BGT 2019 Semi-Final #5 Friday Recap Results video

BGT 2019 Semi-Final #5 Friday Recap Results video

The fifth live show featured eight acts appeared on tonight’s last round of the season. BGT 2019 Semi-Final #5 Friday Recap Results video.

Your last opportunity to place two acts into the final on Sunday night. The wildcard act maybe someone Simon Cowell will choose.

BGT 2019 Semi-Final #5 Friday Recap Results video

BGT 2019 Semi-Final #5 Friday Recap Results video

This is a preview of tonight’s show…you should hit refresh later to update this post or check our BGT Season page.

Tonight the final semi-final line up of acts: Barbara Nice – comedian, Fabulous Sisters – Dance Group, Gonzo – Tambourinist entertainer, Jacob Jones – Singer, Jonathan Goodwin – Escape artist, Leanne Mya – Singer, X – mentalist, Libby and Charlie – Dance Duo.

The Brotherhood stepped down from appearing due to health and safety issues, in their place Libby and Charlie appeared.

Two acts from each night’s show will go through to the final with a chance of winning a life-changing £250,000 and a spot at the Royal Variety Performance.

Results summary!

Top 3 voted by the public revealed in no particular order, Libby and Charlie, Jonathan Goodwin, X!

Advanced by the public vote – winner  – X!

(Second and Third place… ) Libby and Charlie v Jonathan.


Advancing by the judges was – 

David voted for Jonathan!

Alesha voted for Jonathan!

Amanda voted for Libby and Charlie – it is birthday!

Simon voted for  Libby and Charlie. He did not want to choose!

Public vote if a deadlock. Jonathan!

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Were you surprised by the result?

Who should have made the finale?

All the videos are here

Tonight we have a new line up of acts:

Glittering Gonzo gets loud on the BGT Stage | Semi-Finals | BGT 2019

Gonzo – Tambourinist entertainer

He dresses unusually and says very little because his primary language is Japanese. Headbanging marvel, superhero, exploded on the stage with a more modest costume and routine. He made it through without a Cowell X! In fact, he earned a standing ovation. This is what BGT is all about, the best act of the night said, David. What is not to like about your shared Alesha. Amanda people underestimate your style. Simon Cowell said he will make a prediction that Gonzo will win BGT! Bold statement.

X proves the impossible in this MIND-BLOWING performance | Semi-Finals | BGT 2019

X – Mentalist. 

Is X a man or a woman? Their identity is hidden by a white mask – unfortunate. What is there to hide? Ant and Dec were involved again on stage, with Simon choosing a word. Transfer touch, heat and more extreme level…a taser…watch the clip. Simon passed a box with a mobile phone, click this and more. He chose the word hope. Alesha called the act extraordinary, the phone, outstanding and wants to see more. Amanda talked about the image on the phone and really current entertainment.  Simon called it original and scared in a weird way. David does know who X is, he sold him PPI! He spoke highly about the act.

Crooner Jacob Jones sings his heart out | Semi-Finals | BGT 2019

Jacob Jones – Singer

He is the guy who auditioned and proposed to his girlfriend live on national television, and the VT celebrated their connection. A normal bloke from Surrey.

Amanda felt it was more about the romance and back story than the musical performance, calling his audition better. Simon wanted to know why he wanted to be in the final…rather than judge him. David thought it was gorgeous about romance for his fiance! Alesha called him enduring and wished him the best. He announced she is now expecting their second child.

FIERCE! Fabulous Sisters amaze with frenetic footwork | Semi-Finals | BGT 2019

Fabulous Sisters – Dance Group

Coming back from Japan to perform in this semi-final and the VT explained how hard they have practiced for this event. Their goal is to perform across the world on various entertainment venue stages. Simon thanked them but did not like the performance that much…comparing and embarrassed the girl for choosing the music. Not cool! David claimed they did fantastically well. Alesha called this performance strong and understood what Simon said. Amanda called the performance a strong “audition.”

Leanne Mya mesmerises us all with 'Blinded by your Grace' | Semi-Finals | BGT 2019

Leanne Mya – Singer

Her VT reminded us about her background story and audition. It focussed on her son and their escape from Grenfell. She uses music as her tool to shine on life. A religious song… blinded by your grace…you are all that I needed… that builds into a large vocal accompaniment. David that was a beautiful performance…you created magic tonight. Alesha felt the emotion from the start and powerful voice … a moment. Amanda called the performance a joy to watch and push you into the stars. Simon called her special and on that performance, he believes she will be in the final.


Barbara Nice is Livin' La Vida Loca! | Semi-Finals | BGT 2019

Barbara Nice – comedian

Barbara’s intro VT recalled the audition and the talk about Simon…diet, exercise, and clothing were on her shopping list… for the semi-final. She was upfront with the judges and let go of some funny lines about them all. Total madness. Alesha loves her so much, something about you! Amanda, you are a real tonic Barbara, such a talent and entertainment. Simon, tizzed up, he has a feeling the public will like that. David called it the Barbara Nice Show!

Mini movers Libby and Charlie light up the stage | Semi-Finals | BGT 2019

Libby and Charlie – Dance Duo

Best friend dancers both 12 years of age and we VT revisit their audition again. They promise to rock the night away for us. A very high energy routine that took the whole stage and they do look so professional! Amanda, you two are breathtaking performance. Simon, you popped, the enthusiasm and come to see your show. David called them full of great performance. Alesha called it a moment. They were a standby act because another act could not appear tonight. Literally, they both found out on Wednesday to rehearse and today was his 12th birthday! True professionals for young people.

David Walliams saves Jonathan Goodwin's life in DEADLY crossbow stunt | Semi-Finals | BGT 2019

Jonathan Goodwin – Escape artist

He is 39 years young and loves to give people a thrill. He wants us to know it is important to face your fears wanting a show of his own. Making it beyond anything he has ever attempted before, he may be going home in an ambulance. David was invited to the stage to play chicken with a cup on his head. Now he has a bow and arrow with a balloon. Watch the video! Bianca is his assistant.

Simon offered – respect. David called it so inventive and a memorable. Alesha called him crazy and genius. Amanda called it compelling to watch, terrifying and wants to see the Royals reaction.

Do not attempt this at home!



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