Songland News Reviews Recaps Spoilers video

Songland News Reviews Recaps Spoilers video

A new series from NBC created by Adam Levine and others Songland News Reviews Recaps Spoilers video.

This is the final episode of this premiere season, and the producers bring it to a close featuring One Republic as the band the song is for.

Results…videos to come.

The original song above and Ester produced version below.

MADI Performs "Darkest Days" (Produced by Ester Dean) - Songland 2019

Darkest Days…Madi was a good song…and received a new level. A great job.

JT Roach Somebody to Love…an unbelievable song and feels like a knife in love. Brian adds his vocal to the song.

Be Somebody written by Brigetta, the song gave Brian goosebumps from the lyrics.

The song that knocked him off his feet Somebody To Love JT!

And that is a wrap. Hope you enjoyed the series.


Earlier episodes with highlight videos

Watch episode 10 here

Episodes now back on track for release airing is good news for fans of Songland.

Charlie Puth appears on the new episode this week.  A journey of the song “Bad Habit.”

The Journey of Charlie Puth's "Bad Habit" on Songland (Digital Exclusive)

Charlie Puth's Songland Selection: "Bad Habit," by Songwriter Zach Sorgen - Songland 2019

Charlie Puth Is Moved to Tears - Songland 2019 (Promo)

The full seven-minute journey of Leona Lewis’ new song by Rozee

The Journey of Leona Lewis's "Solo Quiero (Somebody To Love)" on Songland (Digital Exclusive)

Leona chose this song by Rozee and the producer.

Leona Lewis's Songland Selection: "Solo Quiero (Somebody To Love)," by Songwriter Rozee

Rafferty: “Heart Full of Love” (Original Song Performance) -- Songland 2019 (Sneak Peek)

Rafferty: "Heart Full of Love" (Original Song Performance) - Songland 2019 (Sneak Peek)

Week 8 -- Old Dominion Katelyn Tarver “Young” Original Song Performance…video release.

Old Dominion comes to studio

“Young” is the latest song from Old Dominion watch/listen.

Old Dominion's New Song, "Young," Written by Katelyn Tarver - Songland 2019 (Digital Exclusive)

Season 1, Episode 8: Katelyn Tarver: "Young" (Original Song Performance) - Songland 2019

NBC decided to move the show and hold new episodes until August 14. Seems they have a hit on their hands. Summer development and airing on Tuesday nights AGT ceased with Kyle Williams win over Aloe Blacc last week.

Macklemore new song release

Macklemore's New Song from Songland Drops Tonight at 10PM ET

Macklemore tells us what makes a song great.

Macklemore: What Makes a Song Great - Songland 2019 (Digital Exclusive)

It returns Wednesday night at 9 pm Eastern. 

Starting July 10th, fans can catch up on the episodes that have aired so far since NBC will air reruns during its new start time, Wednesdays at 9 p.m. All of the episodes are also currently available on Hulu, too, and on and the NBC app.

Songland is executive produced by Emmy Award-winning producer Audrey Morrissey (The Voice), director Ivan Dudynsky, Eurythmics co-founder Dave Stewart, Chad Hines, and multi-Grammy-winning recording artist and Maroon 5 lead singer Adam Levine. Josh Gummersall will serve as producer along with Ryan Tedder.

Many contestants appear on these reality shows all talking about their journey, some talk about their songwriting skills and others demonstrate them.

Each week we highlight the best song in our posts!

All the other videos of each week can be viewed here!

Songland songwriter Kyle Williams sings Aloe Blacc’s selection “Getting Started (Hobbs & Shaw)” for the latest Fast & Furious film.

Aloe Blacc's Selection "Getting Started (Hobbs & Shaw)" by Kyle Williams - Songland 2019

Hurt Me was Meghan Trainor’s choice…Songwriter Kole new this week!

Meghan Trainor’s Songland Selection: “Hurt Me,” by Songwriter KOLE – Songland 2019
Here is the OSP Original Song Performance to compare and contrast to your heart’s content.

Able Heart songwriter for Jonas Brothers Songland selection “Greenlight”

Able Heart (stage name) performed Greenlight Original Song) below.

Season 1, Episode 4: Able Heart Performs "Greenlight" (Original Song Performance) - Songland 2019

Then came the worldwide release song! Drop at 11:00 PM Eastern. Watch “Greenlight” below.

Jonas Brothers' New Song from Songland Drops Tonight at 11PM ET

Remmi “Do You Think of Me” produced

Remmi Performs "Do You Think of Me" (Produced by Ryan Tedder) - Songland 2019

Ryann performs Crowded Places produced by Shane McAnally.

Rynn Performs "Crowded Places" (Produced by Shane McAnally) - Songland 2019

Rynn “Crowded Places” original.

Rynn Performs "Crowded Places" (Original Song Performance) - Songland 2019

Jonas Brothers and Ryan Tedder: What Makes a Song Great - Songland 2019 (Digital Exclusive)

Daniel Feels Performs “Crush” (Produced by Ester Dean) -- Songland 2019

After working with Producer Ester Dean, Songland songwriter Daniel Feels sings the updated version of his original song “Crush.”

Credit to Annie Schindel for the vocals during this production and nailing it in the final pitch before Kelsea! Be warned it is very catchy!

Props To Annie Schindel Who Did A Great Job Singing On This Version. Definitely Gave It New & Better Feel
Daniel Feels Performs "Crush" (Produced by Ester Dean) - Songland 2019

Daniel Feels song Crush preview

Compare the original production to the produced product in the above video. Great work Daniel and Ester.

Season 1, Episode 3: Daniel Feels Performs "Crush" (Original Song Performance) - Songland 2019

Kelsea Ballerina take on what makes a great song!

Kelsea Ballerini: What Makes a Song Great - Songland 2019 (Digital Exclusive)

Behind the Scenes “Be Nice” video…

Black Eyed Peas Go BTS of the Roller Skating Party from Their New Single, "Be Nice" - Songland 2019 interview promo conversation… What Makes a Song Great - Songland 2019 (Digital Exclusive)

John Legend Journey of “We Need Love”

John Legend's "We Need Love": Journey of a Song - Songland 2019 (Digital Exclusive)

This show promises to invert the storyline to focus on the creativity, higher level thinking involved in storytelling, music, lyrics and other aspects. This may not be everyone’s ideal program.



Premiering Tuesday, May 28 at 10/9c on NBC.

The next #1 hit starts here! Watch Songland, the show about creating the next great song,

ABOUT SONGLAND Aiming to find the next generation of hit songwriters, NBC and Universal Television Alternative Studio are bringing powerhouse producer Audrey Morrissey of “The Voice,” Eurythmics co-founder and producer Dave Stewart, Maroon 5’s Adam Levine and OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder together to produce “Songland.”

The series will provide a one-of-a-kind opportunity for talented up-and-coming songwriters to be exposed to and mentored by three music producers per episode who are responsible for today’s biggest hits. Songland Is Creating the Next Great Song

Songland Is Creating the Next Great Song clip