Dalton Andre Harris Season 15 The X Factor UK 2018 

Dalton Andre Harris Season 15 The X Factor UK 2018 


The 24-year-old revealed he lived in a house with his single mother and sisters and was ‘very poor’. ‘We had one room we sectioned into different parts,’ he told the judges. ‘We never had electricity or running water.’

The winner season 15 was Dalton Harris from Jamaica! Congratulations mate.

That’s a wrap everyone!

The Final Sunday part 2 and the end of the competition!


Dalton and James Arthur duet for the winner’s single.

The Final Saturday night – part 1

Dalton and Emili Sande Duet Beneath Your Beautiful. This was a special duet between the rookie Dalton and Emili, one moment that will live in X Factor history for a long time.

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Dalton’s full performance video

Live Semifinal performance

Advanced to the finale after the close of voting 25/11/2018.

Live Show 6 ABBA plus a Free choice

His VT featured his moment with the Sarah Duchess of  York (Fergie) and it was a moment of hugs and praise. His performance was incredible. Winner material. Four chair standing ovation, loud crowd audience reaction… Ayda, Robbie you blew that away… he could be an absolute Mega Star…Simon recalled his Michael Buble moment. Louis repeated amazing lad, so proud and come out fighting and win this thing. Dalton, he feels so overwhelmed being so far away from home and thanked everyone for the support! WINNER

Here is the full high quality video performance.

Through to the final 4 this season on his way to the finale.

Dalton Harris
Feeling Good by Muse
S.O.S. by ABBA


Live Show 5 Big Band week

Dalton Harris – Listen by Beyonce

Live Show 4

Here is the higher quality video performance from the live show number 4! Very strong performance indeed!

8 Acts Perform Big Band X Factor UK 2018 video

Live Show 3



Dalton Harris – Creep – Radiohead was first for the boys, second act presented with Louis strong remarks. He called her older sister and the recall family moments. Robbie called it incredible, and he will buy it. You are incredible… lots of audience noise. Ayda called him a vocal matrix, a standing ovation! Simon you are killing, the best you have sounded, we need you on this platform. Louis, your vocal is in its own league, well done!

Live Show 2


Dalton Harris – I Have Nothing – Whitney Houston

His VT talked about family life and life in London, this song was called a BIG risk for him….Guilty pleasure…. so lame a theme. He has the range but not the depth of Whitney. Not many do it at all. Standing ovation from the panel. Who is a lucky boy? Robbie pointed to the crowd…they should send you to the Olympics. Ayda called it everything you are a star, you are mega. Simon, he called this might be that moment, seriously a moment. Louis, you are in your own league… you raise the bar every week. Dermot raised his arm in victory, it is possible to do this! What a moment.


Live Show 1

Dalton Harris – Life of Mars – David Bowie. The final act on the night, from Jamacia. He grows up in a small community and seeks opportunity in another part of the world. Robbie, you have a beautiful voice. Ayden for me it was one of the most memorable. Simon called that performance as great! This was special. Louis, he told him he was so proud, best vocal of the night. well done!

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Judges’ House performance

Dalton Andre Harris
Jennifer Hudson – Listen from Jamacia and wanting to prove people wrong about not chasing his dream. Chills and wow, an incredible vocal, it came to life! He delivered it!

Explaining his decision to sing the Sir Elton John ballad, Dalton told Simon: ‘If a lot of people that I’ve come across said sorry, a lot less people could be left with a lot of pain.’ But once his audition was done, it became clear the number’s underlying message ran deep. ‘Sorry if I’m being intrusive,’ asked Simon. ‘But can I ask why you were being so emotional?’ Dalton began: ‘I’ve been on my own since I was 15. And I’ve accepted it. It’s not a sad story, it’s just… it’s been a lot, and it’s been a long time.’


Dalton Andre Harris, a 24-year-old singer from Jamaica, Prince – Purple Rai

Last performer of the day, all the best go smash it said Louis! He did! Standing ovation from the audience, no spare seats all night. Simon called it in a different league. Seated. Goodbye to seat 

Here is his Audition and introduction to the audience

24-year-old Dalton Andre Harris travelled from Jamaica to enter this season 15.   “This is single-handedly the most important moment of my life so far.” His song choice is Elton John‘s Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word. Dalton Andre Harris Season 15 The X Factor UK 2018. Watch share like…


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Dalton Andre Harris Season 15 The X Factor UK 2018 

Dalton Andre Harris Audition The X Factor UK 2018 video