Reviews Reveal News The Masked Singer UK 2020 video

Reviews Reveal News The Masked Singer UK 2020


A new series from ITV this season features 12 masked acts trying to sing their way to the end. Reviews Reveal News The Masked Singer UK 2020.

Furthermore, each week clues are given and the contestant must sing for their soup. One or two will go home because they can not sing or maybe they can just a bit, or more so than the others.

The Masked Singer UK are all the videos

Each show was pre-recorded so there is no live voting…the audience and panel decide. Regardless the best singer should move on.

Episode 8 finale

Final Results

The audience voted to award Queen Bee as the winner Nicola Roberts...the mask gave her a confidence, especially for singing the lyrics. When the panel guessed she wanted to shout out YES or No. Her voice was so well highlighted…during the series. Congrats to Rita for dominating the show, and to Nicola, your voice is exquisit!

Hedgehog was the runner up…revealed as…. Jason Manford, at his best ever for the series. He actually has kept this secret from many including his own children. He believes the mask gave him more confidence to sing the series.

Queen Bee v Hedgehog were the finalists this series…

They eached performed their favourite song one last time.


Hedgehog and Queen Bee advanced

Octopus had to reveal her face to the audience…. was Katherine Jenkins, 13 number 1 albums. She has been on Jonathon’s show so many times. Her husband is American and used it to hide her Welsh accent. Hiding her operatic voice early was part of the strategy, her daughter loves oceanic creatures and Katherine felt she was singing to her. Terrific disgise and well hidden. Rita is quite good at this game show.

The final three masked singers compete to be crowned Queen Bee, Hedgehog and Octopus.

Queen Bee saved her best for the finale….

Hedgehog is an entertainer…his words…he fancies a little holiday in Scarborough…Davina called this the best vocal she has heard from him. Yes. John Thompson – Davina. Jason Manford – Rita,

Octopus has many hands…she dreamed a dream…enjoying being the character….has been a joy. From Mary Poppins…Kim Marsh – Davina, Katherine Jenkins – Rita, Charlotte Church – Ken.




Episode 7 semi final next week will be a double elimination again! 8 February 2020

Highlights – The studio audience voted this week and in no particular order going through were Octopus, Queen Bee and Monster.

reveal two – Monster Cee Lo Green…

“Work It Out” was Queen Bee’s performance.

Monster performed “Carless Whisper”

Octopus went for a Madonna…Vogue rendition…not her style according to Rita. Charlotte Church or Kim Marsh?

Hedgehog will performed again. He was asked to do a joke…as a comedian, and it was terrible. Good disguise or is he a stage performer then?




reveal one – Fox was…. Denise Van Outen …it was a chance to sing another genre and have fun!


Characters remaining in the race include Octopus, Hedgehog, Monster, Fox, and Queen Bee.

Saturday’s show features another double elimination setting up three singers performing in next weekend’s final reveal of the first champion of The Masked Singer UK.

The Hibernator aka Hedgehog clues include it is difficult to find your way, curdle up into a big ball, from venue to venue, intimate audience to 12,000 people, dad dance, I hope I will see ya in the final. Chandilier by Sia! Confidence and great range Michael Ball, John Thompson, Bradley Walsh, Dr Ken knows – comedian The Office…a good performance.

The Octopus sang her heart out, lots of guesses by the panel, from pensioners to royalty, songs of joy, sound of a choir, her voice can bring the house down. Rita called her an opera singer Catherine Jenkins, Kim Marsh, Ken knows – Charlotte Church.

The Fox performed “I Need a Hero” for the audience. Ken guessed Elaine Paige is a golf nut.

The Queen Bee performed “Greatest Love of All” Clue France is her spirital home, but does not speak the language…one guess Jessie from Little Mix…

The Monster performed clue The Mummy and Vampires…. Cee Lo Green was Rita’s guess.


Summary week 6 Double Reveal week

Eliminated this week were Duck and Unicorn video to come

Audience voted bottom three were….results

Unicorn was Jake Shear

Duck removed mask first… was Lead singer Skin, well known to Rita and the Osbournes

Fox, Duck and Unicorn

Remaining acts include the Duck, Octopus, Hedgehog, Monster, Fox, Unicorn and Queen Bee.

Saturday’s show is a double elimination. Reveal video to come.


Summary week 5 – who was revealed this week?

Audience voted into the bottom two….then a sing off.

Daisy, Monster and Unicorn were in danger. Last act saved was Unicorn.

The panel chose to eliminate Daisy – not unnamimous – saved Monster!

Daisy had to remove their mask. Kelis, Rita was right and most iconic videos.

Producers, please bring back Donnie O! Skip Ken.

Episode 5 Sat 25 Jan  7.00pm – 8.30pm

All eight acts appear on stage this week. Characters include the Duck, Daisy, Octopus, Hedgehog, Monster, Fox, Unicorn and Queen Bee.

At the end of the show one will be unmasked. Guest panelist Donnie Osmond (aka Peacock) placed second in the US edition. No Ken this week.

Monster – best Elvis, once a giant, he comes from a big monster singing family. He is a grandfather now with large family. The song is a clue, a Pussy Cat song…Donnie guessed Angela. Ceelo Green still seems popular. Regardless Monster seems like a finalist.

Fox – Top of the chart. They have not got the Fox yet? The last one on the dance floor, a broken heal lead to her big break. She is no exception. Not her final curtain. A stage performer, a stunning performance from this artist/singer. West End musical. Liz from Atomic Kittens.

Daisy – maybe there is too many flowers in the garden to pick from? Her dad influenced her musical tastes, she has served up some bangers. Unforgettable – Natalie Cole. Fleur East was mentioned. Donnie was confused, Nina Cherry!

Queen Bee – She has loved to use her voice, winning a singing competition, swept into the deep end. Some big event performances. Girl On Fire Alicia Keys…Strong voice and has to be in the final. Huge standing ovation from everyone. Jayde from Little Mix?

Octopus – washed up on a beach, treasure, her wellingtons, on the dales (Emerdale), and dangerous locations, some serious fish guts, a real sweetheart. Diamonds Are Forever this is more in her wheelhouse for range, operatic notes at two points. Charlotte Church. Gemma, Myleene Klass? American truth?

I vote for Donnie to replace Ken! What you say?

Unicorn – full of juice, self expression, he loves to perform, an American, a writer, fantasy and horror, he is a fantastical beast. He writes for others like Sarah Jessica Parker, he wants to be the main attraction. Rita was completely overwhelmed. The audience could vote him into the singoff! Sharp Dressed Man by ZZ Top. Donnie talked about a positive attitude. The word Glee. Matthew Morrison from Glee, actor writer, maybe Zack Efron according to Rita. Donnie has no idea, pointing to the LGBT feathers. He is in it to win it.

Hedgehog – claiming a strong vocal last show…Michael Crawford…He is just a normal guy…played to a variety show, hero, Billie Connelly, a tenor, eight shows a week, it is theatre. An actor. Rita is so confused. Donnie says it is Michael Ball a theatrical singer. Rufus Hound. Not one of the Gallaher brothers. Shane Ritchie.

Duck was the final to perform – they rocked out…was in the bottom 2 last time. A labor of love, help others, stand up for music and arts, nice to be inspired by strong women. Donnie claimed there is soul in their. A choir of ducks lifted the room with this rendition, then the high note at the end. Mel C? Donnie pooh poohed Mel C…other names were dropped…waving her arms in happiness post performance interview.



Episode four Saturday, January 18, 2020

This weekend five celebrities will perform for the second time. The videos are posted when available.

Octopus weight-training, no apprentice, fish, and chips Million dollar deal. The truth lies – Clues discovered on a cruise ship, cosmetics industry-first million, used an accent coach to prepare for this show.

The Tree, who has never performed before on the stage but is doing the show for his kids. East London accent according to Rita – a footballer or coach. Two lies, not catching a ball, Keegan called his playing style wooden, one particular moment.

Daisy who previously revealed she likes to relax by fishing and that her real name is “from the seeds of the people who made her.” An American voice, growing up around food, my cooking, is loud colourful and in your face. A soulful rendition “I Can’t Make You Love Me” very memorable.

Monster – who says his hero is Tony Hadley. Grammys on his head…he was a real book worm and has a love for rock n roll, does his own thing. “Can’t Help Falling In Love” was his song to through everyone off. Many suggest it is Cee Lo Green. Do you say?

East End Fox – who for 30 years has been collecting teapots. Take a walk in your shoes, a dancer, spent time in America, broke records. Absolutely smashed it…a disco party!

The sing-off was between…the two lowest vote recipients = Tree v Octopus perform again while the other three are safe for another week.

Octopus was back with “One Last Time” for her bid to stay in the show! Did you hear that operatic run?

The Tree character had to perform last! He performed ” Evergreen” to survive and was the weaker singer of the two. Will the audience vote him off?


The panel voted off the Tree. Octopus is saved for another week!

Teddy Sherringham MBE Football player

See which of the five has their identity unveiled tonight at 7 PM on ITV.

Revealed acts include

Last week’s episode January 11  – Chameleon revealed as Justin Hawkins from The Darkness.

Saturday 4 January  – Patsy Palmer unveiled as Butterfly – episode 2 Sunday 5 January – Alan Johnson as Pharoah.


Episode three Saturday, January 11, 2020


Justin Hawkins was the Chameleon…

Chameleon performed True Colors for the survival song…

Duck sang “Ava Maria” for survival…

Ready for five celebrities to perform?

On stage this week performing are Queen Bee, revealed of all her friends was the “joker of the pack”, and Duck, who we know used to be a long-distance runner.

Queen Bee performs Lewis Capaldi’s number one hit ‘Someone You Loved’.

Duck performs Bon Jovi’s Livin’ On A Prayer… watch

Self-confessed workaholic Hedgehog with Unicorn – who gave a clue they flew on a private plane as a child.

Hedgehog performs “Shine” by Take That

Unicorn performs a cover of Lizzo’s feel-good song ‘Juice’ for the detectives

Finally, Chameleon, who was used to the tech of the 70s and once provided the voice of a children’s cartoon character.

Episode two 

Sunday night join us… Who do you think each act is?

Bottom 3 – Monster, Pharaoh, Daisy!

The panel voted for Pharaoh to be unmasked… Alan Johnson former Home Secretary


Octopus sang “Part of Your World” v Daisy sang ” ” in the final faceoff

Octopus is a singer….while Daisy was a pro singer or actor who can sing!

The audience voted to see Octopus again sending Daisy into the bottom 3.

Tree with “It Must Be Love ” v Pharaoh sang ” Walk Like an Egyptian “

The audience voted to save Tree.

Tree a footballer? Pharaoh, not a professional singer…

Monster with “Happy”  v Fox “Call Me”

The audience voted Monster into the bottom 3. Watch the performances below.

Episode one

In tonight’s episode the first six masked singers battle it out – Queen Bee vs Duck, Unicorn vs Butterfly and Chameleon vs Hedgehog.

Summary Bottom Three

Duck v Butterfly v Chameleon

The panel voted off…Butterfly her dj career, Patsy Palmer


Queen Bee sang “Alive” by Sia! Hot rendition….winner?

Duck has a go at singing “Like A Virgin” by Madonna…who was it?

Unicorn sang “Babooshja” by Kate Bush… who was it?

Butterfly sang “You’ve Got The Love”

Chameleon sang “Creep” by Radiohead!

Hedgehog sang “Black Magic”


The first celebrity’s true identity is revealed as they are unmasked on stage.

The series continues TOMORROW, Sunday night at January 5 from 8 PM as the next six mystery celebrity contestants sing for the first time,

Hosted by Joel Dommett.



The first look video presentation shows the panel, impressing our glamorous Judges first, Jonathan Ross, Davina McCall, Ken Jeong, and Rita Ora.

The Masked Singer is available on ITV and STV.

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Watch full episodes on ITV Hub (UK ONLY):

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