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The Voice of Finland 2023 Recaps watch

New Series continues featuring acts on The Voice of Finland 2023 Recaps watch

Each week we summarize the performances and offer opinions about each. At this stage no coach results are known, the clips are short, and no comments are included. The Voice of Finland 2023 Recaps watch.

Winner has been decided this season. See below.

This franchise has moved to the newer format of The Cut which simply does what it means to cut a coach’s team in half. Brutal, but this is close to real-life auditions made in many venues. Messy yes, expect many tears and frustration to surface.

The Voice of Finland 2023 Recaps watch

starts with exciting episodes of Voice Matters! The competition progresses to a new stage in The Cut, where each coach drops three singers from his team, while some get into duels along the passing lane.

In duels, there will again be hijackings of new teams and only half will make it to the Knockout stage. In the four live broadcasts in the spring, you will be able to see which of the 12 contestants will sing their way to the victory of The Voice of Finland!

The Coaches

The coaches are Elastinen, Anna Puu, Toni Wirtanen, and Sipe Santapukki, as well as Maija Vilkkumaa. The Voice of Finland at Nelonen and Ruutu from January 27th! Domestic music program.

Here are the latest performances featuring artists in the Blind Auditions 2023

The Teams

I hope your (and my) favorite audition acts made it into the teams after the cut process. Each team is listed below.

Plenty of variety is shown by each allowing contestants to showcase their vocals. On to the next round. Join us next week.

Semi Finals and Final

It appears this week all the coaches and artists went for native language songs suggesting a safer road for everyone in securing audience votes. Enjoy the musicality of each performance.

Onni Kivipelto

Разные видео вау

1 hour ago Winner? 1


1 hour ago winner 1

Iida Kuparinen

23 minutes ago Yes! With 41% of votes! The second got 26%

Emmi Saunders

Timmy Tattari

Eemeli Nissi

Emmi Saunders

Timmy Tattari

Eemeli Nissi

Maija Vikkumaa

Anna Puu on stage Last week

Heikki Poyhia

Onni Kivipelto

Emmi Saunders

Arto Pesonen

Samu Haber

Aku Keinonen

Timmy Tattari

Alina Kolehmainen

Eemeli Nissi

New This Week 11 part one and two Knockouts

Apulanta – Odotus Live

minusta aivan perkeleen koskettava versio tästä biisistä. tää teki on mielestäni hyvää tän biisin sanoille. uskoin jokasen sanan jonka toni suustaan ulos päästi.

I think it’s a devilishly touching version of this song. I think this did is good for the lyrics of this song. I believed every word that Toni let out of her mouth.

YouTube user

Antti ALatomanen – Boys of Summer

After nearly a 30 second music intro, this song is set this way, Antti cuts loose and delivers a lively rendition of this classic song for the audience. The production was rather visually disjointed running cameras all over the stage and red lighting it was hard to see his face often. Very good performance.

Alina Kolehmainen – Sama nainen

A native language song for the local audience. Enchanting presentation.

In the second live broadcast of The Voice of Finland’s 12th season, Team Anna’s lead singer Alina Kolehmainen will perform Chisu’s song Sama nainen

YouTube Originator

Daisy Bolt – Flowers

Team Annan laulaja Daisy Bolt esittää The Voice of Finlandin 12. kauden toisessa suorassa lähetyksessä Miley Curysin kappaleen Flowers.

Team Anna’s lead singer Daisy Bolt will perform Miley Curys’ song Flowers in the second live broadcast of The Voice of Finland’s 12th season.


This was a happy themed production for this song and she carried the performance well. Nice to see a contestant having a good time on stage.

Eemeli Nissi – Voimaa ja valoa

Gasellit – Katto auki Live

Sara Paakkari – Always Remember Us This Way

Timmy Tattari – Wrecking Ball Live

Song choice is very important and Timmy did a good job with this performance. Was it good enough to advance?

Aku Keinonen – Viidestoita yo Live

Here is a national language song presented for local consumption.

Sarlotta Soininen LIVE

Here is a refreshing take on the Irene Cara classic What A Feeling from Flashdance. This performance was very good in presentation and belief in the words from the artist. She ran out of breath or was slightly behind the band in one place or two, maybe the rendition or video rendering. Well worth the watch. No result posted.

New This Week 10 part one and two Knockouts

Jami Kontturi Live Superstition

Veli-Pekka Vaari Live

Emmi Saunders – Burn

Arto Pesonen Live

Elastinen Live

Onni Kivipelto Live

Erika Nystrom Live

Heikki Poyhia Live

Jenny Mulenga Live

New This Week 9 part one and two Knockouts

Here is the latest round of performances released today.

Lilja Stahlberg – Writing’s On The Wall

Bad song choices from Anna yes, this one is good but didn’t make it to the sequel

Alina Kolehmainen – Fly Away

I cannot, for the life of me, understand how THIS got to the finals and Janika Rissanen was left out. Unbelievable. This was absolutely [a bad adjective], through and through. Janika was brilliant.


Eemeli Nissi Siks Kai Ma Oon Sun

The guy capped the atmosphere, like we sometimes used to secrets a treehouse by candlelight or nowadays some of our first crush with a cell phone backlight. The moment is like a disney movie happily ever after where everyone’s favorite person walks into the scene at the end, saying just the right words for what each person’s longing needs.

Jarkko Markus

Ianika Rissanen – Still Loving You

Janika and Antti were the best of the evening. Sound, interpretation, stage presence.. Both have the whole package in a pile. Alina shouldn’t have gone on.


Antti Alatomanen – Feel

Aini Vehvilainen – Baby One More Time

Mona Savojifar – my future

Daisy Bolt Sun numero

New This Week 8 part one and two Knockouts

Imagine Emmi Saunders

Sina olet minun Sirpa Sola

Yhtena iltana – Elsa Rusi

Poker Face Pinja-Riikka Karvonen

Silta yli synkan virran – Jami Kontturi

Like A Prayer – Emil Pohjanen

Kyrie – Veli-Pekka Vaari

Vem kan segla förutan vind – Aino Norrintytär

Alone – Jenny Mulenga

Jenny kotiin ja Mikael takaisin

Sign of the Times – Onni Kivipelto

Not just a great sound, but that light and sympathy

Anita Jaskari

Everlong – Mikael Arvaja

Naurettava – Nelli Hotakainen

A Design for Life – Heikki Pöyhiä

Kukaan ei koskaan (No one ever)– Iiro Hynninen

No Time To Die – Erika Nyström

New This Week 7 part one and two

Presented as is. Any results from sources posted in each performance.

Via Dolorosa Onni Kivipelto v Jami Kontturi

Ironic Sofia Suuronen vs Janika Rissanen

The Reason Sarlotta Soininen v Reeta Rinkkala

Somebody That I Used To Know Leendalie v Antti

Raise Your Glass Jenny Mulenga v Kelly Koger

Miehista viis Emil Pohjanen v Nelli Hotakainen

Song 2 – Elsa Rusi VS. Mikael Arvaja | Kaksintaistelu | The Voice of Finland 2023

Full points to both acts for the extraordinary enthusiasm for this performance from start to finish. Some of the lyrics were shouts for the rendition everything was loud for this! Nevertheless, rock on Finland! No winner is known.

Ain’t No Mountain High Enough – Mona Savojifar VS. Kenni Ta | Kaksintaistelu | The Voice of Finland

Team Anna on show this battle. Youthful ness hits this old classic, with a good effort from both. I felt Mona had a stronger vocal and did more with her solos than Kenni. No winner is known.

Cover Me In Sunshine – Daisy Bolt | Kaksintaistelu | The Voice of Finland 2023

Team Anna. Watch this performance and enjoy the rendition. I can speculate why she sang solo but maybe a viewer can confirm the reason.

Daisy’s couple reportedly fell ill and were not allowed to sing according to one YT post. It is safe to say she won!

Nämä ajat eivät ole meitä varten – Aku Keinonen VS. Otto Ikonen | Kaksintaistelu | TVOF 2023

Team E. The opening harmonies were something special to hear. Their individual solos were flatter and less energetic then back came the enthusiastic climax. No winner is known.

Pikkuveli – Eerika Häggqvist VS. Aino Norrintytär | Kaksintaistelu | The Voice of Finland 2023

Team Toni and Sige. A native language performance and neither outshined the other. A draw.

Sata salamaa – Sirpa Sola VS. Marjo Eriksson | Kaksintaistelu | The Voice of Finland 2023

Team Maija. Another native language performance with many good harmonies and enthusiasm made up for vocal control at some points. No winner is known.

New This Week 6

Highlights for me were Tino and Arto giving their 100 percent effort on stage! Opposites in many aspects make for fascinating television at the moment.

Honourable mentions Emmi, Erika, and Kirsi. Unfortunately, no results had been posted on the source at this moment. Follow along with us to see where the journey takes us all.

Linnea Hirvensalo vs Liro Hynninen

Team Toni and Sipe. This performance was in the native language with both competently covering the notes successfully. The tone for me was with the male performer. The result is not known.

Emmi Saunders vs Aini Vehvilainen

Team Maiji presented two young females in this classic anthem by Gwen Stefani. For me, Emmi won due to her full-on breathing and ability to cover all the notes. May be nerves from Aini. I could be wrong about who Maiji chose. No result at this time. Congratulations to both acts.

Erika Nystrom vs Timmy Tattari

Team Elastinen. She outshined him nearly all the way in this battle. He was flat and off the rhythm for me. No result is known.

Kirsi Mantysaari vs Alina Kolehmainen

Team Anna. Another native language song for the audience in this battle with Kirisi opening the song. Alina responded with good vocals and it was a true dual for both back and forth until Kirsi went with the vocal growls with extra enthusiasm that drew me into her. Result unknown.

Tino Portno vs Arto Pesonen

Team Maiji. Arto opened with his low registry vocals into this battle with Tino responding. in his middle registry. This was a fight of the epic vocals in so many different ways, the stand out was the total high energy both acts gave to the song performance. WOW! Congratulations to both.

Lilja Stahlberg vs Sara Paakkari

Team Elastisen. This has to be one of the hardest songs to vocally cover anywhere on the planet. Full credit to both Lilia and Sara, it overall was both playing it safe, and the harmony parts were good, yet the solos were left wanting or absent standout points. In other words very close to one another matching each other. Maybe Lilja? The result is not known.

Heikki Poyhia v Marju Kauppinen

Sweet Child of Mine was on the table and both went after the battle with full vocals. This was a very close differentiation between the two. In other words very hard to call. Both were winners. Result

Dani Hyytianinen vs Velo-Pekka Vaari

Team Maija. I felt this was the wrong key for both of them, maybe an octave lower. To pitchy and breathy for my taste.

Sara Mannisto vs Nella Kontiainen

Native language vocal in this battle. Team Elastinen. The presentation was a well-balanced vocal and musical level for all of us to enjoy as these equally talented battled it out. Result

Eemeli Nissi vs Kati Saarilampi

Team Anna presented this native language vocal. I enjoyed the harmonies and solo parts of this performance. Another hard one to call. Result.

Pinja-Riikka Karvonen vs Rela Ware

Team Maija. This battle was closer as they progressed, as their vocals opened and relaxed for me. Result.

Julia Suursalmi vs Elisa Kosta

Team Elastinen. Almost perfect harmonies are presented by both acts in this battle. I hope both moved on! Best battle of the night! Result.

Team Elastinen

Team Anna

The Voice of Finlandin uudessa The Cut -vaiheessa tiensä jatkoon lauloivat Team Elastisen Julia Suursalmi, Sarlotta Soininen, Lilja Ståhlberg, Nella Kontiainen, Timmy Tattari, Erika Nyström, Reeta Rinkkala ja Otto Ikonen. Suoraan jatkoon ohituspassilla pääsivät Aku Keinonen, Sara Männistö, Sara Paakkari ja Elisa Kota. #tvof #thecut #tvofelastinen

Team Toni and Sipe

The Voice of Finlandin uudessa The Cut -vaiheessa tiensä jatkoon lauloivat Team Annan Kenni Ta, Sofia Suuronen, Daisy Bolt, Leendalie Light, Selma Lepistö, Antti Alatörmänen, Kirsi Mäntysaari ja Kati Saarilampi. Suoraan jatkoon ohituspassilla pääsivät Alina Kolehmainen, Eemeli Nissi, Mona Savojifar ja Janika Rissanen. #tvof #thecut #tvofanna

Team Maija

The Voice of Finlandin uudessa The Cut -vaiheessa tiensä jatkoon lauloivat Team Toni & Sipen Elsa Rusi, Marju Kauppinen, Eerika Häggqvist, Jami Kontturi, Linnea Hirvensalo, Iiro Hynninen, Kelly Koger ja Mikael Arvaja. Suoraan jatkoon ohituspassilla pääsivät Onni Kivipelto, Jenny Mulenga, Heikki Pöyhiä ja Aino Norrintytär. #tvof #thecut #tvoftonijasipe

The Voice of Finlandin uudessa The Cut -vaiheessa tiensä jatkoon lauloivat Team Maijan Sirpa Sola, Rela Wäre, Nelli Hotakainen, Aini Vehviläinen, Pinja-Riikka Karvonen, Marjo Eriksson, Veli-Pekka Vaari ja Dani Hyytiäinen. Suoraan jatkoon ohituspassilla pääsivät Tino Portnoj, Emil Pohjanen, Emmi Saunders ja Arto Pesonen. #tvof #thecut #tvofmaija

Week 6 Auditions

Highlights include Timmy moving all four chairs this week. Emmi Saunders was another highlight of this episode. Bravo to Marju for persevering with the audition in the end.

Timmy Tattari Elastic Heart

Two coaches turned for his unique vocal, then 3, his voice cracked in to move the 4th coach chair! A very good audition from Timmy.

Marju Kauppinen Sing For Absolution

She sang flat on many of the opening vocals or something that caused her to do so. In the second half, the upper range was stronger and rewarded with two chairs. Happy she kept going and backed herself.

Emmi Saunders The One That Got Away

Her vocals were strong from the opening, rich in tone, and has the skills and experience to be successful this season. Block. I hate the block, tell me how is it positive for the contestant aka artist?

Good luck Emmi will follow your journey this season.

Rina Januzi I’d Rather Go Blind

Rina took control of this performance from the opening with a strong vocal and growl. Two coaches moved for her. Well done Rina. Good luck with the show.

Katrina Masalin Anteeks

A native language song was performed in her audition. Two coaches turned for Katrina with this strong vocal for the viewers and coaches. Good luck Katrina.

Week 5 Auditions and Part 2

Highlights this week include Sara and Matt with four chairs in 35 seconds and three chairs in the final seconds of their respective auditions. Follow Sara on her journey. Repeat her audition below.

The second highlight was Elisa Kota below!

Elisa Kota My Mind

by 18 seconds all 4 coaches had turned for her vocals in this well-controlled and executed audition. She is one to watch this season. The boys were blocked and the nonsense continues in the franchises all over the world. Why deny the auditioner an opportunity?

Tino Portnoj Lost Boy

Another ballad for the coaches, his vocals were clean and crisp for most of the audition with only one chair turn.

Mikko Kesaniemi Thank You for the Demon

His rock vocal-orientated song was solid loud and powerful. One chair turns to watch.

Reeta Rinkkala Before The Dawn

Another ballad vocal with her rich soft tone, three chair avalanche happened at the climax. Watch.

Tiia Vento Ma mietin sua

Her ballad soft vocals won an early turn and the others remained turned away.

Kati Saarilampi Almaz, onnen lapsi

A native language ballad vocal from her was worthy of two female coach turns.

Otto Ikonen Missa koti on

Native language vocal was a little flat at times and still won a coach turn.

Mona Savojifar – You Don’t Own Me

This was a full vocal sexy arrangement to draw everyone in including the coaches. It was not perfect, breathing, flat on some notes, but she gave it all. Three coaches turned and that is impressive. Good luck Mona.

Sirpa Sola Paivani ilman sinua

A native language rendition audition from her with her vocals on key. One turn.

Matti Halmetvaara Pettavalla jaalla

Another native song from this auditioner with vocals to draw you in. A surprise reaction from Matt ends this good audition. Three coaches all turned at the end! Congratulations!

Mohamad Maksouma Ya saek el hegen

Another native audition who draws two sets of coaches immediately! WOW Strong vocals, well done.

Elena Chalova Piece of My Heart

This classic rock audition highlighted the strength of her powerful vocals. She deserved more than one chair for that rendition. Well done Elena.

Tuomo Saarenpaa Fool For You Loving

Another rock anthem from this auditioner and strong vocals. One more turn for Tuomo. Well done.

Sara Paakkari Wicked Game

The Cello arrangement just draws everyone into this audition followed by the sold clear vocals from within her presence. All coaches turned within 35 seconds of the start. Clearly, Sara ticks all the boxes and has to be a real threat to win. Congratulations Sara! Follow her on this journey.

Week 4 Auditions Parts 1 and 2

Sara Mannisto – Majakanvartijat

Kirisi Mantysaari – Puhun pienilla kirjaimilla

Marjo Eriksson – Poika

Kelly Koger – Bound To You

Santeri Kotamaki – Hysteria

Rela Ware – Dinosauruksii

Ben Borges – This Love audition

Ben Borges, 32, Helsingistä esittää The Voice of Finlandin 12.

Four chairs awaited Ben for this rendition of the song “This Love”. Plenty of grit and rhythm in this audition for him to have the choice of four/five coaches. At his age all signs point to his experience and control showcased tonight. Watch his journey. Good luck Ben.

Aini Vehvilainen – Seventeen audition

Aini Vehviläinen, 21, Helsingistä esittää The Voice of Finlandin 12. The band was very loud in the production which overpowered her unique vocals. If you listen carefully you will hear her move her range quickly. It was far from perfect, yet intriguing winning one coach to turn.

Eemeli Nissi – Hallla ja etelauuili audition

Eemeli Nissi, 27, Joensuusta esittää The Voice of Finlandin 12. Three chairs all turn by 20 seconds, including the dreaded block for this native language rendition. The fourth coach turned for this audition by 48 seconds approximately. Strong controlled vocal and checks most of the boxes indeed.

Enni Hakala – Warum audition

Enni Hakala, 45, Valkeakoskelta esittää The Voice of Finlandin 12. This operatic performance attracted some surprised facial expressions on the faces of coaches. I assume she has been performing in the genre for a while and this rendition was not flawless but good enough for the two coaches to turn. Opera is a wonderful genre and deserves a place in this competition.

Antti Alatormanen – Roxanne audition

Antti Alatörmänen, 37, Tepastosta esittää The Voice of Finlandin 12. Auditioned with this anthem classic and seemed a little behind the band at some point, to nerves may be or technical issues.

Again the band was loud in this rendered version, which was distracting to the vocals. And right in the queue one coach turned at the end. Congratulations Antti you got through that overproduced music mash.

Week 3 Auditions

Hetken tie on kevty – Eerika Haggqvist auditioned with this ballad, Maija turned, two-seater joined her. Controlled, a mix of vocals, appealing, and received two turns.

Tummilla teilla – Iiro Hynninen auditioned and turned all four chairs!

Killing Me Softly With His Song – Nella Kontianen auditioned with this classic two-chair turn with a loud squeal from Nella! and all four turned for this exciting rendition.

Bella Ciao – Mikko Tormala auditioned with this classic to engage the panel, audience, and guests.

7 Years Daisy Bolt

auditioned with this recent hit, she had the vocals to carry it, into the chorus, and broke down when one coach turned. Congrats to Daisy and the coach.

The best audition was Linnea who received four chairs – yet the block play robs an act of the chance to work with a coach of their choice!

Break My Heart Again Linnea Hirvensalo auditioned with this ballad and the boys blocked one coach…four chair turn and she deserved the opportunity to select the other coach. Hate the block. It needs to go! It does not help the contestant, it limits opportunities and is easily forgotten by the audience a week later. No more blocks, please.

Million Years Ago – Sofia Suuronen auditioned and received one chair turn in the clip. Plenty of raw vocals and work to do.

Mustarastas laulaa – Sini -Mia Poikkimaki audition with a strong rich vocal with only one chair turn.

The Winner Takes It All – Sarlotta Soininen showcased her range with this classic Abba song, with three chair turns and one holdout. Should have been four chairs from me. Well done.

Kurjuuden kuningas Petri Tulppo ballad guitar audition received one chair within 10 seconds, well-controlled vocals and played.

Don’t Stop Me Now Mikael Arvaja audition was full of energy and vocals appealed to two coach turns.

Helvegen – Aino Norrintytär | Ääni ratkaisee enjoys her performance internally, then at the end of her audition, things suddenly change from no chairs, to a coach chair turns. Look at her excitement and relief has to be one of the best reactions! A very purposeful and heartwarming result!

Week 2 Auditions

The Highlights this week were Jami, Heikki, Selma, and Janika all attracted big reactions from me. You may have a different opinion and you are invited to add them in the comments.

Heikki Poyhia with “From Out of Nowhere” Blind auditioned with a heavy metal solo turned all the coaches and left the stage with nothing in the gas tank.

Janika Rissanen sang “One and Only” in rich tones, fueled by a powerful voice, on point strong well-controlled audition with all four chairs turning! Congratulations Janika!

Lilja Stahlerg sang “Easy On Me” 18, Kuopiosta hit the notes in this soft rendition of the song. It was good enough to turn two coaches.

Emil Pohjanen sang Tylevaisuuteen attracted three chairs with this lively somewhat monotone rendition.

More Than Words sung by Jami Kontturi check all the boxes for this audition, voice, tone, control, engagement, and rhythm, and is rewarded with all four chairs turned. I want to hear more, please. Good luck Jami!

Leendalie Light sang Sous le Vent

A controlled yet sometimes pitchy audition, that turned two coaches. Well done.

Someone Like You – Selma Lepistö | Ääni ratkaisee She auditioned at 17, Porvoosta esittää, and won four chairs. A sweet tone and range now have the opportunity to advance and learn. Well done Selma.

Veli-Pekka Vaari, 28, Helsingistä esittää The Voice of Finlandin 12 full-on rock with three chair turns.

Dani Hyytiäinen, 33, Jönköpingistä esittää moved both female coaches with this rendition.

Julia Suursalmi, 24, Kuopiosta esittää earned a one-chair turn for this rendition

Kenni Ta, 24, Vaasasta esittää and you have to wait until the last second to see who turned. He has a good voice but sounded nasally on my side.

Kiia Purontaka, 30, Kokkolasta two chairs early for this rendition.

Earlier week 1

Alina Kolehmainen “Million Dollar Man” audition attracted the four coaches with this rendition.

Arto Pesonen Blaablaa (En kuule sanaakaan) audition, he opened his lungs and blew the second part of this song for one turn from a coach!

Jenny Mulenga with WTF Do I Know, recked this song, stage, and coaches into total submission. Memorable audition.

Simeoni Julkunen “I’m With You” auditioned for a contemporary song choice playing his guitar and turned one coach.

Pinja Riikka Karvonen “Hard Place” Audition nerves and some breathing issues at the front end, growing into the audition in the second half. Another one-chair turn!

Aku Keinonen “Vincent” Audition a classic song choice, blocked coach, and four chair turns had the coaches from the beginning on point throughout the audition.

Here are the earlier release auditions.

Uninvited – Elsa Rusi | Ääni ratkaisee | The Voice of Finland 2023

The Voice of Finland

One block. A slower rocky rendition that moved all four coaches to turn.

Sun oon – Nelli Hotakainen | Ääni ratkaisee | The Voice of Finland 2023

Auditioned with this ballad had the audience and coaches in steady attention. One turn.

•120 views • 42 minutes ago 3 1:29 Now playing

Hysteria – Onni Kivipelto | Ääni ratkaisee | The Voice of Finland 2023

T•395 views • 42 minutes ago 4 1:35 Now playing

Rock songs dominate and Onni brought the vocals in a controlled way. All four chairs turned.

Me ei olla enää me – Erika Nyström | Ääni ratkaisee | The Voice of Finland 2023

The Voice of Finland

• 91 views • 42 minutes ago

Two coaches turned for her which drew a huge smile of excitement at the end of this audition. Has some work to do, but she has some potential and the coaches seem to agree.

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