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Caly Bevier Mandy Harvey Sara James Axel Blake

Caly Bevier Mandy Harvey Sara James Axel Blake

Some of the best Golden Buzzer winners returned AGT All Stars Featuring Caly Bevier Mandy Harvey Sara James Axel Blake AGT

Take time to catch up on these acts whose no fault of theirs was chosen as winners by Simon Cowell. Love him or loathe him, more often than not he picks good people to showcase their abilities on stage.

Caly Bevier Mandy Harvey Sara James Axel Blake
Caly Bevier Mandy Harvey Sara James Axel Blake

Sadly none of the featured acts made it into the somewhat obscure final eleven acts of the rather silly notion that three or four people, plus some unknown superfans, can choose one winner from the list. The standard does not feel right and it will never sit right. Our only enjoyment comes from seeing these talented artists return and just ignore the noise.

No one needs a fake panel judging professional people for an audience that is perfectly capable of using a remote control. One glowing mention was the lack of anyone talking about that hot mess that was tried to be passed off last year. Now, what was that called?

America’s Got Talent All Stars Top 11 Finalists

Light Balance Kids – LED Dance Group – Howie Mandel Golden Buzzer
Detroit Youth Choir – Choir – Terry Crews Golden Buzzer
Mike E. Winfield – Comic – Simon Cowell Golden Buzzer
Aidan McCann – Magician – Heidi Klum Golden Buzzer
Tom Ball – Singer – Group Golden Buzzer
Bello Sisters – Hand Balancers – Superfan vote
Aidan Bryant – Aerialist – Superfan vote
Avery Dixon – Saxophonist – Superfan vote
Power Duo – Aerial/Dance – Superfan vote
Ana-Maria Margean – Ventriloquist – Superfan vote
Kodi Lee – Singer – Superfan vote

Forget the noise in between the acts and enjoy the performances.

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The Contestants Who Earned Simon Cowell’s Golden Buzzer on America’s and Britain’s Got Talent Return to Audition Again on America’s Got Talent: All-Stars! Featuring Caly Bevier, Mandy Harvey, Sara James, and Axel Blake!

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