puppet

Mr. Cuddles The Evil Octopus’ talents include science-based thought control, performing lobotomies, and when the mood strikes, show tunes.

The evil Octopus has taken time out of his busy day of scheming to reveal his next big plan for world domination on the CGT stage, and Judge Howie Mandel becomes an evil accomplice!

Omari Besong

14-year-old Evangel is a singer, songwriter, and pianist from #Edmonton, #Alberta. Now, he steps onto the CGT stage hopeful to make his dreams a reality.

Little does he know, his truly moving rendition of @shawnmendes‘ “Wonder” inspires @LillySingh to surprise Evangel with a special guest appearance at the judges’ desk.

Kenton and Lise

Toronto performing duo, Kenton & Lise met at an animation voice workshop. Ever since then, the two have been making music, memories, and educational songs about the Permian period.

Not all the judges know what to think, but they all learned about dinosaurs TWO HUNDRED FIFTY MILLION YEARS AGO! 

WEEK 1 Auditions

CIBC Genevieve Cote Golden Buzzer

Full 6 minutes clip below watch

Charles Philippe Laurin

Beatrice Love

Young Mommy

Emma Garriott clip

Mcelman and Maestro

Paola Troilo


Atsyshi Ono

Evan Turnbull

The Cheerforce Golden Girls

Marquis Act

T Acos X T.Eenagers Act

Paola Troilo First Look

CGT Sneak Peek

Regardless the producers found time to film another season for you and we can find a clip or two on a platform called TubeYou.

Here is the opening promo. Warning daredevil acts may appear, even singers and the alike.

Let us know if you have some Mandel jokes or gossip to post here. The others on the panel really outshine him. Thanks to our unofficial sponsor Mr. H Mandel.

the highly anticipated talent competition series spotlights 82 acts as they grace the Canadian stage, face the #CGT judges – Howie Mandel, Lilly Singh, Trish Stratus, Kardinal Offishall – and compete to win the grand prize.

The #CGT Champion will receive $150,000 dollars from CGT and Howie’s pocket.

STANDBY NORTH AMERICA As Canada drops a new season on us! Canada’s Got Talent 2023 Recaps News Watch. CGT 2023

Canada’s Got Talent 2023 Recaps News Watch

Canada’s Got Talent Season 2 contestants are listed below. Click here to learn more about each contestant.

Sneak Peek 6

ALBERTA Canada’s Got Talent 2023 Recaps News Watch
ATSUSHI ONO – Magic Act, Calgary
BEATRICE LOVE – Singer/Musician, Edmonton
COOL GIRAFFES – Dance Act, Edmonton
EVANGEL OMARI BESONG – Singer/Musician, Edmonton
KALSEY KULYK – Singer/Musician, Beaumont
KNIGHT1 – Singer/Musician, Calgary
REESE NELSON – Xtreme Sport, Calgary
THE BEARHEAD SISTERS – Vocal Groups, Edmonton

BRITISH COLUMBIA Canada’s Got Talent 2023 Recaps News Watch
A3 RYDERZ – Dance Act, Vancouver
CURRAN DOBBS – Comedy Act, Victoria
DJC – Dance Act, Vancouver
EMMA GARRIOTT – Singer/Musician, Port McNeill
JACK THOMAS – Singer/Musician, Burnaby
KAREN FLAMENCO – Dance Act, Vancouver
RAYMOND SALGADO – Singer/Musician, Vancouver Island
SIMA SAXENA – Singer/Musician, Victoria
SYD BOSEL – Comedy Act, Comox
WIL STELFOX – Magic Act, Vancouver
XTREME SOUL STYLE – Dance Act, Vancouver

MANITOBA Canada’s Got Talent 2023 Recaps News Watch
CHRISTOPHER MAGAS – Singer/Musician, East St Paul
DEAN GUNNARSON – Stunt, Onanole
L.I.V.E – Dance Act, Winnipeg
MARQUIS – Dance Act, Winnipeg
TARA MEYER – Circus Act, Winnipeg

NEW BRUNSWICK Canada’s Got Talent 2023 Recaps News Watch
ANICA – Singer/Musician, Grand Barachois
DAVID NT ANNAN – Dance Act, Fredericton

NOVA SCOTIA Canada’s Got Talent 2023 Recaps News Watch
EVAN TURNBULL – Singer, Glace-Bay

ONTARIO Canada’s Got Talent 2023 Recaps News Watch
ABEBE ERIGETE – Circus Act, Toronto
AMIR BRANDON – Singer/Musician, Toronto
ASD BAND – Vocal Groups, Toronto
ASHLEY VELDBOOM – Dance Act, Orillia
CHRISTIAN MASCIA – Magic Act, Stoney Creek
CYDNEE ABBOTT – Dance Act, Oakville
DARCY MITCHINSON – Singer/Musician, Hamilton
DAVID GREEN – Comedy Act, Niagara Falls
FLEXY-T – Circus Act, Ajax
JASON & BRONWYN IRWIN – Animal Act, Southampton
JAMES ALCOCK – Singer/Musician, Mississauga
JIM CAMERON – Singer/Musician, Waterloo
JOZE PIRANIAN – Comedy Act, Toronto
JULIA & MOSES – Dance Act, Toronto
KATHERINE LYNN-ROSE – Singer/Musician, Burlington

KENTON & LISE – Vocal Groups, Toronto
KEVIN FAST – Stunt, Cobourg
KONAH RAYNES – Singer/Musician, Ottawa
MAYA GAMZU – Singer/Musician, Richmond Hill
MCELMAN & THE MAESTRO – Vocal Groups, Toronto
MEAVE – Singer/Musician, Niagara Falls
MVP DANCE – Dance Act, Toronto
NIKO SOFIANOS – Novelty Act, Vaughan
OLGA & VIOLET: MOMMY & ME – Circus Act, Toronto
POLLY MOONSHINE – Singer/Musician, London
RICHARD FORGET – Magic Act, Whitby
SOULS OF STEEL – Singer/Musician, Toronto
TAP DANCE CANADA – Dance Act, Ontario
TASOS NIKOPOULOS – Novelty Act, Hamilton
THE DREAMBOATS – Vocal Groups, Mississauga
THE TREVOR SHOW – Vocal Groups, Toronto
THE SIGMAZ – Dance Act, Scarborough
VAL & GANNA – Dance Act, Toronto
VOICES ROCK PRIME – Vocal Groups, Mississauga
XPECTACULO – Circus Act, Scarborough
XPOGO STUNT TEAM – Xtreme Sports, Orillia
YOUNG MOMMY – Singer/Musician, Toronto

ALEXANDRA CÔTÉ – Animal Act, Thetford Mines
BRIAN TYLER – Singer/Musician, Grenville Sur La Rouge
CIRQUE KALABANTÉ – Circus Act, Montreal
CONVERSION – Dance Act, Trois-Rivières
GBA – Circus Act, Montreal
GENEVIÈVE CÔTÉ – Novelty Act, Laval
JP PARENT – Magic Act, Montreal
PAOLA TROILO – Singer/Musician, Laval
REMI ORSET – Circus Act, Quebec
T.ACOS X T.EENAGERS – Dance Act, Granby
THE CAST – Dance Act, Lévis
TRA MY TRINH – Circus Act, Montreal

MAGIC BEN – Magic Act, Whitehorse

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Canada’s Got Talent Reveals This Season’s Showstopping Acts, Premiering …

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Canada’s Got Talent Reveals This Season’s Showstopping

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Niagara performers part of upcoming ‘Canada’s Got Talent’ season …

2 days agoAt least three Niagara Falls acts will compete on “Canada’s Got Talent” when the show returns to TV this month. Comedian David Green, singer Samantha (Meave) Pearson, and magician Christian Mascia are among the 82 acts to be featured in the show’s second season, premiering March 21 on Citytv. Green, a veteran Niagara performer, was …

180 views Mar 10, 2023, #CGT#CanadasGotTalent#tvpromo

The NEW season of Canada’s Got Talent premieres TUESDAY, March 21 at 8/7c on @Citytv and is like NOTHING you’ve seen before! Prepare to be shocked. Prepare to be rocked. Prepare for your jaw to drop. Prepare to be AMAZED!

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