Britain’s Got Talent 2019 Recap Reviews News video

Here is our summary of all events around the thirteenth series of Britain’s Got Talent 2019 Recap Reviews News video.

Moreover, embrace the madness of the show everyone.

The Winner BGT 2019 was Colin Thackery

Runner up: X aka Mark Spelmann

Third place: Ben Hart

The semi-finals concluded Friday night and the finale scheduled for Sunday night.

How well did all the contestants do each night in the votes?

Check out the voting percentages below…

Semi Final 1

Dave & Finn – 29.2%
Flakefleet Primary School – 25.6%
The Haunting – 13.4%
Rosie & Adam – 12.4%
Khronos Girls – 6.8%
Tony Rudd – 5.6%
Akshat Singh – 3.6%
Brian Gilligan – 3.4%

Semi Final 2

4MG – 28.2%
Siobhan Phillips – 15.9%
Matt Stirling – 14.9%
Faith Tucker – 11.3%
Giorgia Borg – 11.3%
Vardanyan Brothers – 8.9%
State of the Fart – 5.5%
The Queen – 4.0%

Semi Final 3

Colin Thackery – 29.1%
Kojo Anim – 23.9%
John Archer – 19.0%
Chapter 13 – 16.6%
Angels Inc. – 4.2%
Rob King – 3.3%
Gomonov Knife Show – 2.6%
KNE – 1.3%

Semi Final 4

Ben Hart – 28.6%
Mark McMullan – 25.4%
Graeme Mathews – 12.5%
Kerr James – 11.3%
Lil Icons – 9.3%
Duo A&J – 6.6%
Jimmy Tamley – 5.7%
Ursula Burns – 0.6%

Semi Final 5

X – 27.4%
Jonathan Goodwin – 22.0%
Libby & Charlie – 17.0%
Barbara Nice – 14.1%
Leanne Mya – 8.7%
Gonzo – 7.4%
Jacob Jones – 2.3%
Fabulous Sisters – 1.1%


Colin Thackery – 25.3%
X – 17.8%
Ben Hart – 10.2%
Kojo Anim – 9.6%
Dave & Finn – 9.1%
Flakefleet Primary School – 8.8%
Mark McMullan – 4.6%
Jonathan Goodwin – 4.4%
Siobhan Phillips – 4.0%
Libby & Charlie – 3.9%
4MG – 2.3%

Final performance videos

Dave & Finn magic dog act.

Flakefleet Primary School were on stage ready to rule the world soon!

Ben Hart went from large magic to tiny magic over his journey!

Mark McMullan sang his heart out tonight.

Jonathan Goodwin daredevil danger act escaped the gravel!

X performed again with the Hope message then reveal himself as Mark Spelmann from last season.

Colin Thackery at 89 years young belted out ‘Love Changes Everything’ for the audience and broke the internet all at the same time! Genius and respect.

Two 12-year-old dancers make the finale #BGT Congrats Libby & Charlie as the wildcard!

Filing in for a late withdrawal with only 48 hours notice and flying back from Greece, Charlie celebrated his 12th birthday on stage with his bff Libby and won the hearts of millions.

Happy for them both to see another performance on Sunday night.

Finalists include




X – Mentalist

Jonathan Goodwin


Ben Hart  – Magician

Mark McMullen – Singer

Colin Thackery – Singer

Kojo – Comedian also Simon Cowell’s Golden Buzzer act

4MG – Magicians

Siobhan – Comedian singer

Dave and Finn – Mentalist police dog act

Flakefleet Public School – Singing and dance – David Walliam’s Golden Buzzer act

All the videos are here

Each Semi Final – Monday through Friday

Each semi-final had eight acts and all were trying to find a place in the finale.

BGT 2019 Semi-Final #5 Friday Recap Results video

The fifth live show featured eight acts appeared on tonight’s last round of the season. BGT 2019 Semi-Final #5 Friday Recap Results video.

BGT 2019 Semi-Final #5 Friday Recap Results video

BGT 2019 Semi-Final #5 Friday Recap Results video

This is a preview of tonight’s show…you should hit refresh later to update this post or check our BGT Season page.

Tonight we have a new line up of acts: Barbara Nice – comedian, Fabulous Sisters – Dance Group, Gonzo – Tambourinist entertainer, Jacob Jones – Singer, Jonathan Goodwin – Escape artist, Leanne Mya – Singer, X – mentalist, Libby and Charlie – Dance Duo.

Two acts from each night’s show will go through to the final with a chance of winning a life-changing £250,000 and a spot at the Royal Variety Performance.

Advanced by the public vote – winner  – X

Advancing by the judges was – deadlock via Jonathan Goodwin

(Second and Third place… ) Johnathan v Libby and Charlie

Top 3 voted by the public 

David voted for Jonathan

Alesha voted for Jonathan

Amanda voted for Libby and Charlie

Simon voted for  Libby and Charlie sending to the public vote

Public vote winner was Jonathan!

BGT 2019 Semi-Final #4 Thursday Recap Results video

Episode One Semi-Final recap and result

Episode Two Semi-Final recap and result

Episode Three Semi-Final recap and result

Were you surprised by the result?

Who should have made the finale?

All the videos are here

Tonight we have a new line up of acts:

Tonight we have a new line up of acts:

Gonzo – Tambourinist entertainer

He dresses unusually and says very little because his primary language is Japanese. Headbanging marvel, superhero, exploded on the stage with a more modest costume and routine. He made it through without a Cowell X! In fact, he earned a standing ovation. This is what BGT is all about, the best act of the night said, David. What is not to like about your shared Alesha. Amanda people underestimate your style. Simon Cowell said he will make a prediction that Gonzo will win BGT! Bold statement.

X – Mentalist. 

Is X a man or a woman? Their identity is hidden by a white mask – unfortunate. What is there to hide? Ant and Dec were involved again on stage, with Simon choosing a word. Transfer touch, heat and more extreme level…a taser…watch the clip. Simon passed a box with a mobile phone, click this and more. He chose the word hope. Alesha called the act extraordinary, the phone, outstanding and wants to see more. Amanda talked about the image on the phone and really current entertainment.  Simon called it original and scared in a weird way. David does know who X is, he sold him PPI! He spoke highly about the act.

Jacob Jones – Singer

He is the guy who auditioned and proposed to his girlfriend live on national television, and the VT celebrated their connection. A normal bloke from Surrey.

Amanda felt it was more about the romance and back story than the musical performance, calling his audition better. Simon wanted to know why he wanted to be in the final…rather than judge him. David thought it was gorgeous about romance for his fiance! Alesha called him enduring and wished him the best. He announced she is now expecting their second child.

Fabulous Sisters – Dance Group

Coming back from Japan to perform in this semi-final and explained how hard they have practiced for this event. Their goal is to perform across the world on many entertainment venue stages. Simon, he thanked them but did not like it that much comparing and embarrassed the girl for choosing the music. David claimed they did fantastically well. Alesha called this performance was still strong and understood what Simon said. Amanda called the performance a strong “audition.”


Leanne Mya – Singer

Her VT reminded us about her background story and audition. It focussed on her son and their escape from Grenfell. She uses music as her tool to shine on life. A religious song… blinded by your grace…you are all that I needed… that builds into a large vocal accompaniment. David that was a beautiful performance…you created magic tonight. Alesha felt the emotion from the start and powerful voice … a moment. Amanda called the performance a joy to watch and push you into the stars. Simon called her special and on that performance, he believes she will be in the final.


Barbara Nice – comedian

Barbara’s intro VT recalled the audition and the talk about Simon…diet, exercise, and clothing were on her shopping list… for the semi-final. She was upfront with the judges and let go of some funny lines about them all. Total madness. Alesha loves her so much, something about you! Amanda, you are a real tonic Barbara, such a talent and entertainment. Simon, tizzed up, he has a feeling the public will like that. David called it the Barbara Nice Show!

Libby and Charlie – Dance Duo

Best friend dancers both 12 years of age and we VT revisit their audition again. They promise to rock the night away for us. A very high energy routine that took the whole stage and they do look so professional! Amanda, you two are breathtaking performance. Simon, you popped, the enthusiasm and come to see your show. David called them full of great performance. Alesha called it a moment. They were a standby act because another act could not appear tonight. Literally, they both found out on Wednesday to rehearse and today was his 12th birthday! True professionals for young people.

Jonathan Goodwin – Escape artist

He is 39 years young and loves to give people a thrill. He wants us to know it is important to face your fears wanting a show of his own. Making it beyond anything he has ever attempted before, he may be going home in an ambulance. David was invited to the stage to play chicken with a cup on his head. Now he has a bow and arrow with a balloon. Watch the video! Bianca is his assistant.

Simon offered – respect. David called it so inventive and a memorable. Alesha called him crazy and genius. Amanda called it compelling to watch, terrifying and wants to see the Royals reaction.

Do not attempt this at home!


BGT 2019 Semi-Final #4 Thursday Recap Results video

The fourth live show featured eight acts appeared on tonight’s round of the season. Moreover, BGT 2019 Semi-Final #4 Thursday Recap Results video

* will/did perform tonight! *

BGT Semi-Final

BGT Semi-Final

This is a preview of tonight’s show…you should hit refresh later to update this post or check our BGT Season page.

Moreover a new line up of acts: Ben Hart – Magician, Duo A&J – Aerialist Duo, Graeme Mathews – Comic Magician, Jimmy Tamley – Ventriloquist, Kerr James – Singer, Lil’ Icons – Dance Group, Mark McMullan – Opera Singer, Ursula Burns – Comic Harpist & Singer.

Two acts from each night’s show will go through to the final with a chance of winning a life-changing £250,000 and a spot at the Royal Variety Performance.

Advanced by the public vote – winner  – Ben Hart

Advancing by the judges was – Mark through the public vote (deadlock)

(Second and Third place… ) Mark v Graeme

Top 3 voted by the public Mark McMullen, Ben Hart, Graeme Mathews

David voted for Graeme

Alesha voted for Mark

Amanda voted for Mark

Simon voted for Graeme to tie the vote

Public vote Mark!

Each act named with comments appears below

Ben Hart – Magician

Ben is a professional performer, look him up yourself. He went small with cards, smoke, and matches. Amanda enjoys his presence and skills. Simon called he liked being part of this act, his presentation was interesting, a star charisma. David could watch an hour of his performances. Alesha enjoyed his brilliance.

Duo A&J – Aerialist Duo

Julia and Alex from Ukraine, her parents had a circus school, working 24/7 to refine their skills. There is a risk no safety harness this act, he broke a tooth last year and injured her. She is a lot less in weight than David who he lifted during the audition. He holds onto her and held by his teeth on a mouth harness! David spoke about raising him up twice, thrilling and dangerous. Alesha called it dangerous and romantic, and incredible career. Amanda restated the beauty in the act. Simon hogged the screen with his nonsense… and said nothing IDK.

Graeme Mathews – Comic Magician

He is 34 years of age lives in Essex with his family and means a lot for him to be in the semi-final. Why can’t a fat bloke from Essex win it? His words, not mine. Watch the video. Simon called him likable, asked him a question, game show host is his dream…David you are so funny, so lovable, in the palm of your hand. Amanda wants Steven to give up in for a penny etc…

Jimmy Tamley – Ventriloquist

He is a 64-year journey and his love of being a ventriloquist for 50 years still looking for his big moment. Watch the video…The headlines will be interesting to watch tomorrow. He had David and Simon work an act which did not go to plan.

Kerr James – Singer

He is 13 years young from Glasgow, Scotland and talked about his family being supportive. Moreover, it is the biggest opportunity singing Elton John’s Rocket Man with some authority from behind the piano. Amanda was very excited for him and excellent presentation.

Simon claimed it was better than his first audition, discovering your voice, felt different and good.

David called it a massive song to take on, you won. Alesha loves the tone of his voice and was impressive.

Lil’ Icons – Dance Group

The kids do their own intro VT voice-overs and characterisation individuals (kids in costumes to look famous)… an iconic medley, Freddie, Elvis, Lady G., Bruno, Beyonce, Spice Girls, Cher,  and Elton… all turned up on stage!

Moreover, we got dance…David was charmed, best opener all week according to Alesha. Amanda loved the energy and music mix. Simon one of the best finalists, cloning was mentioned about his dogs and artists. David suggested not to do it for him.

Mark McMullan – Singer

He is from Northern Ireland, his brother has a form of brain damage and Mark is lost without him. Moreover, his brother loves hearing him sing. Mark wants to travel the world with his brother to enjoy life. All the judges spoke about his performance and the relationship with his brother.

Strength, honesty, maturity and he has the ability to work The West End as a lead singer.

Ursula Burns – Comic Harpist & Singer

She is 48 years young and from Belfast, she met her harp twenty plus years ago, revealing her relationship has not been easy, sweet music, no one else she would partner with to do BGT!

Moreover, Simon could not help himself with an X! He reminds us about a bottle of tequila at new years.

David called it bonkers and brilliant. Alesha called it the strangest thing she has seen this week. Amanda liked it and loves her, very funny…13 years on.

Top 3 acts in no particular order…

Episode One Semi-Final recap and result

Episode Two Semi-Final recap and result

Episode Three Semi-Final recap and result

Were you surprised by the result?

Who should have made the finale?

All the videos are here

Semi-final 3 – Wednesday Nights episode

Tonight we have a new line up of acts: Angels Inc – Dancing magician show, Rob King – Singer, KNE – Singers/Dance, The Archini – Danger act, Gomonov Knife Show – Danger act, Colin Thackery – Singer, Kojo – Comedian and Simon Cowell’s Golden Buzzer act, and Chapter 13 Boy Band.

Two acts from each night’s show will go through to the final with a chance of winning a life-changing £250,000 and a spot at the Royal Variety Performance.

Advanced by the public vote – winner was Colin!

Advancing by the judges was – Kojo!

(Second and Third place… ) Kojo v John!

Simon voted for Kojo! Respect John

Amanda voted for Kojo!

Alesha voted for Kojo!

David voted for the girls!

All the videos are here

The acts appearing tonight included

Angels Inc – Dancing magician show

From The Netherlands five women who want to flip role models and appear in Las Vegas. Simon steps in the poo this week again, not thinking the public will step up to support them, although better than last night’s magic act. Walliams countered that this it the time for women etc. Simon responded with alright smart arse. Yep, he did.

Rob King – Singer

He works in Manchester, 28 years of age, three and half years of BGT show auditions… dreaming about his name on the ticket. Alesha talked about him paying his dues and music was not emotionally connected.

Moreover, Amanda called it confident and lacked emotion, solid performance. Simon talked about the song choice, he really thinks he is better.

David offered that this is the biggest song from the biggest musical of all time and deserved to be on stage. No more shandies and nuts orders for him.

KNE – Singers/Dance

Talent only goes so far, hard work pays dividends and only the beginning in their dream, five brothers (not blood-related) with one goal to win BGT. Amanda believed they have upped their game since the audition, a great performance.

Moreover, Simon called them not as good as diversity.

David called them the best group dance this season.

Alesha spoke about the singing disappeared and agreed with Simon that it was not as good. The group said it was not always part of their act.

John Archer – The Archini – Danger act,

Living the dream and tried to find the Apollo theatre in his drive to London. He went on the attack against Simon and his clothes.

All to do with a lottery ticket.

Consequently, Simon was not a big fan but tonight was his moment and in front of millions thrilled for him!

David called it a show and funny talented performance. Alesha has taken your moment and he is a star.

Amanda was thrilled and entertained by his professional act.

Gomonov Knife Show – Danger act,

Do not try this at home folks! A man Andrei Gomonov and woman act, he must stay focussed and worked hard for the performance tonight.

Moreover, David called it 100 percent excitement. Alesha brilliant to watch. Amanda called them really excitement and genius pendulum. Simon talked about the dangers and make the final. He wants an axe thrown at him.

Colin Thackery – Singer,

He is 89 years of age, joined the army at a young age, married his wife at a dance, family, life, singing together was their big passion. She passed away two years ago, we were like one and he believes she is still listening.

Moreover, a standing ovation from everyone.

Alesha, you have won our hearts and thank you for a beautiful performance.

Amanda them as the backbone of our country and the song did you and wife proudly. Simon called Colin bloody brilliant, you are still standing, your voice was better this time around. David called it. We could be looking at the winner of BGT this year!

Kojo – Comedian and Simon Cowell’s Golden Buzzer act.

We meet his crazy family (his words) and he is a super daddy. The kid starts talking about his family, his little stinky, etc…His routine is wide and varied about childhood and works life excuses, with a Cinderella story in the end.

Moreover, Simon really happy for him, you can not fake it, this is a moment that changes a life. David called it incredible and smashed it. Alesha was really proud of him. Amanda claimed he will be in the finale.

Chapter 13 Boy Band and Amanda’s Golden Buzzer act.

Chapter 13 are a band made up of 14-year-old Jacob, 15-year-old Noah, 15-year-old Tom and 15-year-old Jake who performed. The VT package went back to their moment and presenting an original song. Make some noise!

Moreover, Amanda could not be prouder if you were your mother and asked for people to vote, smashed it! Simon talked about the band mister within. They did great! David called them the next big boyband. Alesha loved it.

Semi-final 2 – Tuesday Nights episode

Tonight we have a new line up of acts: Giorgia Borg – Singer, The Queen – Drag Comedian, Faith Tucker – Singer, Vardanyan Brothers – Balancing Act, Matt Stirling – Stunt Magician, Guy First (State of the Fart) – Hand Musician, 4MG – Magicians, and Siobhan Phillips – Comedy Singer.

The videos are coming soon! Refresh this page. Good luck Britain choosing from this lot!

Top 3 were 4MG, Siobhan and Matt

Winner public vote was 4MG

Judges voted for Siobhan…

Faith Tucker takes a new song and moves us!

4MG Magicians with a twist BGT act! Surprise you! Into the finale!

Siobhan Phillips – Comedy Singer Advanced to the finale.

Max Stirling shocks us…

Giorgia Borg original singer-songwriter – 10 years young! Eliminated

Vardanyan Brothers – danger act – Eliminated

Marty Farty to music…a must for the Royal Command? Went home.

The Queen will oddly watch The Queen at the Royal Command performance? Went back to the palace.

Recap Night 2 Semi-final link here

Semi-final 1 – Monday Nights episode

Eight became two acts…advancing via the public vote – Dave and Finn advanced!

Advancing by the judges was – Flakefleet is in the final.

(Second and Third place… ) The Haunting v Flakefleet PS.

David voted for Flakefleet PS!

Alesha voted for The Haunting…

Amanda voted for Flakefleet PS!

Simon voted for Flakefleet PS!

Elizabeth The Haunting maybe the Wildcard… Amanda had mixed feelings…

Top 3 acts in no particular order… The Haunting, Dave and Finn, FLAKEFLEET PS.

Rosie & Adam – Acrobatic Figure Skating, The Haunting – Haunting Magic Act, Dave & Finn – Dog Act,  Ant and Dec’s Golden Buzzer Akshat Singh – Dancer, Tony Rudd – Impressionist, David Walliams Golden Buzzer act Flakefleet Primary School – Singing and dancing, Khronos Girls – activist girl group and Brian Gilligan – Singer.

The Haunting Elizabeth Semi-Finals BGT 2019 – keep

This is the second instalment of the story with Amanda Holden The Haunting Elizabeth Semi-Finals BGT 2019 video.

It was one of the scariest Auditions to ever appear on Britain’s Got Talent, and now things are about to get even more terrifying. Especially for Amanda Holden. Make sure you keep the lights on for this Semi-Final performance…

Moreover, as far as results from fans at home, the act ended in third place in the evening. Simon was talking about the possibility of a wildcard for the act to reach the finale. Not sure Amanda is ready for the third trip down this dark lane.

Confirmed Sunday 2 June at 7:30 pm on ITV


AGT Week 8 Auditions

Here is the full auditions on one video!

AGT Week 7 Auditions


All the Golden Buzzer Acts Season

David Walliams

David was first to hit his golden buzzer, giving it to Flakefleet Primary School Teacher Dave took to the stage with the 4 to 11-year-old choir from his school.

Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell gave his golden buzzer to comedian Kojo Anim who impressed with his stand up comedy.

Ant and Dec

Alesha Dixon

Giorgia Borg a 10-year-old singer from Malta performed an original song  ’10’.

BGT 2019 Auditions Week 4 episode – watch


Amanda Holden

Amanda Holden’s golden buzzer contestant for 2019 is boy band Chapter 13. They are made up of 14-year-old Jacob, 15-year-old Noah, 15-year-old Tom, and 15-year-old Jake.

Britain’s Got Talent live shows start date

Eight acts performing each night for a chance of winning a life-changing £250,000 and a spot at this year’s Royal Variety Performance.

Britain’s Got Talent 2019 live shows will start Monday, May 27, ITV has confirmed.

As usual, Britain’s Got Talent semi-finals will air each weeknight until Friday.

The performances will take place from 7:30 PM running to 9 PM.

The results will then air in a separate show at 9:30PM-10PM each weeknight.

Week 6 full auditions to watch including Amanda’s Golden Buzzer act!

Week 5 BGT full episode video now available. Enjoy share!


Week 4 Auditions

Akshat Singh Golden Buzzer BGT 2019 video

BGT 2019 Auditions Week 3 episode – watch

BGT 2019 Auditions Week 2 episode – watch

Young singer Kerr James will blow your mind.

Start Date – Schedule Britain’s Got Talent 2019 Recap Reviews News video

Series 13 of Britain’s Got Talent will air on TV on ITV from Saturday, April 6, 2019

The first episode will premiere at 7:15 PM before the finale of The Voice UK at 8:40 PM.

The Panel and hosts

The panel remains unchanged since 2012, with Simon Cowell Amanda Holden, David Walliams, and Alesha Dixon

Ant and Dec reunite to host the series and the golden buzzer returns.

Spinoff series

On ITV2 spin-off series Britain’s Got More Talent will return each weekend.

The Journey this season

Britain’s Got Talent judges’ auditions 2019 kicked off at the start of the year in London before moving north to Manchester, all seeking the £250,000 cash prize.

Spoiler Act Details and Live Shows Britain’s Got Talent 2019 Recap Reviews News video

Nicole Dennis Dream On The Voice UK 2019 video



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