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American Idol Contestants 2023 Perform videos

American Idol Contestants 2023 Perform videos watch

This post showcases new performances each week and previous episodes for you. The latest clips appear at the top. Follow the table of contents for the list of each audition. American Idol Contestants 2023 Perform videos

Finale – Winner Announced

Your new American Idol 2023 was announced after the ABC 3-hour commodity meeting.

Winner @wtongi

Result Clip

Second place or runnerup Megan Danielle

Third place for Colin Stough!

Each week the producers release a highlight compilation video. The video(s) is/are posted below.

If you are looking for longer clips try here

The season coverage features the newest episodes and news at the beginning of this post.

Table of Contents Auditions

Top 3 Results




Hard luck to Zachariah and We

Top 5 revealed here

Perry and Lionel are in the UK for the King’s Coronation. Sheeran and Morrisette subs!

Duets and single performances were featured tonight and we say goodbye to three contestants.

Top 5 Disney



Iam Tongi

We Ani



Haven, Oliver, and Warren

Megan and Colin duet

Oliver Steele

Megan Danielle

Haven Madison and Zachariah Smith duet

Colin Stough

We Ani and Warren Peays duet

Iam Tongi and Oliver Steele duet

Zachariah Smith

Warren Peay

Spoiler News Top 8 revealed

Top 10 Perform

Megan Danielle

Tyson Venegas was eliminated

Marybeth Byrd was eliminated

Iam Tongi

Warren Peay

Oliver Steele

We Ani

Haven Madison

Zachariah Smith

Top 12 Perform

So tonight as part of the hoop dancing this class of 2023 has to sing songs from the R&R Hall of Fame to save their butts. Half the audience will not know what it is. Google it, kids.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum | History, Facts, & …

Encyclopedia Britannica › … › Education › Museums

Typical artifacts include instruments used by famous musicians, stage clothing and props, drafts of song lyrics, correspondence, and original albums…

Iam Tongi covers Bring It On Home To Me

Zachariah Smith covers a song

Megan Danielle covers Angel from Montgomery

She covers the old classic in a current vocal performance that will please her fans and win some new ones.

Nutsa cover The Show Must Go On

We Ani covers Something’s Got A Hold On Me

Her fans will love this cover, the rest may not. Good luck We.

Marybeth Bryd covers Abba’s Dancing Queen Classic

Here is another classic from the Swedish four known as ABBA – look it up, kids. Four talented members of a band from the 1970-80s who had worldwide success with several albums.

Marybeth covers it well. More exciting stuff to come next week.

Colin Slough’s cover of Midnight Rider

Here is his latest performance in the Top 12.

Oliver Steele Georgia On My Mind

Oliver has a good time presenting this old classic for a new audience tonight.

Lucy Love performs Lionel’s All Night Long

A for the effort by Lucy. This song made the R&R Hall of Fame. I rest my case.

Haven Madison Livin On A Prayer

A for effort F for song choice. While this is a song for its time, the time has passed on many years ago. Yet time and time the producers try and fantasize about bringing back these songs. Poor choice and may affect her audience appeal.

Warren Peay House of The Rising Sun

Warren A for effort D for song choice. This is a classic rock anthem that will not garner him the votes he needs. Audience voters rarely support rock music on this show or most others. Pity.

Top 12 Revealed

Eight contestants were eliminated.

Saved Lucy

Saved Nutsa

American Idol Season 21 Top 20 results

Launched & Finalized Friday, April 21st ABC has the slow walking and three-hour marathon show for you all. Or be smart and watch the highlights here.

Highlights are featured below including a reunion between Noah and Hunter on stage. Duet with experience shows in this performance. Bringing back audience favorites goes down well with fans. Credit to the producers for maintaining contact with the past.


01. Colin Stough

02. Hannah Nicolaisen

03. Haven Madison

04. Kaeyra

05. Lucy Love

06. Mariah Faith

07. Marybeth Byrd

08. Matt Wilson

09. Megan Danielle

10. Michael Williams

11. Nailyah Serenity

12. Nutsa Buzaladze

13. Oliver Steele

14. Olivia Soli

15. Paige Anne

16. Tyson Venegas

17. Warren Peay

18. Wé McDonald

19. William Guy Tongi

20. Zachariah Smith


Group 1

1. Elise Kristine

2. Emma Busse

3. Pjae

Group 2

1. Dawson Wayne

2. Elijah McCormick

3. Malik Heard

Nutsa Top 26 performance

Tyson Venegas Top 26

Colin Stough Top 26

Olivia Soli Top 26

Malik Heard Top 26

Megan Danielle Top 26

Hannah Nicolaisen Top 26

Dawson Wayne Top 26

Michael Williams Top 26

We Ani Top 26

Marybeth Byrd Top 26

Elijah McCormick Top 26

Paige Anne Top 26

Iam Tongi Top 26

Lucy Love Top 26

Haven Madison Top 26

Nailyah Top 26

Warren Peay Top 26

Emma Busse Top 26

Mariah Faith Top 26

Zachariah Smith Top 26

Allen Stone Top 26

Kaeyra – Top 26

Matt Wilson

Oliver Steele

Elise Kristine


News about American Idol, Sara Beth

These are randomly selected links providing you with sources to draw your own conclusions if any about this event.

Young mother Sara Beth quits ‘American Idol’ following Katy Perry’s ’embarrassing’ and ‘hurtful’ ‘mom-shaming’ remark

20 minutes ago

‘American Idol’ shocker: Katy Perry talks sense into contestant who suddenly quit show onstage

20 minutes ago


‘American Idol’: Why Sarah Beth Quit — Katy Perry Controversy Explained

21 minutes ago


Colin Stough

Matt Wilson

Iam Tongi

Hannah Nicolaisen

Lucy Love

Haven Madison

Zachariah Smith

We Ani “Ain’t No Way”

Warren Peay performance and result

Malik Heard and PJAE sing-off included

Michael Williams’ cover of “Angels Like Me

Nutsa sings Proud Mary

Hollywood Week Results

We understand that approximately 52 contestants moved on to the next round. Below are highlights from the available videos. All the contestants review American Idol’s YT channel.

Hannah Nicolaisen & Warren Peay Duet

We Ani & Pjae Duet

Iam Tongi & Oliver Steele Duet

Matt Wilson & Elise Kristine Duet

Carina and Nutsa Duet

Elijah McCormick & Lucy Love Duet

Iam Tongi

Dawson Wayne sings the Original “Sour Skies”

Megan Danielle sings “Up To The Mountain”

Emma Busse sings “My Mind”

Matt Wilson


Marybeth Byrd

Olivia Soli

Mariah Faith sings “I Hope You’re Happy Now”

Lucy Love

Oliver Steele sings “Broken Halos”

Haven Madison’s Original Song “Still Need You”

Paige Anne

Malik Heard

We Ani Original Song

Hannah Nicolaisen Original Hollywood Week

Instagram: Tik Tok: Original Song:

Nutsa Auditions with I Surrender

Zachariah Smith

Colin Stough

Oliver Steele Audition

Kaya Stewart Audition

Katy On Fire Returns audition

Sierra Harris Audition

Cam Amen Platinum Winner

Mikenley Brown Audition

Elise Kristine Audition

Phil Kane’s Original ‘Osage County’ audition early release

Luke Byran thinks Phil Kane is a country Jackson Browne! Phil is only 18, but his original song about his hometown, “Osage County,” wowed the judges with its powerful storytelling and authenticity. Welcome to Hollywood!

American Idol

PJAE Audition Early Release

Instagram: Tik Tok: “Know That You Are Loved” (Cover)

Ophrah Kabklan Audition Early Release

This congregation is out of order!!! Nail tech Ophrah Kablan has the IDOL judges on their feet, dancin’ and hollerin’ just like at a “good ol’ wooden floor stomp yer feet church service”! Her rendition of Aretha Franklin’s “Baby, I Love You” hit every note, and so did Katy, Luke, and Lionel as they sang their praises for her audition. Oh, and can we get an AMEN for the fabulous Phredley Brown on the keys?!

Fire Audition

Kamron Lawson Audition

Paige Anne Audition

Warren Peay Audition

You all need to follow this dude’s journey. Instagram: Tik Tok: “I Got You” Cover:

Nailyah Serenity Audition

You all need to follow her on the journey over the next weeks. Instagram: Tik Tok: “Unloyal” (Summer Walker Remix):

Mariah Faith Audition

Again follow this artist on her journey as well. Instagram: Tik Tok: “Where Rainbows Never Die” Cover:

Week 4 Auditions

Hannah Nicolaisen

Tripp Taylor

Week 3 Highlights

Week 2 Highlights

These are the stand-out auditions including former Voice Alumni, which ABC refuses to acknowledge even exits! Just goes to show you how fragile their little hearts are about the competition. Well, we can laugh at them from a distance.

Olivia Soli Early release Audition 2023

@oliviasoli! You’ve got a long career ahead of you!

Lionel Richie Twitter

Instagram: Tik Tok: “Stone Cold” (Demi Lovato Cover): Follow Olivia y’all hint

Elijah McCormick Early Release

Instagram: Tik Tok: Article: “Ordinary People” Cover: Follow this young man y’all hint

Maybeth Byrd

(The Voice 17) – Heart Like a Truck by Lainey Wilson – Instagram: Tik Tok: “Jolene” Cover:

We Ani (McDonald)

(The Voice 11) – Edge of Seventeen by Stevie Nicks – Instagram: Tik Tok: “Lift Me Up” Cover:

Emma Busse

Lay Me Down by Sam Smith – Instagram: Tik Tok: “Andromeda” cover:

Nutsa audition

McKayla Stacey

Kaylin Hedges Audition and reunion

Caroline Kole sings Firework for her audition

Matt Wilson is a day Care Teacher and is the early-release video for this week

Instagram: Tik Tok: “Glory” Cover:

Haven Madison WOWs everyone

This clip is an early release for the new season. She performs her original song “Fifteen” alongside her dad in an emotional and heartwarming audition on American Idol 2023.

Haven 16, Clarksville Tennessee. Instagram: Tik Tok: “Still Need You”:

A heartwarming moment for all in the room with this new song that touched the chord of why they do this show. All yeses were the result and please follow young Haven’s journey this season. Will she go far in this competition? Let us hope she does. Well done to dad for his accompaniment on guitar. Great way to start the new season! More to come.

Need spoilers for the season then try this link.

Death CJ Harris Alumni

Here is a sneak peek into the other acts that are scheduled to appear this season on AI.

See what’s hot from Talent Recap as they preview Season 2023 for you. Follow them on YT!

Colin Stough

Sunday’s premiere will introduce you to this small-town kid with big-time dreams! Colin’s here with his momma who signed him up for Idol, and he’s overwhelmed and humbled by how big an opportunity this is to put his hometown on the map. Instagram: Tik Tok: “Wild Palomino” Original:

Lucy Love’s audition on the premiere gained three affirmatives. Watch the whole scene below.

28, Holly Grove AR songs included Heard it through the Grapevine by Marvin Gaye and A Song For You by Donny Hathaway.

Zachariah Smith’s audition

had all the judges at the moment. He received all three yes votes.

Iam Tongi auditioned

for the judges and emotions flowed and moved to receive three yeses. Instagram: Tik Tok: Interview

Michael Williams’s audition

has Katy Perry all smitten in the moment. He appeared on season 18 of The Voice, where he performed a Battle with American Idol season 20 finalist Allegra Miles. He won the four-way knockout that season on Nick Jonas’ team. 3 Yeses. Instagram: Tik Tok: “Biblical” (Calum Scott Cover):

Lyric Medeiros audition

has lessons for any new singer, young or old. Yeses.

Megan Danielle competed

on The Voice season 18 on Team Kelly Clarkson and made it to 9th place. American Idol seems to treat that experience as an unspoken diversion in life. Rather odd, ABC has its ways that make us music followers as unconscionable riff-raff!

She’s auditioning in Las Vegas with Lauren Daigle’s hit “You Say.” Lauren is in town and drops by to surprise her. Lauren strolls into the room barely missing a beat. Later “I loved American Idol,” says Lauren. Instagram: Tik Tok: “Rebel Heart” (Lauren Daigle Cover):

Tyson Venegas auditioned

All the judges agree and award him the Platinum Ticket for Las Vegas. He was born in Canada, trying to win a small competition titled American Idol. How ironic. Not a first or last, just for the record, and also wins one of the few platinum tickets. Let that sit right here for a while. Instagram: Tik Tok: “A Song For You” Cover:

Kya Monee auditioned

She explained her return after Season 19, she was the late Willie Spence’s duet partner in Hollywood and they had planned to reunite for this day. Sadly he was killed in a motor vehicle accident. You should watch the video. Good luck Kya and condolences for your loss.

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