Preview Semi-finals Voice UK 2021 News Results read

Preview Semi-finals Voice UK 2021 News Results read

Here is our coverage of the next two episodes 10-11 featuring a preview Semi-finals Voice UK 2021 News Results read.

You all decide the final acts to advance. Download the app….tip pick an act or two.

Team Anne-Marie

Leona Jørgensen has impressed with her effortless stage presence and unique sound.

He comes to life on stage with his mesmerising, raw sound – does Craig Eddie get your vote?

Team Olly

They’ve levelled up and up with their gospel power – it’s Jordan and Wesley!

She’s one of our youngest Acts, but Grace Holden has talent way beyond her years!

Team Tom

Benjamin Warner matches his incredible vocal ability with serious stage presence – is he one of your finalists?

A powerful songstress through and through – Hannah Williams is hoping to get your vote.

Team Will

Representing opera to the highest standard is the talented Nadia Eide!

He’s made a mighty impression with his original lyrics, Okulaja is a man on a mission!

Voting T&Cs


Our Acts have done all they can, but the final four is up to you! The vote closes tonight at 11:45pm #TheVoiceUK


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Preview Semi-finals Voice UK 2021 Results read

Preview Semi-finals Voice UK 2021 ITV image

This Saturday 8.30pm – 10.25pm on iTV. Eight will leave and only four will advance this week.


Next Saturday 8.30pm – 10.25pm

Episode 11 Semi-final 2 Sat 13 Mar 2021

It’s the second of the Semi-final shows on The Voice UK as 12 acts sing for a place in next week’s live Final. Again 8 go home and 4 move onto the live final. Only one remaining steal act from the battles appears under coach Sir Tom. Good luck Leah.

Team Olly

Two males and one female in his team fight for the one remaining place… to meet Jordan & Wesley representing Olly’s world.

Result now: Olly called them all brilliant…and trusting in him…he chose to take through to vote…Grace! Hard luck to Nathan and Andrew! Lots of love on stage.

Nathan Smoker defeated Leah Cobb with ‘Stop This Flame.’ Opening act of the night and Team Olly! Nathan needs to control his vocals and emotions…as shown in the rehearsal. He has the pipes for this to advance.Anne-Marie called his voice real and fun. Tom compared how he would have to attack the song. Olly called him a professional to work with! Tom called him full on, big notes.

Andrew Bateup defeated Matt Croke with ‘Always’ in their battle. Charlotte made her reappearance in the VT…’Everything I Do, I Do It For You.’ He talked about overcoming his demons…and do it all for Charlotte! Strong ballad comparison…Olly is looking all around as a proud coach…he builds his performance…to the big notes and the subtle tones. Charlotte was excited. Tom called it a wonderful job. His Andrew song through will off at first. Anne-Marie called it a lovely performance. Olly was so happy with this performance. Tough decision OMG. Add Grace to the mix!

Grace Holden defeated Chantelle Padden with ‘Breakaway’ in the battle. ‘I Am With You’ by Avril Levine…family loss and return to the stage this week…she delivers the song as believable every time. More emotions from this eighteen year old…yes, she has the delivery to move on. I am a fan! Will that sounded like Gracy….Tom called her amazing! Olly you held all your emotions together well done.

Team Tom

Leah is (was) the last remaining steal from the battles. Three females so the odds are in favour of…and will join Benjamin Warner representing Sir Tom!

Second team to perform on the night.

Tom’ Choice result – after considering all three acts he chose…to advance…a better chance in Hannah! She joins Benjamin into the final audience vote. Hard luck to Leah and Jake.

Hannah Williams she defeated Sami Nathan with ‘Cry Me a River’ in the first battle round episode. ‘Gravity’ by John Mayer… Do not get into all the technicals…was Mel C’s and Tom’s advice. She has the pipes and takes us all for a ride into the atmosphere! WOW what a voice….Anne-Marie was there all the way. Will called her authentic, from her emotion, you channel and sing. Tom called her wonderful.

Leah Cobb was a steal from Olly, she lost a close decision battle to Nathan Smoker. She wants to demonstrate her value for the steal chance…and her unique vocal….’Be My Baby’ was the song…and has the range…Will fusing the present with the past. Olly called her fantastic at 16 years age… Anne-Marie called it beautiful. Tom called her cute as a button. Congratulations Leah.

Jake gets a second chance due to Wura having to withdraw due to medical reasons. (Wura defeated Jake O’Neill in the second battle round singing ‘What’s Going On’ to move forward). Tom recalled his audition and battle…he had a had decision…now he rejoined the show. ‘This Year’s Love’ was his song…with family support. Anne-Marie likes his voice on the edge. Will said you know your place in the vocals. Incredible. Olly enjoyed hearing the song, goosebumps back. Tom called it a wonderful job, the light and shade, thanked him for coming back! Was it enough?


All pumped up for will’s reveal of songs for his team. Never a surprise to me missed. The winner will join Nadia Eide representing the eclectic will. Singers pick the song in his team for the semi-finals. had to make one of those last moment choices…equally important contestants to him…he chose Okulaja! Never lets one know his choice beforehand. Good luck BrokenPen and Jeremy!

BrokenPen defeared 2che during their battle on 20 February last. Was the first to perform in this group…he is multilingual rapper, English, Spanish and Portuguese…boom boom girl. Anne-Marie did not expect that! Olly called him cool and great. Tom you just spin it out. Will wants to keep the spread of rap and he called him really good bro! Olly loved his energy.

Jeremy Levif defeated Kezia with ‘Clocks’ appearing in the first battle round. Second in the team…french speaking singer…Anne-Marie spoke of her melting legs when he sings. The mentors want him to deliver the emotions attached to the lyrics by thinking of his partner. This is exquisite in his tones, French lyrics and control from the opening! All four coaches rose for the end. Tom he can sing, flawless! Olly really looks forward for each of his performances. Will spoke to how great it was! Anne-Marie loved his work.

Janel Antoneshia defeated Okulaja in their battle on 27th February. Janel had to withdraw from the competition. Okulaja was back.The replacement contestant took on the position as a trooper. Very enthusiastic and stayed in tune for the majority of the song. Olly stated this was his favourite performance of the night. Tom called him multi-talented. Will coached him saluted him for doing that! Well done young man. Another last minute choices.


Team Anne-Marie

Anne-Marie has already moved Leona Jorgensen into the final. One will join in the chance to win. The final group to perform on the night!

Anne-Marie chose the following act to advance to the people’s vote against Leona…Craig Eddie…Hard luck to Wayne & Morgan as well as Meg!

Wayne & Morgan defeated Lauren Drew with ‘Respect’ in the first battles. She was eliminated in the first semi-final. They have to stay in sync and not over think it…their chemistry is undeniable. There were some off key notes but plenty of energy…all four coaches stood. Olly loved it and touring in 2013, breath of fresh air. Will so much love of music on display. Anne-Marie music is suppose to make people smile. She just loves them both.

Meg Birch fought a close battle with Jason Hayes singing ‘These Days. He was eliminated in the first semi-final. Meg moved several audience members on social media….some claiming her the best of the night.


Craig Eddie defeated James Robb with their performance of ‘This City’ in the second episode battle. Final semi-final act this season went to Craig. He has plenty of fans here for his voice and tone. Some calling him as being a successful singer.






Last weeks Semi-final showcased these acts…

Episode 10 Semi-final 1 Saturday 6 March 2021

Preview Semi-finals Voice UK 2021 Results read

Melanie C, James Bay, Danny O’Donoghue and Leigh-Anne Pinnock from Little Mix

It’s the first of the semi-final shows on The Voice UK as 12 acts sing for a place in the live final.

Coaches Sir Tom Jones, Olly Murs, Anne-Marie and can pick only one act from their teams to progress in the competition, so there are some tough decisions to make.

Helping the coaches make those decisions are very special guests Melanie C, James Bay, Danny O’Donoghue and Leigh-Anne Pinnock from Little Mix.

Tonight, the public will decide which of the chosen semi-finalists make it through to the live Final.

All the YT videos since 2018 onwards have been removed. Will post when available.

A lot of split comments sourced tonight from song choice to hats and all things in between. Are we looking at new franchises such as The Rap? The Dance? Seems like people want to know. Maybe even The Hat!

Fun fact three of the battle steals were eliminated this week. Lauren, Stephanee and Jason were sent home.

Team Olly

This group of acts were the final team to perform on the night. So do we see the best of the night? Olly chose Jordan and Wesley (the pimp spot) shines again.

Three acts only one makes it to their happy place.

Jordan and Wesley

27-year-old Jordan and 30-year-old Wesley are brothers from Coventry. They auditioned with Go Get It by Mary Mary and winning their battle against Tascha Jerawan.

Yes final act in the group/team and final act of the night. The stage is set for the best of the night. Ratings and all that chit. James called them one instrument… a compliment I believe. Song choice…y/n, keep your hands still, to awful. Ok that is all the release from the crowd this week. Are the boys deserving of the final pimp spot? A final amazing from someone! Yes that was worth the wait. We will be back next week on that promise of gratitude alone.

Jason Hayles

34-year-old performed No Church in the Wild by Jay-Z & Kanye West at his audition. In the battles, he was stolen by Olly after losing to Meg Birch.

Second in this final group to perform was Jason. More energy into his singing was one advice…and music was louder than his vocals… a cover of Ed Sheeran…right or wrong choice? He is a potential winner. Will rap take over the show?

Joe Topping

42-year-old performed Forever Young by Bob Dylan at his audition. He advanced by winning his semi-final spot against Alex Harry in the battles.

Someone had goosebumps within 6 words…LOL calling Joe incredible. His tone is pleasing but the song choices are not pleasing the majority…or minority…you decide. Hats and caps are rated by the crowd…I think his voice carries him well. Best of the night?

Result. Who does Olly choose?

Team Anne-Marie

Her team first three performed tonight as the third group on the schedule. The acts seemed to be the best spread and with the least critical responses. Leona was her choice..avoiding calls for a biased decision by some.

Leona presented her vocals well and moved on!


30-year-old dancer and fitness instructor from London performed Bad Blood by Nao for his audition. Then advancing against Chanel Yates in the battles.

The audience spoke about the coach singer relationship and any bias she has towards him over the other two acts. This is the dance? IDK. Some of the comments were harsh.

Stephanee Leal

25-year-old was born in Venezuela, now lives in Southampton, performed Runnin’ (Lose It All) by Naughty Boy at her audition. She was stolen from Will by Anne-Marie losing battle Nadia Eide.

Second to perform in this group aka team…lovely voice…song choice conversations ringing loud…and has the stage presence for many. All the men want her to go through!

Leona Jørgensen

26-year-old full-time musician from Sheffield auditioned with Sunflower by Post Malone & Swae Lee. She advanced past Cameron Ledwidge in the battles. She lost her hubbie revealed in her background story. Definitely invested in her for this and her future.

First act to perform in this group…song choice not right for her voice…to the winner right there! Its all about opinion, goosies in the house…

Result. Who did Anne-Marie chose?

Team Tom

Sir Tom had a difficult choice and decided to send Benjamin to the final!

This was a close call. The audience was divided again!


33-year-old singer-songwriter from London performed My Love by Route 94/Jess Glynee. Then defeated Esther Cole in the battles.

Third to perform in this group was Mide! People calling him pure talent, and singing something like Stand By Me! Comforting and warm was a thought offered on his performance. You have many fans Mide, keep up the good work!

Tom has a difficult choice!

Benjamin Warner

23-year-old waiter from Manchester performed Make Me Feel by Janelle Monae and won his battle against 2Che.

Second in this group was Benjamin, song choice was part of the critiques from entertainer to best stage presence. With a fantastic voice to boot. He has a chance. Comparisons to George Michael were freely messaged.

Mariam Davina

18-year-old part time hairdresser from London performed Anyone by Demi Lovato. Advancing past Psalm Harmony in last week’s battles.

Mariam appeared first in this team, fourth of the night and pleased many of her followers…one of the best of the night. Her cover “Breathing Underwater” knocking it out of the park. Incredible control and talent on show for the audience!

Team Will

Will’s song choices and production never fails to split the audience. He did so again tonight. Nadia is through!

Nadia Eide

32-year-old from Oxford (originally Norway and Sweden) performed Now We Are Free from Gladiator. She won her battle against Stephanee Leal.

Third to perform in this team…her operatic tones divide the audience again…from winning the whole show to *** yeah!


28-year-old Ministry of Justice worker from South London performed Get Here by Oleta Adams. She won her battle against Victoria Heath.

Second to perform…with more critiques from poor song choice to being better than Lauren. An Aerosmith song was performed.

Lauren Drew

27-year-old musical theatre performer from Wales performed Mama Knows Best by Jessie J at her blind audition. Later she was stolen from Anne-Marie by Will after battling Wayne & Morgan.

Lauren was first to perform a Stevie Wonder classic, some calling it sensational to screechy…yikes. She can definitely sing imho! Yes, those pipes are clean and loud!

Result. will does not always chose the obvious… Nadia!

The Voice Blind UK 2021 Auditions Weeks 1 – 5 videos




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