The Voice 2019 Season 17 News Contestants Judges

The Voice 2019 Season 17 News Contestants Judges

Start planning for the fall season of the hit show The Voice 2019 Season 17 News Contestants Judges

Official release date Monday, September 23, 2019.


You will read spoilers from this point onwards.

The latest information from source IdolForums.

Please note the following has not been confirmed and is therefore speculation. 

! Apparently, a forum member claim is the second night of recordings results are the specific ones in dispute. The night he/she attended was Friday night.

Latest names and links from sources…

Brennan Lassiter Instagram | Youtube not found
Dane & Stephanie Instagram | Youtube | Dane | Stephanie
Emily Bass Instagram | Youtube
Injoy Fountain Instagram | Youtube
Katie Kadan Instagram | Youtube
Marina Chello Instagram | Youtube



Taping 1:
Team Kelly:
Alex Guthrie vs. Injoy Fountain – Home (Marc Broussard)
-The coaches apparently chose Injoy, but Kelly sent Alex through. The source was surprised no one stole Injoy.

Team John:
Khalea Lynee vs. Zoe Upkins – The Boy is Mine (Brandy feat. Monica) [SAVED BY JOHN; Kelly and Gwen tried stealing]
-A good, sassy battle. Both were good, but coaches were impressed that Zoe was able to keep up with Khalea.

Team Blake:
Ricky Duran vs. Marina Chello – Valerie (Mark Ronson/Amy Winehouse) [SAVED BY BLAKE; Kelly tried stealing]
An enjoyable battle, the source said Ricky was better but Marina was great as well.

Team Kelly:
Shane Q vs. Melinda Rose – Too Good At Goodbyes (Sam Smith) [SAVED BY KELLY; John tried stealing]
-Shane was “clearly outstanding,” but he was nervous. They didn’t know why Melinda was stolen or saved.

Team Gwen:
Royce Lovett vs. Kiara Brown – Turn Your Lights Down Low (Bob Marley) [STOLEN BY KELLY; Gwen tried saving]
-They loved this battle! Gwen said she was “falling in love with Kiara as a human being.”
-Per source, “Gwen had admitted she had in mind saving someone else on her team and so Kiara was nice and said she can go ahead and save them instead.”

Team John:
Katie Kadan vs. Destiny Rayne – Tiny Dancer (Elton John) [STOLEN BY GWEN; Blake also tried stealing]
-Source described it best: “Amazing! Katie is a beast and tone is incredible! All judges were on their feet and the crowd went crazy for it! Destiny was at a disadvantage but she stepped it up and proved she was able to keep up with Katie. A great way to end the taping.”

Initial teams thus far:

Latest named dropped from sources include these links

Emily Bass Instagram | Youtube
Injoy Fountain Instagram | Youtube
Katie Kadan Instagram | Youtube
Marina Chello Instagram | Youtube

You may want to listen and review these names this season…

Alex Guthrie – an indie/pop/soul vibe and his originals are solid,  with a full solid falsetto as well as singing with JHud:…channel=Rode200
Isabel Dumas – A tasteful easy to listen to the voice.
Scott Stowe – country genre,  and presents some unique talent.
Matthew McQueen – with proper guidance has the potential to succeed.
Rebekah Autumn –  from S15 has the chance to reestablish herself on the platform.

KELLY (7/12):
Alex Guthrie
Damali Gutierrez
Hello Sunday
Injoy Fountain
Jake Hoot
Melinda Rose
Shane Q

GWEN (5/12):
Jake HaldenVang
Jessie Lawrence
Kiara Brown
Rose Short
Royce Lovett

JOHN (6/12):
Destiny Rayne
Katie Kadan
Khalea Lynee
Mary Beth Byrd
Preston Howell
Zoe Upkins

BLAKE (3/12):
Marina Chello
Ricky Duran
Lauren Hall

Caroline Reilly
James Violet* (on John’s team for KO’s)
Joana Martinez* (on Blake’s team for KO’s)
Kyndal Inskeep
Max Boyle* (on John’s team for KO’s)
Will Breman* (on John’s team for KO’s)

List of possible contestants

Alex Guthrie Instagram | Youtube
Brook Sample Instagram | Youtube | American Idol Audition (Season 15)
Brooke Stephenson Instagram | Youtube
Candice Russell Instagram | Youtube
CJ Washington InstagramYoutube
Damali Gutierrez Instagram | Youtube
Dear Callie Instagram | Youtube
Dexter Hill Jr. Instagram | Youtube not found
Elise Azkoul Instagram | Youtube
EllieMae Millenkamp Instagram | Youtube
Gyasi Ross Instagram | Youtube
Hello Sunday (duo) Instagram | Youtube

Isabel Dumas – So Alive live performance from Kulaks Woodshed

Isabel Dumas Instagram | Youtube
Jake Hoot Instagram | Youtube
Jared Herzog Instagram | Youtube
Jessie Lawrence Instagram | Youtube Not Found
Jordan McCullough Instagram | Youtube
Katie Boeck Instagram | Youtube
Kenzie Cait Instagram | Youtube (no videos)
Khalea Lynee Instagram | Youtube
Madison Rodges Instagram | Youtube
Marcus Rodriguez Instagram | Youtube – Voice Season 15 Audition Pool
Mariangeli Collado Instagram | Youtube
Marqus McDermott Instagram | Youtube Clip
Mary Beth Byrd Instagram | Youtube Not Found
Mat Slovacek Instagram | Youtube
Matt New Instagram | Youtube – Voice Season 13 Audition Pool
Melinda Rose Rodriguez Instagram | SoundCloud
Natalie Janowski Instagram | Youtube
Peter Chung Instagram | Youtube
Preston Howell Instagram | Youtube
Resound (trio) Instagram | Youtube | Joseph | Mariah | Jessica
Rose Short Instagram | Youtube Clip
Royce Lovett Instagram | Youtube
Scott Stowe Instagram | Youtube
Shane Q Instagram | Youtube
Timmy Hood Instagram | Youtube
William Buckhalter Instagram | Youtube
Zalissa Instagram | Youtube not found

Coach changes – Subtract Levine Add Stefani…two male coaches and two females…all is balanced in the world.

The order of the chair sitting arrangement has been declassified by a recent audition attendee. The image showed “Blake, John, Gwen, and Kelly” sitting in that order. Unfortunately, the tweet was deleted and we have no hard evidence to support the claim is available. On the other hand, several people do confirm that they saw that said image.

Gwen should bring some much-needed change to who is selected into the season in respects to the genre. Hopefully, her style will unseat the issues of past seasons part in Shevine is a broke relationship and Levine’s choosing acts out to his taste or to compete for head on with Shelton.

As you can see Legend, Clarkson, and Shelton each already has a big red boofy chair that spins. What can possibly go wrong from this point forward?

Battle tapings: Fri 8/2 and Sat 8/3
KO tapings: Wed 8/14/ and Thurs 8/15

Taping starts(ed) in Los Angeles from June 24- June 28, 2019.

SPOILERS are part of this page and are revealed from this point onwards.

Earlier news for archive purposes and those who need a catch-up note.

Well, the news today was Adam Levine is not returning for season 17. Many of his fans will be surprised at this news.

The official Tweet appears below.

Gwen Stefani returns in his place.

Our friend and coach Adam Levine made the decision not to return next season. We’re going to miss Adam, but The Voice is family and family it’s “see you soon,” never “goodbye.”

Gwen Stefani returns with Kelly, John, and Blake on the Voice stage this fall. Join us in welcoming Gwen, and sharing our heartfelt gratitude to Adam!

In reaction – some fans are celebrating Adam’s decision to leave and Gwen will bring back some diversity in the contestant selection process. On the other hand, some claim she is worse than him. Others point to the power of the Shelton Stefani relationship influence over the production.

Who will be the coaches?

Superstars Kelly ClarksonJohn LegendAdam Levine and Blake Shelton are all set to return as coaches for the upcoming 17th season of the four-time Emmy Award-winning musical competition. Carson Daly also returns as host.

In the meantime, the current season continues with the Top 8 performance show on Monday, May 13 (8-10 p.m. ET/PT). The Top 8 artists will perform in front of the coaches for America’s vote, and in a The Voice first, the Top 8 will pair up to perform duets on songs from the Beatles, history’s most celebrated band. The Top 4 finalists will be revealed on the live show airing Tuesday, May 14 (9-10 p.m.).

Official announcement

The Voice 2019 Season 17 News Contestants Judges

The Voice 2019 Season 17 News Contestants Judges

Earlier conjecture!

Blake Shelton and Adam Levine are likely to be renewed because they are the core coaches since the show’s inception. Adam quit on May 24, 2019!

His replacement is Gwen Stefani who

As it seems right now, has a gig in Mexico on 6/22, and returns to her Vegas residency on 7/5

therefore, auditions will probably be taped sometime between those dates.

Her residency has dates from 7/5 to 7/26, so after that should work for the timeframe of contestants returning for battles in August.

She again has residency dates for 10/11 to 11/2, lives wouldn’t begin until after that.

It appears she had a plan B just in case.

While Kelly Clarkson also has signed a new contract with NBC for her talk show and it included this show.

From sources, it is only a short ride between both studios and reports that Kelly has mentioned doing both shows during recent concert performances.

So if those two scenarios prove correct then there is only one chair to fill. Will it be Alicia Keys, John Legend or another person? Standby.

April 3, 2019…

The executive auditions in LA for season 17 are in the next week or two, so keep an eye out for season 16 contestants who didn’t make it or possible others traveling to LA soon.

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The Voice 2019 Season 16 News Reviews Performances

From IdolForums 


SPOILERS – additional info in quotes or parentheses are the opinions of the respective source.
-Jake Hoot sang a country song and turned Kelly’s chair.
-Royce Lovett sang a ska/reggae song and turned Gwen and Kelly. He chose Gwen.
-Rose Short sang a John Legend song and turned Gwen and Kelly. She chose Gwen. Kelly said she could “make the finale”
-Preston Howell sang Dream A Little Dream of Me and turned all 4 chairs. He chose John. Maelyn surprised him onstage to encourage him to pick John.
-Hello Sunday (duo) sang This Is Me and turned Kelly’s chair. (“a mess – but one great high note that Kelly turned for”)
-Jessie Lawrence sang a ballad and turned Gwen’s chair.
-Mary Beth Byrd sang Angel from Montgomery and turned all 4 chairs. Blake was blocked, and she chose John. The judges said she was “one to look out for”

-CJ Washington sang an R&B song but turned no chairs
-Dear Callie sang a Meghan Trainor song and turned no chairs (“a total mess”)
-Mariangeli Collado sang Warrior and turned no chairs (“oversung/lack of control”, they told her to come back next year)

Teams so far:

Hello Sunday
Jake Hoot

Mary Beth Byrd
Preston Howell

Jessie Lawrence
Rose Short
Royce Lovett