Fab Final Four Voice UK 2021 News Recap read

Fab Final Four Voice UK 2021 News Recap

Your final 4 contestants have been named! Hannah Williams, Okulaja, Craig Eddie and Grace Holden. Fab Final Four Voice UK 2021 News Recap.


The winner of The Voice UK 2021 season was announced as….


Grace faced…Craig…for the win. The final announcement is at the end of this blog.


Each act performed solo and as a duet with their respective coach.

Host Emma Willis has a style and approach that reflects well during the whole show. She is a real asset to the production throughout! Bravo.


All four coaches performed an opening Stevie Wonder song …Sir Tom, Olly Murs, Anne-Marie and will.i.am. Your finalists meet and greet the stage.

The votes open up after the first performance. Then the freeze the show and you vote. Two with the top votes go head to head one more time.


Grace was first to perform and the VT was inclusive…Olly was genuinely excited for the 18 year old…family join the conversation. She was here to make her family proud and leave her heart on the stage. This song suits her vocals in a perfect arrangement to highlight her range and stage presence. This was her best performance of the season imho. Olly was so proud and enjoyed her performance. Will called her amazing, a solid high note…proud. Anne-Marie felt it and emotionally. Tom called out her courage and confidence…he loved her performance…the cash note…

Blessing Annatoria will return for this year’s final.


Hannah from Team Tom was second to perform. In the VT they reconnect and share her journey this series. Leo her son was very excited for her…Tom claimed she deserves to win the show and told everyone she is a very lovely person. This song built quickly from a soft intimate moment to a climax over the time allowed showcasing her vocal range. Great job Hannah! Worthy finalist. Leo called her work amazing. Tom called it a tremendous performance. Anne-Marie called it perfect…a ‘donut she could eat.’ Olly…he predicted she would make it to the final and deserved her place. Will loved what she brought to the stage…sampled by greats…you one of us. Is she your winner?



Fab Final Four Voice UK 2021 News Recap read Hannah Williams

Hannah Williams (top left) Grace Holden (top right) Okulaja (bottom left) Craig Eddie (bottom right) Fab Final Four Voice UK 2021 News Recap read.



Okulaja walked through the door and met will.i.am in the studio. In the VT the journey was revisited…family was able to reflect on his time. He chose ‘Counting Stars’ by One Republic….for this performance. This was a combination of singing, rap and full on entertainment with his own spin…will stamped his production on this moment. HOT work Okulaja! LIVE and all. He was not messing about. He left the show 6 weeks ago…after the battles…and he wants to inspire his siblings. Will had his socks off the stage… Anne-Marie that was so good…she enjoys his singing voice. No time for Tom or Olly. Entertainment of the night award!

Craig, walked in to Anne-Marie and her genuine excitement in the VT. She reflects on his journey. His confidence has grown over the journey, with his support of his mum and dad…love! This is a artistic rendition from a controlled master of vocals for any singer…this guy needs a contract to move on. He has the strongest presence on stage…in his genre…very exciting for his fans. Anne-Marie was so proud of his progress…anxiety was not evident at all. It was so so special as her first series! Olly reflected on as him as a star. Tom knows the Scots will call in to support and called the performance terrific!

Vote is open! The duets are next.

Olly with Grace…performed a Take That song to cover her journey this far. Insane harmony between these two was evident through out the performance. Murs has a talent for production and choice! Please perform again together…Essex is proud of these two! They claimed it as the best one they have done…live telly shines tonight.

Okulaja and Will...performed ‘Where Is The Love?’ His verse should be for his mum and siblings…and he nailed the verse…will approved…He dream has now become a reality…the song is so relevant. Will loves what his act stands for and applying him self. Come together was their message.

Anne-Marie and Craig his semi-final performance was his strongest in his own words. ‘Show ourselves off and win!’ – Anne-Marie. It felt like a concert show to me. He held her stare….a proper artist..she appealed for the vote…the real deal!

Sir Tom and Hannah musical magic together. Tom listened and heard her honesty during the blind audition. This is her time. ‘To Love Somebody’ by The Bee Gees… the Gibb brothers…look it up! Those silky tones from Sir Tom complimented Hannah’s vocals. She almost matched his strength and that is not an easy thing to do. Well done both…applause! The low register and warmth…tremendous according to Tom! Appeals for the vote.

Vote closed. The two acts eliminated were….


Blessing Annatoria will return for this year’s final her new single ‘I Smiled’. And her album…Count My Blessing all out soon.


We said good bye to Hannah and Okulaja…both acts were grateful for the opportunity.

One more song from Grace and Craig!

Grace lead with her final performance on the show and was so strong…she has a vocal that is refined and appealing in every moment. Win or runner up…be proud in the journey. A winner’s single.




Craig performed his own original song Come Waste Time…this is nuts…strong lyrics, musical arrangement and melodies…DO yourself a favour and take a listen to this masterpiece! Extraordinary! Yes it was a risk. Millions of people have watched it Craig.


The winner…



Well done Grace! A one chair turn starter in the blinds…Olly offered his winning cheers to all.

Anne-Marie won her first attempt as a coach! Well done!

That is a wrap!




In respect to the coaching, Olly or Anne-Marie delivered two promising artists this season and both are different in genre. Their coaching has shined through this season. No disrespect to Sir Tom or Will…both also had worthy contenders…each again unique. So, that alone has made this series one of the best ones on record.


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Voting T&Cs

The live show will feature the four in the conclusion to this tenth season of the series. Will one of these acts make a break for some national stardom? will.i.am, Sir Tom Jones and Olly Murs, and Anne-Marie wrap the series up on Saturday.

Forty acts were selected (ten each team) was reduced in this shortened season including auditions, battle rounds and two semi-finals. Only two per team were selected by each coach for your vote via the app.

Catch both semi-finals recaps here

The Voice UK 2021 teams: Contestants

Team Tom


Hannah Williams 38-year-old singer and vocal coach, mum of one and full time singer Hannah once featured in a Jay Z track and feels this could be her last opportunity to make it big in the music industry.

Instagram: @hannahsoulwilliams | Twitter: @HWAffirmations

Audition song: Stay With Me by Lorraine Ellison

Battle round song: Cry Me A River, won against Sami Nathan.
Semi-final song: Gravity by John Mayer

Team Will

Okulaja 17-year-old student an anti-bullying ambassador he wants to share important messages to young people through his music. Okulaja replaced Janel Anthoneshia who had to withdraw from the competition last week.

Instagram: @okulaja_ | Twitter: @JamesOkulaja

Audition song: Everything I Wanted by Billie Eilish

Battle round song: If I Ruled the World (Imagine That) by Nas against Janel Antoneshia

Semi-final song: Can’t Hold Us by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

Team Anne-Marie

Craig Eddie 22-year-old musician from Falkirk in Scotland. He is from a small town and hoping he is moments away from fulfilling his, and his father’s, dreams of becoming a successful singer.

Instagram: @craigeddiee

Audition song: Make It Rain by Foy Vance

Battle round song: This City by Sam Fischer, won against James Robb.

Semi-final song: lovely by Billie Eilish.

Team Olly

Grace Holden 18-year-old Shop Assistant and Theatre School Teacher  from Essex. She lives with her Dad and two older brothers and is hoping to make her family and late mum, Sheila, very proud.

Instagram: @graceholdenmusic | TikTok: @graceholdenmusic

Audition song: Wherever You Will Go by The Calling

Battle round song: Breakaway by Kelly Clarkson, won against Chantelle Padden.

Semi-final song: I’m With You by Avril Lavigne

Who do you think will win? Why do you think so?

The Voice UK Live Final airs Saturday 20 March at 8:30PM on ITV.


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The Coaches open the Final of The Voice UK with Sir Duke!

Anne-Marie, Olly Murs, Tom Jones and will.i.am perform Sir Duke by Stevie Wonder at the Live Final

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