Dave and Finn Mentalist BGT 2019 Final video

Dave and Finn Mentalist BGT 2019 Final video

Puppy alert! Dave & Finn is truly MAGIC. Dave has been a police officer for 16 years now and they have been together for a while. Dave and Finn Mentalist BGT 2019 Final video.

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Magical police dog Finn is one in a million | The Final | BGT 2019

Finn’s Law: Stabbed police dog bill passed by MPs – BBC News




Feb 8, 2019 – A wounded police dog that inspired proposed laws to protect service dogs and horses watched in the House of Commons as MPs backed the legislation. Finn’s Law – named after a dog who was stabbed on duty – aims to prevent attackers from claiming self-defence. The German shepherd and his 


Dave and Finn Mentalist BGT 2019 Final video

Dave and Finn Mentalist BGT 2019 Final video

They both won Monday nights semi-final. Tonight we see Finn as a magician, with the use of cards and David. He asked Finn to pick a card before coming out on stage. David chose the same card as Finn 7 of spades, next was a scrapbook of their past few months, she picked a beach picture, Amanda had to reach inside his food each with words on them, shake, pick just one, incredible was the word. Simon reveals the note inside a ball. Finn’s note was accurate in all aspects.

Finn’s law becomes active 8 June 2019 – Simon called him adorable. David called the bond is so special. Alesha, you have a great night! Amanda highlighted the passing of Finn’s Law! Finn’s vet was in the audience!

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