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Love Island USA News Media Results watch

Here are the previews, highlights, and other media for this season. Featuring Sarah Highland Love Island USA News Media Results watch.

In this series coverage, media clips will provide insight into the new season starting on Peacock soon.

A group of men and women try and find love on an island while under the camera microscope.

Love Island is an American dating reality show based on the British series Love Island.

Follow along here or visit YT for all the videos this season.

Here are the current media releases from the producers.

The Finale Results Are In!

Missing videos use the link above…
She is back !!

Newest Islander Joel steals Bella

Deb and Jess Open Their Hearts to Each Other

The Single Islanders Take Over

Sydney Is Waiting for Isaiah? Watch this 4 minute scene

Is This the End of Nadjha and Jeff

Is Courtney Stealing Chad Away From Kat?

First Look: Crazy Recoupling Ceremony So Far

Kat or Courtney challenge

One sided Relationship

Villa vs Casa Amor–nX8H9Y

Nadjha Causes Drama in the Villa Due to Her Feelings for Isaiah

Albert Wesker

1 hour ago Props to Jeff for recognizing the situation and setting boundaries. One of the most emotionally mature guys I’ve ever seen on Love Island. Meanwhile Chazz really thinking Kat is into him.

Sereniti Is PI**ED Chazz Wants Kat!

Truth or Dare Gets HOT

Sydney is named by one of the cast as the weakest couple on the island.

Who Is Going Home? Or Who Went Home?

The boys have the power to dump this time.

And the news for Andy fans is not good. Mady is heartbroken by the news.

Timmy Breaks Bria’s Heart When He Picks Zeta Over Her

Will Isaiah Leave Sydney for Someone Else?

Bria and Zeta exchange comments

Recoupling update in one clip for those who are following along

How Well Do the Couples Know Each Other?


5 hours ago i love how y’all aren’t showing us the boys left from the recoupling

Jesse shocks Deb during Game

Timmy In Focus this clip

Bria calls Zeta out about the tension…watch

Zeta Asks Timmy The Question Clip

Will Tyler or Zeta Be Dumped From the Island?

First look clip from producers…

The Siblings Pick Out Their Favorite Islanders

Who is hot?
Brian and Chazz will choose each others partners. What could go wrong?

The Islanders Compete in the Hot New Main Event

The hot new main event is here, and the islanders are eager to compete! There are plenty of hot games for everyone to participate in, but only a few will win. Also, two new islanders enter the villa, and they got a shocking reveal. (Season 4 Episode 7).

Fan reactions


23 hours ago I also think Sydney maybe wanted Isaiah to chase her after Andy picked her and it backfired so now she’s upset.

A Stewart

23 hours ago (edited) Sydney kissed Andy while still in a couple with Isaiah but now she’s crying. Annoying

Katrina Web

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