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The Voice 2022 Finale Performances Results

The Voice 2022 Finale Performances Results video

This week the top 5 acts perform for a chance to be declared the winner. The Voice 2022 Finals Performance video watch

More lineup information appears from sources for you to read and watch. The Voice 2022 Finale Performances Results video. a two-hour finale and the results show.

Tuesday Night Result

Five acts and the eliminations, post-drag-out production NBC finally remembers the five.

5. Brayden Lape – Team Blake
4. Omar Jose Cardona – Team Legend

NBC or the host did not announce the next two placings during the program
3. Morgan
2. bodie via his social media
1. Bryce Leatherwood

Winner announcement the winner is Bryce Leatherwood

Congratulations to his fans and some guy named Shelton for stamping his name all over the country! Yee ha!

As we roll into the results night, ask yourself this question, who was the best act this season, serious question. Who did you pick?

Was it based on the whole season, by following a certain coach, or a combination of both?

Personally, this has been a Season of mixed performances from most of the contestants, sorry artists. Do you like the country genre, then you are not alone, many of the program’s fans keep Blake Shelton’s team at the top. He has three of the final five! Does that split the vote as a whole? Will any of Gwen’s team viewers move immediately to Team Blake? Some may.

During YouTube release time, the final clip was posted well after midnight Eastern and Central. Twitter posts were available earlier! The views may be somewhat skewed away from other weeks. NBC likes to let its own outlets have access to programming and YT is an after-market original platform.

Did any of the above really matter? I guess not. Just thought I would run up some thoughts pre-result night in this space. I hope your act wins, if not, support them regardless! They are all good people and have worked hard to reach this point. Focus on them and forget the rest. See you five minutes before the closeout.

Whatever process you have chosen only one of the five people will be crowned the winner.

Performance videos YouTube last, Twitter was first

Two performances each shown tonight by Bryce and Morgan

Brayden with “Wild as Her” and “Humble and Kind” strong choices for him.

Bodie performed two songs “Late Night Talking and “Gratitude”

Standard Promo Information

One of the Five Finalists Will Be Crowned Winner on Live Telecast Set for Tuesday, Dec. 13 at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

Season 22 of NBC’s four-time Emmy Award-winning competition series The Voice” will conclude with a star-studded lineup when Kane Brown ft. Blake Shelton, Karol G, Kelly Clarkson, Maluma, OneRepublic, Adam Lambert, BRELAND and Girl Named Tom take the stage during the two-hour live season finale on Tuesday, December 13 (9-11 p.m. ET/PT).

Coaches Camila CabelloJohn LegendBlake Shelton and Gwen Stefani will perform with their final artists. One of the five finalists – bodie, Omar Jose Cardona, Brayden Lape, Bryce Leatherwood, and Morgan Myles – will be crowned the winner by America’s vote. 

Earlier predictions and data

Three of the final five are from Team Blake Shelton, so numbers appear favorable for at least a great overall result for him as a coach. Splitting the votes may play a factor where Legend and Camila only have one act per team.

More to come.

Looking back Top 8 Live Performances

Bodie on Twitter

Bodie Tweets

Blake Shelton Quote

  • Kelly Clarkson will perform a solo version of “Santa, Can’t You Hear Me?” on The Voice’s finale on December 13th. The Voice 2022 Finale Performances Results video
  • Fans… Mark your calendars
  • @adamlambert to perform on the 2hr show

The bottom four singers will perform for America’s vote in the Instant Save. The winner will compete in the Top 5 in the finale. The Voice 2022 Finale Performances Results video

Results The Voice 2022 Finale Performances Results video

The Voice 2022 Top 5 – Team Blake dominates the finale

Will it be a clean sweep and or will it split the voting for another act?

Bryce Leatherwood – Team Blake

Morgan Myles – Team Camila
Bodie – Team Blake

Brayden Lape – Team Blake

Omar Jose Cardona – Team Legend – Instant Save winner

The Voice 2022 Finale Performances Results video


Justin Aaron – Team Gwen
Kim Cruse – Team Legend
Parijita Bastola – Team Legend

The Voice 2022 Finale Performances Results video


Another popular poll has Parijita Bastola, Kim, and Brayden on the out! Take the information best guess that works for you.


A look ahead at the Top 8 release. The Voice 2022 Playoffs Finals Performance video watch.

VOTE on the NBC voice phone app or go to You have until tomorrow morning to vote for your favorites.

The Top 5 will be revealed on Tuesday, Dec 6 results show. No coach input!

The Voice 2022 Playoffs Finals Performance video watch NBC


Bodie – Team Blake
Morgan Myles – Team Camila
Omar Jose Cardona – Team Legend
Justin Aaron – Team Gwen

Brayden Lape – Team Blake

Kim Cruse – Team Legend – INSTANT SAVE WINNER

Eliminated The Voice 2022 Finale Performances Results video

Kique – Team Gwen
Rowan Grace – Team Blake

The Voice 22 Top 10

Here are a few of the performances from overnight.


Results later tonight and an update to come. Who was eliminated?

The Voice 2022 Playoffs Finals Performance video watch
The Voice 2022 Playoffs Finals Performance video watch 84k YT 12:00
The Voice 2022 Playoffs Finals Performance video watch 63k YT 12:00

Here is a look at the Top 10 through NBC’s eyes…

Justin Aaron – Team Gwen
Bryce Leatherwood – Team Blake
Omar Jose Cardona – Team Legend
Bodie – Team Blake
Morgan Myles – Team Camila
Rowan Grace – Team Blake
Kim Cruse – Team Legend
Braydon Lape – Team Blake
Parajita Bastola – Team Legend
Kique – Team Gwen – Wins the Instant Save


Morgan Myles’ Journey Voice USA 2022 watch

Alyssa Witrado – Team Gwen
Eric Who – Team Camila
Devix – Team Camila


Team Blake perform

Team Cabello performs

The Top 13 artists perform songs that include special dedications in front of coaches Camila Cabello, John Legend, Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani for their chance at a spot in the Top 10.


Next: Brayden, Eric, and Morgan.

Next: Eric, Morgan, and Parijita.

Justin is closing.

Generally, these four performances have been underwhelming for fans expecting exceptional music at this stage of the competition. Time to send several acts packing folks.

1. Kique 

2 Devix performs Arctic Monkeys’ “R U Mine?” for a place in the top 10.

Bryce Performs George Strait’s “Amarillo by Morning”

Rowan had an unfortunate performance.

Bodie song for Top 10 place,

Hopefully, Parijita or Morgan’s performances will lift the show.

Brayden is singing “Come Over” by Kenny Chesney, Sam Hunt’s version?

Here is her Top 13 performance featuring Beyonce’s “If I Were a Boy this week.

Justin is singing “Break Every Chain” by Tasha Cobbs. Performance of the night?

A recently released post-show features the best of the 16

Top 16 The Voice 2022 Playoffs Finals Performance video watch

TOP 16 The Voice 2022 The Voice 2022 Playoffs Finals Performance video watch


America saved Bodie, Bryce and Blake saved Rowan

The artist who will move on is… BRYCE LEATHERWOOD

Team Blake four through to next week.

Team John America saved Parajita and Omar, John saved Kim and Sasha went home.

Team Gwen America saved Kique, and Justin, while Gwen nodded Alyssa, and Kevin went home.

Team Camila, America saved, Morgan, and Devix, while she picked Eric Who. Kate went home via the instant save.

Bryce Leatherwood – Team Blake – Instant Save winner Wildcard

ELIMINATED – The Voice 2022 Playoffs Finals Performance video watch

Sasha Hurtado – Team Legend
Kevin Hawkins – Team Gwen
Kate Kalvach – Team Camila

Team John

Kim Cruse  Instagram | YouTube | TikTok She auditioned with Best Part (Daniel Caesar) turning all four coaches. She chose John.

Omar Cardona  Instagram | YouTube (Performance – Feature) 

Parijita Bastola “I’ll Never Love Again” by Lady Gaga.  Instagram | YouTube | TikTok

Sasha Hurtado (Steal)  Instagram | YouTube | TikTok was on Team Gwen, prior she was on Team Camilla

Team Gwen:

Here are videos featuring artists.

Justin for PV was the general consensus and Blake with a standing ovation outside of his chair!

*Alyssa Witrado  Instagram | YouTube not found | TikTok

*Justin Aaron Instagram | YouTube Not Found | TikTok

*Kique Gomez Instagram | YouTube (no videos)TikTok Blind audition he chose Gwen.

Kevin Hawkins (Steal)  Instagram | YouTube | TikTok Was on Team Blake pre-knockouts, double steal Gwen and Camila, and he chose Gwen.

Team Camila:

*Devix is singing “Sex on Fire” by Kings of Leon. (TV19) Instagram | YouTube | TikTok

*Eric Who is singing “Rumour Has It” by Adele.  Instagram | YouTube | TikTok

*Morgan Myles opened for team Camila and the second hour of this show… with “Let Him Fly” by Patty Griffin. Instagram | YouTube | TikTok

Kate Kalvach (Steal) Instagram | YouTube | TikTok

Team Blake:

Last team to perform in the Top 16

*Bodie with Blake throwing it out there “see you in the finale” message Instagram | YouTube | TikTok Not Found

Top 16 performance here for Brayden

*Brayden Lape  Instagram |

*Bryce Leatherwood is singing “I’m Going to Be Somebody” by Travis Tritt. Instagram | YouTube | TikTok

Rowan Grace (Steal) is singing “Hopelessly Devoted to You” by Olivia Newton-John. Instagram | YouTube | TikTok She was on Team G The Voice 2022 Finale Performances Results video

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