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Rick Astley Sues Yung Gravy Copy read

Is there a remedy in the case or not? Rick Astley Sues Yung Gravy Copy read

Astley says he never gave Gravy, or anyone involved in “Betty (Get Money),” permission to use or impersonate his voice — and because Gravy did so, he’s spoiled any future chance for Rick to collaborate with another artist in the future.

TMZ Source

Read all the information to learn about this event and more by using the links provided. Maybe he should have just asked him, if was it for charity or if all proceeds go to a charity of their choice.

Legal issues are involved at the moment. Maybe there is a way to seek a remedy. Taking borrowing or copying without the credit is wrong. Here is the perfect example in the music industry.

Yung Gravy’s Rick Astley lawsuit


Yung Gravy Sued by Rick Astley for Copying ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ Voice

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Rick Astley Sues Yung Gravy For Imitating His Voice On “Betty (Get Money)”

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Rick Astley files multimillion dollar suit against Yung Gravy over Never Gonna Give You Up row

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Yung Gravy is being sued by Rick Astley over alleged vocals ripoff

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‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ singer Rick Astley sues Yung Gravy for ripping off voice

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Gary Norman

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