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The Masked Singer Season 10 Results Clips watch

The Masked Singer Season 10 Results Clips watch

Make your own kind of music in a hot silly mask The Masked Singer Season 10 Results Clips watch

September 27 2023 is the set return of The Masked Singer Season 10 Results Clips watch


Make your own kind of music!! Enjoy this peek into season 10 of The Masked Singer (and even a quick glimpse at season 11). Tune in for the season premiere on Wednesday, September 27th on FOX!

I always look forward to all the performances, judges’ costumes, their Hairs, and MC. Jenny has brilliant jokes. Best team ever.

Unmasked and All Performances



all-new format with three separate groups of singers — Group A will start with 5 competitors, B and C will each have four — which will culminate in special Battle Royale semi-final episodes for each group. The Battle Royale episodes will feature the return of a famous Masked Singer alumni who will perform one of their own hits, which the contestants then must perform their own rendition of.

Wild Card contestants will return to shake up the competition with one Wild Card introduced per group in the second episode of each grouping. Additionally, the “Ding Dong Keep It On” Bell is back in the Battle Royale semi-final episodes only, where the judges can choose to save just one contestant from elimination and move them directly to the finale. This means the bell can’t be used in every group, but only once during the season as a whole and only in a Battle Royale episode. Therefore, the finale will have four finalists in it — one from each group, plus one saved contestant.


Gazelle – “Uninvited”

Watch the first performance from Season 10 as Gazelle gives an intense rendition of “Uninvited” by Alanis Morissette.

I wouldn’t be surprised if this was Idina Menzel. Her voice is extremely versatile, so even though this isn’t the style she usually sings in, it could very well be her. Edit: and rewatching it again, look at the hand motions. Definitely screams Broadway through and through.

YT Comment

In lieu of the usual pre-season preview episode, and in honor of its milestone season, a special Masked Singer kickoff premiere episode aired Sunday, Sept. 10 on Fox. The premiere delivered a reveal that Fox touted as “one of the biggest, can’t-miss unmaskings in the show’s history.” Living up to the hype, Anonymouse was revealed as pop star Demi Lovato.

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