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Love Island Games News Highlights watch

Love Island Games News Highlights watch

A crazy first season featuring a wide-ranging cast to appear on Love Island Games News Highlights watch

Contestants’ aka Islanders from the USA, UK, Australia, and others challenge to find love and teamwork in this crazy iteration of Love Island Games News Highlights watch.

Previous series cast members return to the set, this time in Fiji, in the South Pacific. The cast signed a contract with the producers to appear on the entertainment show.


Justine @JustineJoy312

Johnny Middlebrooks @johnny_llee

Cely Vazquez@Celybird


Source Love Island USA YT Channel

We will bring you media from sources to provide you with the latest news, romance, challenges, and eliminations during this new series.

The Best of Jess

The Best of Jess

The Most Chaotic Challenges

Latest Challenge Results and Previews

Aussie Mitch got red tired and fired with Zeta.

Highlights from recent episode of ‘Games’ showcasing the trials and tribulations of the contestants. It got personal!

17 dismissed (dumped) islanders return to vote on which three couples advance to the final dual.

Ray talks about choice of friendship over the game. Amani claims we were snaked.

One attacks the remaining cast cursing them.

Potential voting based on history of shown scenes.

Possible scenarios Courtney, Jess, and Liberty to sway the islanders to vote Johnny Aurelia out.

Justine and Jack are not vulnerable. However, who is leaving?

Eyal and Cely

Deb and Callum

Johnny and Aurelia

Broken Alliances Revealed

This episode is the path to the finals as two couples are set to leave. The OG’s instigate a plan to eliminate the new arrivals this season. However, individual thinking comes into play as seen.

Spoiler Alert. Three couples are vulnerable to the group, and it is not pretty to watch.

New Episode 15 Recoupling and Bye to OG Jess

In the recoupling, sadly Jessica’s luck finally ran out and she along with fellow Aussie Tina were left single. Goodbye and our best wishes in grafting for a boyfriend back in Australia. You also hold your head up for your stay on this crazy edition of Love Island.

A recoupling shakes up the villa and leaves two girls single and dumped from the Island.

Perfect line from Courtney in this clip.

Mitch goes fishing for compliments and secures two!

Episode 14 Goodbye Liberty and Mike

Dual resulted in Liberty and Mike being dumped from the villa. A special mention to Liberty for her character and maturity handling the chaos this series. You are a very special person in many ways. Thank you for your effort and values. We encourage you to hold your head up high and be well.

Six New Bombshells – 6

Six New Bombshells from US., UK., Australia, and Germany join the cast.

Hottest Kisses Love Games Clip

Power Couple Decide Recouples for New Challenge

Watch this new video.

New Releases Heart Rate Challenge

Two islanders were dumped in this episode. Watch for the reveal!

Jess calls Johnny out as being a snake in her eyes during the recoupling scene. Watch the short clip from the producers highlighting this episode.

We pick up the season in episode 11. Following the elimination of Georgia and ….

Maura Higgins Dual Twister Scene

Amani and Ray had the power to decide who met in the challenge. A text changed invited the couple to alter the lineup.

Unseen Bits

Language barriers exist among the islanders watch this clip.

With three hot new bombshells setting the villa ablaze, what could be a more scorching way to break the ice than a lip-locking game of spin the bottle?

Get ready, because this saucy little game might just ignite some major sparks on the island! (Season 1 Episode 11).

Synopsis: Set in Fiji, the first season of Peacock’s LOVE ISLAND GAMES will bring together fan-favorite Islanders from various Love Island series across the globe – USA, UK, Australia and beyond – for a second shot at love as they compete in a brand-new format to be crowned champions of LOVE ISLAND GAMES.

In this cheeky new iteration, romance will meet reality as fan-favorite Islanders are faced with both team and couples’ challenges, all while navigating dating, eliminations, recoupling, dramatic arrivals and new competition twists and turns like never before.

First Look Maya Jama and cast clip

Watch this video to meet the original cast this season. Hint there is a quick turnover of cast members!

Official Trailer this season

Please be aware that the cast are subject to a controlled environment which may be emotionally unstable. Mental health is a serious issue and has affected some earlier cast members appearing on the franchise(s).

Please seek help from medical sources in your location if needed.

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