The Voice Season 18 News Contestants Judges updates

The Voice Season 18 News Contestants Judges updates


Nick Jonas is joining in season 18, 2020 upcoming Spring Season. He will be sitting alongside Blake Shelton, John Legend, and Kelly Clarkson. The Voice Season 18 News Contestants Judges updates.

Carson Daly is scheduled to return as host. Goodbye to Gwen Stefani for the season.

Voice Season 18 Contestant Spoilers Teams read

Voice Season 18 Contestant Spoilers Teams read

Some standout early picks from IdolForum

Maia Rhiannon
Isabella Dumas
Samantha Howell
Charly Reynolds
Emily Bass
Karina Rae
Melanie Mitchell
Cassidy Lee
Gigi Hess
Dani Silva
Ashley Coureas

Micah Read
Zach Day
Mandi Castillo
Mandi Thomas
Nelson Cade
Samantha Howell
Isabel Dumas
Tamika J
Melanie Mitchell
Shelby Raye
Samuel Wilco
Zan Fiskum

Savannah was on season sixteen.


Kelly – Dua Lipa

Nick – Jonas Brothers

John – Ella Mai

Blake – Bebe Rexha?

Schedule for Season 18 – subject to change

News from producers, only one show per week in the midseason series…then back to twice a week shows during the lives…three weeks in May!

Who is watching the Game of Gameshow?

“The Voice” returns to Mondays on Feb. 24 at 8 p.m. for Cycle 18, adding multi-platinum and award-winning recording artist, actor and songwriter Nick Jonas to the coaching lineup along with fan favorites Kelly Clarkson, John Legend and Blake Shelton. “The Voice” lands on the schedule once a week in midseason, making way for hit show “Ellen’s Game of Games” to keep its prime spot on the schedule for a few extra months before “The Voice” moves back to twice weekly for the always-anticipated live shows over the cycle’s final three weeks in May. The combined strength of “The Voice” and “Ellen’s Game of Games” on the schedule each week bring in a big live audience and act as strong launching pads for the network’s scripted dramas.


Below is a list of names that, through social media (primarily Instagram), we’ve concluded may have auditioned for the show. They CANNOT be 100% confirmed as chair turners as of yet. This is primarily speculation.

Please DO NOT directly message or harass the contestants begging for a follow or asking for spoilers. They are all on a contract and could get in serious trouble for discussing anything about the show! Additionally, annoying the contestants could lead them to lock their accounts/setting them to private, which limits our access to info for further rounds.

DO feel free to follow them if you’d like and check out their music on Youtube/Instagram/wherever else. Enjoy! 
(and I cannot stress this enough… DO NOT try to directly contact them)

Alex Vincent Instagram | Youtube
Alexis Jules Instagram | Youtube
Allegra Miles Instagram | Youtube
Allison Grace Instagram | Youtube Not Found
Amaya Murillo Instagram | Youtube
Amber Sweeney Instagram | Youtube
Anjelica Rios Instagram | Youtube
Arei Moon Instagram | Youtube (Topic)
Ariana Tibi Instagram | Youtube – Season 14 Audition Pool
Aryk Crowder Instagram | Youtube
Ashley Coureas Instagram | SoundCloud
Brandin Jay Instagram | Youtube | Songland Appearance
Brandon Nelson Instagram | Youtube (Topic)
Bryan Titus Instagram | Youtube
Bryton Stoll Instagram | Youtube
Caleb Kopta Instagram | Youtube
Cam Spinks Instagram | Youtube
Caiden Brewer Instagram | Youtube
Cassidy Lee Instagram | Youtube (Topic)
Cedrice Webber Instagram | Youtube
Chan Fuze Instagram | Youtube
Charly Reynolds Instagram | Youtube
Chloe Furlong Instagram | Youtube
Chloe Schoemann Instagram | Youtube
Cle Rida Instagram | Youtube
Clark Walker Instagram | Youtube Not Found
Cody Lohden Instagram | Youtube
Connor Zwetsch Instagram | Youtube
Coty Bouchard Instagram | Youtube
Daniela Silva Instagram | Youtube Not Found
Darious Lyles Instagram | Youtube
David Grace Instagram | Youtube
Drew Regan Instagram | Youtube
Elijah Watene Instagram | Youtube
Emily Bass Instagram | Youtube | Season 17 Blind Audition
Erick Baker Instagram | Youtube
Ethan Stedman Instagram | Youtube
Garrett Collins Instagram | Youtube
Gigi Hess Instagram | Youtube
Haley Gosserand Instagram | Youtube Not Found
Harrison Steele Instagram | Youtube
Harry Jay Instagram | Youtube
Hawk McIntyre Instagram | Youtube
Hunter Douglas Instagram | Youtube
Isabel Dumas Instagram | Youtube – Season 17 Audition Pool
Jackson Roltgen Instagram | Youtube
Jacob Miller Instagram | Youtube
Jamal Corrie Instagram | Youtube
Jared Harper Instagram | Youtube
Jennie Hayes Kurtz Instagram | Youtube (Band)
Jenny Voss Instagram | Youtube
Jeremy Green Instagram | Youtube
Jesse Dean Instagram | Youtube Not Found
Joanna Serenko Instagram | Youtube
Joe Johnson Instagram | Youtube Not Found
Joei Fulco Instagram | Youtube
Jojo Scott Instagram | Youtube
Jon Mullins Instagram | Youtube
Josh Johnson Instagram | Youtube
Kailey Abel Instagram | Youtube – Season 14 Audition Pool
Kallista Rowan Instagram | Youtube
Karina Rae Instagram | Youtube
Kat Zel Instagram | Youtube
Katie and Kelly Instagram | Youtube | Katie (Private) | Kelly
Kenedi Anderson Instagram | Youtube
Kevin Farris Instagram | Youtube
Kirby Ai Instagram | Youtube
Krystal Anne Instagram | Youtube Not Found
La’Mon Junior Instagram | Youtube Not Found
Liam St. John Instagram | Youtube
Lucy Clearwater Instagram | Youtube
Maggie Cothren Instagram | Youtube
Maia Rhiannon Instagram | Youtube
Mandi Castillo Instagram | Youtube (Topic)
Mandi Thomas Instagram | Youtube
Marlon Solomon Instagram | Youtube
Matt Davis Instagram | Youtube (as Lankford)
Matt Farris Instagram | Youtube
Matt Garon Instagram | Youtube
McKayla Marie Instagram | Youtube
Melanie Mitchell Instagram | Youtube
Melissa Bret Instagram | Youtube
Micah Iverson Instagram | Youtube
Micah Read Instagram | Youtube
Michael Williams Instagram | Youtube
Mikey Reyes Instagram | Youtube
Nelson Cade Instagram | Youtube
Paris Simone Instagram | Youtube
Rio Lana Instagram | Youtube
Ruby G Instagram | Youtube Not Found
Samantha Howell Instagram | Youtube
Samantha Leigh Instagram | Youtube (Topic)
Samuel Wilco Instagram | Youtube
Sara Collins Instagram | Youtube
Semi Average Joe Instagram | Youtube
Shelby Raye Instagram | Youtube
Shelby Winfrey Instagram | Youtube Not Found
Simone Curry Instagram | Youtube
Slater Johnson Instagram | Youtube
Tamika J Instagram | Instagram | Season 17 Blind Audition
Tate Brusa Instagram | Youtube – Season 16 Audition Pool
Tavia Instagram | Youtube
Taylor Bushard Instagram | Youtube
Thunderstorm Artis Instagram | Youtube
Todd Michael Hall Instagram | Youtube
Todd Tilghman Instagram | Youtube Not Found
Toneisha Harris Instagram | Youtube
Tracey Preston Instagram | Youtube
Trevor Martin Instagram | Youtube
Tyler Jarvis Instagram | Youtube
Will Trotman Instagram | Youtube
Wyatt Michael Instagram | Youtube
Z Lynn Harris Instagram | Youtube
Zach Day Instagram | Youtube
Zan Fiskum Instagram | Youtube


Multi-platinum Grammy and Golden Globe Award-nominated recording artist, actor and award-winning songwriter Nick Jonas will join the upcoming spring cycle of  The Voice as a coach.

Jonas, who has had a successful career in film, television and music – both solo and with Grammy-nominated multi-platinum powerhouse trio Jonas Brothers – will be joined by returning music superstar coaches Kelly ClarksonJohn Legend and Blake Shelton and host Carson Daly on the hit musical competition series.

Jonas announced the big news today on The Ellen DeGeneres Show while promoting Jonas Brothers’ platinum album and current single, “Only Human.”

“As a member of one of the hottest pop groups, Nick’s success in navigating all aspects of the music industry is exceptional,” said Meredith Ahr, President, Alternative and Reality Group, NBC Entertainment. “We were so impressed by his innate musicality, technical aptitude and passion that he brought to Songland earlier this year and know he will be an incredible fit as a coach on ‘The Voice.’ We are excited to see Nick lend his mentorship, relatability and breadth of knowledge to a new crop of artists.”

“I’m so excited to be a part of ‘The Voice’ family,” said Jonas. “It’s such an awesome group of individuals, and I can’t wait to help these artists really build and hone in to find their unique voices.”

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