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Sussu Erkinheimo Journey Voice of Finland 2022 videos

Sussu Erkinheimo Journey Voice of Finland 2022 videos watch

Here’s the collection of all performances this season featuring Sussu Erkinheimo Journey Voice of Finland 2022 videos

As this season draws to the end watch the latest video of her journey.

Live Final performance

Hilkka Hovi

4 hours ago

Congratulations to Sussu on winning. From the beginning, I was sure you’d win, own a great singing gift. God Bless your life


4 hours ago

This performance did merit the victory of The Voice of Finland. That part when the language changes hits me so hard that no sense, I got exactly what I expected.

Congratulations and hugs Sussu! You’re where you belong now, you’re on top. This was clear a long time ago to everyone else, except not always for you yourself. Now you can do whatever you want, and make sure you do what you really want, then history will be born. Thank you!

Team Tonin ja Sipen laulaja Sussu Erkinheimo esittää suorassa finaalilähetyksessä Barbra Streisandin kappaleen Woman in Love.

Anyone Who Had a Heart – live on 22 April 2022 watch

Olet kaikki – | Live

The End of the World – Sussu Erkinheimo | Knockout

Tonin ja Sipen tiimin laulaja…esittää Knockout-vaiheessa Skeeter Davisin kappaleen The End of the World. Katso koko jakso Ruudusta:

Best voice ever!!!! I want her to win so badly. She has the voice of an angel.

Total Eclipse of The Heart

Sussu Erkinheimo, 37, Laihialta esittää The Voice of Finlandin Ääni ratkaisee -vaiheessa Vera Lynnin kappaleen It Hurts to Say Goodbye.

Susanna Erkinheimo (Idols 2012 – Viimeinen finaali) Shakespeare’s Sister – Stay Copyright: MTV Media Oy.

Gary Norman

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