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Happy Halloween AGT Acts 2023 watch

Happy Halloween AGT Acts 2023 watch

Sacred Riana, Klek Entos, Andrew Stanton, and more Happy Halloween AGT Acts 2023 watch

9 views Oct 30, 2023 #AGT#AmericasGotTalent#LiveShows

Acts like Sacred Riana, Klek Entos, Andrew Stanton, and more delivered spooky performances that terrified the judges!

There are over 42 minutes of highlights from acts appearing on the show from around the globe. Here are a few random comments by viewers on YT.


13 minutes ago I remember seeing her videos on the Asian version of AGT and was so impressed with what she did.


3 hours ago, it was Amazing and fascinating to see all these talented performers for this Halloween of AGT, mostly Sacred Riana.

TheSacredRiana – Official website

TheSacredRiana – Official website Come..come.. if you want to play.. “The Sacred Riana is the most famous bizarre illusionist in the world” (Genii Magazine, Oct 2018). After winning Asia’s Got Talent Season 2 (2017), her performances became the most viewed Got Talent videos on digital platforms. › nbc-insider › whereis-the-sacred-riana-now

Where Is The Sacred Riana Now? | NBC Insider

Sep 1, 2023, Marie Antoinette Riana Graharani — aka The Sacred Riana — once showcased the illusions of which nightmares are made. By Jax Miller Sep 1, 2023, 12:53 PM ET The Sacred Riana SCARES the Judges… › en-us › tv › news › what-has-the-sacred-riana-been-up-to-since-her-time-on-agt-details-explored › ar-AA1gmK2v

What has The Sacred Riana been up to since her time on AGT … – MSN

Sep 7, 2023Riana Antoinette, also known as The Sacred Riana, has had an incredibly enthralling journey from the terrifying limits of America’s Got Talent (AGT) to becoming a worldwide cult sensation. AGT… › nbc-insider › who-is-sacred-riana-agt-all-stars

Magician Sacred Riana Returns in AGT: All-Stars 2023 – NBC

Nov 18, 2022, Sacred Riana is an Indonesian illusionist who made her debut on America’s Got Talent in 2018 with a memorable audition that went viral. She has also won Asia’s Got Talent and competed in Britain’s Got Talent: The Champions. She returns to AGT: All-Stars in 2023 with a new act and a chance

Who is Klek Entos and what does he look like unmasked?

Who is Klek Entos? Klek Entos is a magician appearing on season 16 of America’s Got Talent. The mysterious performer describes himself as “the sum of all your fears” and incorporates elements of horror into his routines.

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