Winner Twist & Pulse Recap #BGT The Champions video

Highlight Recap #BGT The Champions video


From 13 years of series comes Simon Cowell, David Walliams, Amanda Holden, Alesha Dixon, with Ant and Dec as hosts over six weeks. Highlight Recap #BGT The Champions video.

The acts are all great contenders for the title, however, the method used to determine the winner is not. Enjoy the performances, forget the production goal. You choose your own winner and let them know who you thought was the best!

Here is the full episode for you to watch – enjoy.

Britain's Got Talent: The Champions 2019! | FINAL | Got Talent Global


Twist and Pulse are the winners of BGT: The Champions!

Winner – Twist and Pulse

Runner up – Stavros and Flately

3rd place act was Kseniya!

Top 3

Kseniya Simonova
Twist and Pulse
Stavros Flately

Week 6 of 6
Paddy and Nicko dancers

Dance along with the LEGENDARY Stavros Flatley | BGT: The Champions

Alexa and her dogs

Is this the world’s GREATEST dog act? | BGT: The Champions

Twist and Pulse

Twist and Pulse get WILD at Wembley! | BGT: The Champions

Bello and Annaliese Nocks danger act

DANGER! Have Bello and Annaliese Nock gone TOO far? | BGT: The Champions

Mersey Girls dance act…

MerseyGirls fight for their lives in the Final! | BGT: The Champions

Darcy Oake –

Darcy Oake turns back time to honour his brother | BGT: The Champions

Kseniya Simonova’ tribute performance for Diana.

Kseniya Simonova's STUNNING Princess Diana tribute | BGT: The Champions

Preacher Lawson comedian week 6


Preacher Lawson's HILARIOUS take on dating is too good! | BGT: The Champions

Bars and Melody Week 6

Bars and Melody: Britain STANDS Up For Duo Last BGT Performance!| Britain's Got Talent: Champions


Week 5 of 6

Britain's Got Talent: The Champions Auditions! | WEEK 5 | Got Talent Global

Collabro returns this week, sword swallower Alex Magala, Twist and Pulse, Daliso Chaponda, magician Ben Hart, singing duo Bars and Melody, American comedian Vicki Barbolak, dance group DMX Comvaleñoz from the Philippines and vocalist Gennady Tkachenko-Papizh from Georgia’s Got Talent.

Do we even mention who won this week? No, because everyone knows who won next week.

Week Five highlights – next week is the finale and an end to this rather silly attempt to find a world best act.

Alesha held the golden thingy!

Twist and Pulse got the golden thing.

Twist and Pulse get Alesha's Golden Buzzer! | BGT: The Champions

Bars and Melody

Collabro returns this week, sword swallower Alex Magala, Twist and Pulse, Daliso Chaponda, magician Ben Hart, singing duo Bars and Melody, American comedian Vicki Barbolak, dance group DMX Comvaleñoz from the Philippines and vocalist Gennady Tkachenko-Papizh from Georgia’s Got Talent.

Collabro's breathtaking rendition of 'Who Wants To Live Forever' | BGT: The Champions

Vicki Barbolak gives us COMEDY GOLD after shaky start | BGT: The Champions

WHAT just happened? Gennady leaves the Judges SPEECHLESS | BGT: The Champions

Bars and Melody perform 'Waiting For The Sun' | BGT: The Champions

SURPRISE! DMX Comvaleñoz STUN the Judges | BGT: The Champions



Week four highlights

So we will not say a word. Watch the videos as this show ends in a blaze of leaks and behaviour issues. You can watch the full episode from last week below.

Week 4 of 6

Britain's Got Talent: The Champions Auditions! | WEEK 4 | Got Talent Global

Simon Cowell has the golden thing this week…Nope

Stavros Flatley won the thingy!

Top 3 

Billy and Emily 3rd place…not advancing

Colin – National treasure and 2nd place… not advancing

Preacher Lawson – American comedian gain the most votes…from the public… He does not know what to say.

Legendary Stavros Flatley get Simon Cowell's Golden Buzzer! | BGT: The Champions


Scheduled to appear this week Stavros Flatley, dancer George Sampson and reigning BGT champion, singer Colin Thackeray.

Colin Thackery sings Ed Sheeran's 'Supermarket Flowers' | BGT: The Champions

George Sampson's extraordinary dance through time | BGT: The Champions

In addition to Billy & Emily England and magician Issy Simpson.

The world's MOST DANGEROUS roller skaters! | BGT: The Champions

International acts include mime act Tape Face from New Zealand, Australian singer Bonnie Anderson, American comedian Preacher Lawson. Mirror Family, a mirror and light dance act who first appeared on Czech Slovakia’s Got Talent.

Marvellous magician Issy Simpson stuns crowd with incredible trick! | BGT: The Champions

Bonnie Anderson enchants Wembley Arena with 'You Say' | BGT: The Champions

Mirror Family shine bright at Wembley Arena | BGT: The Champions

Tape Face leaves the audience speechless! | BGT: The Champions

Preacher Lawson's OUTRAGEOUS comedy routine | BGT: The Champions



Week Three

Britain's Got Talent: The Champions Auditions! | WEEK 3 | Got Talent Global


Paddy and Nicko storm the dance floor and David Walliams Golden Human Affirmation Buzzer was awarded to them.

Salsa stars Paddy and Nicko get David's Golden Buzzer! | BGT: The Champions

Darcy Oake impresses all with this performance…

DANGER! Darcy Oake has just 56 seconds to escape! | BGT: The Champions

Watch the full episode here…

Britain's Got Talent: The Champions Auditions! | WEEK 2 | Got Talent Global

Last week Amanda has the golden buzzer, this week belongs to Ant and Dec token. Nine acts on the stage, two will move to the finale. And you have no say! Vent your displeasure to ITV, please.

Golden Buzzer act this week was given by Ant and Dec to Alexa

Awesome Alexa gets Ant & Dec's Golden Buzzer! | BGT: The Champions

Week 2 of 6… Summary

Alexa went through on the Golden ticket from Ant and Dec.

The superfans voted for…

Three acts were selected to add to the drama…

Top 3 most votes in no particular order…

Paul Zerdin.

Mersey Girls and their wonderful story…


3rd place went to… Antonio

2nd place Paul Zerdin…

Joining Alexa was Mersey Girls…

The blog…

Jai McDowall proves he's a BGT worthy winner | BGT: The Champions

Jai McDowall returns to Britain’s Got Talent stage, ready to prove that he has what it takes to become the ultimate champion. He was the final act to appear on stage in this week’s episode. On a mission to prove himself worthy of a second chance, Jai left it all on the stage this time around. Check all the boxes. Great to see this act again. Watching his confidence and watch the performance.  Simon apologised on national television to this overlooked performer and stood in recognition of his triumphant return.


11-year-old Alexa Lauenburger is about to put on a show like no other with the help of her eight pooches. German’s most amazing dog act…winner. A tremendous performance from her crew of dogs.  And with that Ant and Dec award her the Golden Buzzer act for this week. Well done dogs. Simon called this the best dog act he has ever seen. David called it pure unadulterated joy. Alecia called it outstanding. Amanda called the act fantastic. Off to the grand finale.

Lost Voice Guy leaves audience HOWLING with cheeky jokes | BGT: The Champions

Lost Voice Guy and the first comedian to ever win BGT is back, and boy does he have some cheeky one-liners up his sleeve… We relive his win last season and now seeks another voice for season 2. Watch the clip…He now has a new emoji…his accent is from pc world… Well done Leigh. David called him a special act as were the rest of the panel and audience.

The MerseyGirls emotional reunion with Simon Cowell | BGT: The Champions

Dancers and best friends, Mersey Girls are returning and ready to fight, they won Alesha’s golden buzzer in series 11 (2017). Simon paid £175,000 for surgery for group member Julia that allowed her to keep dancing. Emotions, brilliance,  and a mess well-done girls. Alecia would press the golden buzzer again, the friendship is great. One person’s strength and the support it is everything according to Cowell. Julia publicly thanked him and even went up to him on the panel to hug him.

100 Voices of Gospel hit ALL the right notes | BGT: The Champions

100 Voices of Gospel are hoping to bring the house down with a performance like no other. The group is made up of singers from all over the world – approximately 20 nationalities. Alecia’s golden buzzer act season 10. Performing “I Am Still Standing” Elton John’s classic has a rework…with 100 voices let loose. All the boxes are checked. Superfans get the vote aside from the hosts.

Say whaaat?! Paul Zerdin left speechless by puppet! | BGT: The Champions

British ventriloquist Paul Zerdin previously won the AGT in 2015.

What’s got into you? Your hand! Do not laugh, I can not talk when you laugh.

Gao and Liu stun with breathtaking acrobatics | BGT: The Champions

Gao Lin & Liu Xin are a husband and wife acrobatic duo from China who previously appeared on the show in 2017 with a dance routine that ended with Liu standing on tiptoes on her partner’s shoulder. They won Asia’s Got Talent in 2015, married for five years, adding new choreography for this performance. Brilliant and charming all in one package.

Antonio Sorgentone sends audience WILD! What just happened?! | BGT: The Champions

Antonio Sorgentone he is 38 years young, won Italy’s Got Talent a child prodigy at 10 years of age. Off the wall brilliant and genius performance from Simon Cowell. Incredible showman said, David.

Deadly Games perform their MOST DANGEROUS crossbow stunt yet! | BGT: The Champions

Alfredo and Anna Deadly Games. Originating on America’s Got Talent, their performances saw Alfredo throwing knives and firing crossbow bolts at Anna. Simon called it the best act in this genre. Love it or hate it, Alexandra got the praise for standing there from Alesha.

Two acts from each show will move forward to the final, one from the audience vote and one from the judges Golden Buzzer. Yes, you do not get a say!!

Britain's Got Talent: The Champions Auditions | WEEK 1 | Got Talent Global


Golden Buzzer Kseniya Simonova, Ukraine’s Got Talent 2009 winner.

Superfans voted for…

top 3 was…Ashleigh and Sully, Bello and Annaliese Nock,  Boogie Storm… Ashleigh and Sully eliminated. Bello and Annaliese Nock advanced. Paul Potts was eliminated.

Great to see many of the acts again, but the overall goal is lost…so many genres, nationalities, biases from the panel and limited audience participation. More next week. Congrats to all the acts.

Ashleigh and Sully's PAWSOME performance | BGT: The Champions

Ashleigh and Sully, BGT 2012 winner – Dog Act, features a new routine in the form of Mary Poppins to the stage. In 2012, Pudsey starred with Ashleigh and memories rush to our minds. Enter 6-year-old Sully. One of a kind, fantastic performance, joy, born entertainer, we have fallen in love with you both.


Will Bello and Annaliese Nock survive The Wheel of Death? | BGT: The Champions

Bello and Annaliese Nock, America’s Got Talent 2017 / 2018 – Comic Daredevils, Bello and his daughter competed on AGT, combine for The Champions. Expect jaw-dropping moments! The wheel of death, performing together on stage risking life…and they did. Certifiably insane compliment, and amazed you are both still alive. Incredible act, dizzy watching, fun showmanship, well done, loved both of them. No gb even though calls were made.

Connie Talbot's breathtaking return to BGT | BGT: The Champions

Connie Talbot – BGT 2007 – Singer,  has changed from the toothless young girl we visualised back in 2007. She was six years of age last time on the show from series one. Taking the risk with an original song to claim her stake in the finals. Amanda called her stunning in her performance and done herself proud. Simon offered her a powerful thank you for her appearance 12 years old. David once seen never forgotten act. Alicia, watching a fairytale, an amazing feeling inside. No gb!

The Nelson Twins have some seriously cheeky one-liners | BGT: The Champions

The Nelson Twins, Australia’s Got Talent 2012 – Comedy duo, from Australia,  expect some naughty one-liners. Doing it for Australia Oi, one gym membership, one driver’s license, and one criminal record. Fresh milk and yoghurt … oh dear…watch the clip. Alecia, everything hurt, what is not to love. Amanda loved it. Naughty but nice, David called it a brilliant dynamite act. He loves nothing more than someone else doing well in comedy.

Dancing duo Bad Salsa send us into a spin! | BGT: The Champions

Bad Salsa, India’s Got Talent 2012 – Dance, high energy from this dancing duo. A must watch salsa extraordinary demonstration of being alive, incredible energy, best of the best, both of them champions for willing to compete in Simon’s dream of world talent on one show.

Kseniya Simonova's astonishing sand art gets first Golden Buzzer | BGT: The Champions

Kseniya Simonova, Ukraine’s Got Talent 2009 winner – Sand Artist, an emotional experience watching Kseniya and her sand painting. Instead of using paper, she decided to use sand as her platform. She uses her stories to help children with cancer to fight the disease. This is unique and breathtaking. Watch. Golden Buzzer act! Take a breath everyone. Her heart was moved by her story, the quiet skill, you did it all with just sand. Simon called her performance off the chart. One of the best acts in the world. David, the urgency, transitions, across all boundaries. Alecia, creative and clever well deserved golden buzzer.

Legendary Boogie Storm have a little surprise! | BGT: The Champions

Boogie Storm, BGT 2016 – Dance Group, Simon is awestruck with their performance. Watch the video. Cowell called this his favourite act of the night. David questioned him about the reasoning but deferred to the act as being great. Alecia laughed at Cowell’s arguments in a good way.

Sacred Riana terrifies with unbelievable magic | BGT: The Champions

Sacred Riana, Asia’s Got Talent 2017 winner – Illusionist. Unforgettable. Watch the video.


Paul Potts STUNS all over again | BGT: The Champions

Paul Potts, BGT 2007 winner – Singer, 12 years on showcases a powerful performance for the audience.


Britain’s Got Talent Saturday 30th August ITV 8 pm.

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