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Allegra Miles American Idol 2022 Journey videos watch

Allegra Miles American Idol 2022 Journey videos watch

Top 14 performance and all her earlier performances here. Allegra Miles American Idol 2022 Journey videos watch.

This talented young artist and singer-songwriter have the gift of a memorable voice as well a strong writing style.

Stand by for new music as Allegra continues to build her momentum in the market. Please support her music and others you followed on the Idol and Voice programs

Allegra Miles & Other Idols Announce New Tour

You can read the earlier parts of her journey and enjoy her music through this series.

Unfortunately, her journey ended tonight April 24, 2022, at the Top14, which plainly is very disappointing. Some characteristics shown include.

A highly talented individual with musical skills that outshine most of her peers. Time and numbers were against her.

We wish her the best in finding the right path to achieve her next goals. Hold your head high. Allegra, your fans support you!

Top 11 performance

Ocean Eyes cover live on stage tonight…

Top 14 performance and general comments

I could write a lot here. Simple to say that America did not vote for her in the top 10 slots available.

Consequently, she had to be ‘saved’, a very overused word in this media.

Ten performers had to be reduced to four by producers using Lionel, Katy, and Luke to end six acts immediately.

Music is very subjective in all its formats or genres and time is short

Furthermore, regardless of the preference of the artist, the show is a competition and she has to formulate a new strategy to win voters!

Time is against all the performers to grow a voting connection and other elements. The journey can be turbulent.

In conclusion, we wish her well in the remaining short time left.

Good luck Allegra!

Katrina Web

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