Hannah Brown The Bachelorette Season Review News read

Hannah Brown The Bachelorette Season Review News read

She exited Colton Underwood’s season at place number 7 just before the season hometowns.  Hannah Brown The Bachelorette Season Review News read.

Now she has a new gig.

Her season covered in this video from Access/* showcases a quick snapshot and a possible happy alternate ending for Hannah!

From the finale post-interview…

Wyatt appeared on the show and told Brown he’d always be in love with her, but she made it clear that the damage was done for good, explaining, “I’m not trying to punish you, but my feelings have changed and I think when that trust was broken, my feelings really just were broke with that and I don’t love you like that anymore.”

“This is not the future I expected,” Brown lamented. “I’m going through a lot of emotions right now. I’m mad, I’m sad. And other days I’m like, ‘What just happened to me?’ “

“It was heartbreaking. The foundation of what I believe love is is based on honesty and truth. If he loved me, wanted the best for me, why did he not give that to me? He always said he never wanted to hurt me, but he hurt me worse than anybody else did,” she said, adding that she did think he was sorry, but that he didn’t seem to quite understand how bad the situation was.

After the Men (some boys) Tell All – comes the final instalments.

Dramatic Finale Preview – yes it does look like she has to deal with some narcissistic nonsense.

Longer duration video…

Quote of the season so far…

” I had sex in a windmill….” Hannah Brown ….”And Jesus still loves me!” –

The Luke stuff sucks. I agree. But Hannah? To me has been refreshing to watch. – Reality Steve June 18, 2019.

Episode 10

Jed: “It worries me that you have a hard time letting go of things that aren’t good for you in your life.”

Latest News and Tweets…including Men Tell All.

Men Tell All (MTA) Update

Here are quotes from Reality Steve about filming MTA

One MAJOR thing different from the MTA this year. The show started with just Chris Harrison and Luke P on the hot seat. And they talked FOR 2 HOURS. Obviously, it will be heavily edited, but it wasn’t til they were done that the other guys were brought on stage.

Then the guys came out while Luke was on stage, and they went at him for about an hour of filming. Luke was finally done, then the order was: -Cam hot seat -JPJ hot seat -Mike hot seat -Hannah comes out talks to the guys -Chris closes out the show, BIP & finale preview

Earlier tweet about the show in general!

17 guys in total. Peter, Jed, Tyler not there… -Mike was the most popular guy by far -4 hot seat interviews: Luke, Mike, Cam, John Paul Jones -It was the Luke bashing show. Luke ended up leaving towards the end of filming and never returned (cont..)

Both the guys and Hannah were non stop on Luke. At one point Hannah said that Luke isn’t smart enough to manipulate her, he’s just the embodiment of toxic masculinity and that’s who he is to his core…

At one point Hannah faces the cameras directly and apologized to America for keeping Luke on our screens so long.

The 17 guys who were there: Connor S, Luke S, Luke P, Dustin, Matteo, Grant, Mike, Cam, John Paul Jones, Dylan, Brian, Daron, Garrett, Devin, Jonathan, Old Matt Donald, & Ryan.

In Monday’s episode, you’ll see that Peter is Windmill Sex guy. And there is a condom in the room that they joke about since he was the one that had it in the console of his car.

Luke didn’t leave by choice. Producers waved for him to leave his seat right b4 coming back from commercial, he left, then never came back. Chris Harrison framed it as Luke walked off the show. Hannah said she hopes to never have to talk about Luke P ever again.

Not sure if Luke really had to leave to go somewhere, but Chris Harrison definitely framed it as he left. Said “Luke left the building to catch a plane or something. Who cares!”

As for Luke in the hot seat, apparently it didn’t go well for him. Chris asked him if he was sorry or regretted anything and he said he was sorry for holding Hannah to such a high standard and being a perfect woman. Not a good answer.

The guys were frustrated all night because they wanted Luke to take responsibility for his actions and he never did. His apology was hollow and they kept jumping on him for not owning up to what he did.

July 2019. New Latest update: 7/10/2019

Focus on Tyler and Hannah’s date. Meet you in Jupiter Florida for a date… that was the theme this week… watch Hannah Brown Hometown Dates Bachelorette video.

Hannah Brown Season 15 (Episode 9)

Here are Jed’s, Tyler’s and Luke’s hometown dates with Hannah….. watch Hannah Brown Hometown Dates Bachelorette video.

Hannah Brown Season 15 (Episode 9)

Luke and Hannah’s Hometown parts 1 – 4 are provided below

Jed and Hannah’s hometown date – in four parts…

part two video

part 3 video

part 4 video

Updated…Luke and Hannah’s hometown date in four separate videos… (source)

Part Two Luke and Hannah

Part Three Luke and Hannah

Yep, part 4 Luke and Hannah

Focus on Tyler and Hannah’s date. Meet you in Jupiter Florida for a date… that was the theme this week.

You will find three short videos on her date with Tyler C, then a full recap of all four dates in the final video from Entertainment Tonight. Often the viewers offer a great perspective on each aspect of the show. Here is a sample of the best ones…

He’s in love….. It reminds me of Rachel and Bryan.
I like when he said, ‘Miss Hannah B.’
You talk about his pysical beauty but hes more than his face, which is perfection…he is kind, perceptive , caring and giving…and thats what matters. His dad is amazing. She chose wrong…but not sure he doesnt deserve better…so at this point its a good thing. You will find your girl Tyler.

Lauren Zima is back to review Hannah Brown’s season of ‘The Bachelorette,’ and season 15 may have given us the most hometowns ever! We were in full tears during Peter and Tyler C.’s dates, and crying for very different reason’s during Luke’s and Jed’s. As always, please drink responsibly!



You can read, watch the latest information regarding allegations made against Jed Wyatt here. A word of warning to those acting out their behavioral issues and some perspective from Reality Steve who has covered The Bachelor franchise for years.

Bachelorette’s Jed Wyatt Hannah Brown Season Responds

June 2019

Meanwhile, earlier, Reality Steve (RS) dropped this information via his twitter feed…

(EXCLUSIVE SPOILER)…I can confirm that Hannah broke off her engagement to Jed earlier this week. They are still “together,” but the engagement is off. This isn’t a “don’t ever talk to me again” from what I’m being told, but it’s also not all rainbows and daffodils either… RS

Back to focus on the onscreen drama…

Refreshing indeed. Haters, either present a real supported argument claim or just take your negativity somewhere else.

Another relationship this time with Pete finally is the focus of this scene.

More Luke stuff to digest! No thanks.

This page reflects all the latest news, tweets videos from several sources to help navigate Hannah’s season.

The latest news appears at the top of the page.

Editor note: We have quoted sources on this page….their opinion is valued but we do not necessarily agree with all the content. It is presented in its original form. Links are provided for your own research at their site(s).

Updated 6/27/2019 Podcast

Podcast #136 is now up with Haley Stevens, the ex-girlfriend of Jed Wyatt at: . She’s not a victim. Nor has she ever wanted to be portrayed as one. She openly admits she made mistakes. Listen to her story before jumping all over her. Enjoy…

Just recorded a 90 minute podcast with Jed’s ex, Haley Stevens. Will be posted tomorrow morning. We talk about the story from every angle. All your questions will be answered.

For all the latest news go to our main bachelorette page here.


Latest News and Tweets – Spoilers


(EXCLUSIVE SPOILER)…I can confirm that Hannah broke off her engagement to Jed earlier this week. They are still “together,” but the engagement is off. This isn’t a “don’t ever talk to me again” from what I’m being told, but it’s also not all rainbows and daffodils either… Reality Steve.com


Funny or not…which side do you take?

June 24th: Latvia
July 1st: Netherlands
July 8th: Hometowns
July 15th: Overnights
July 22nd: Men Tell All
July 29th: Finale will be a two-night event.

The person Chris is referring to is Luke P. The preview basically gives away that Hannah eliminates Luke at the overnight date dinner portion after their talk about sex in the fantasy suites goes completely off the rails. Chris’ convo with Hannah is about Luke, but it’s very shady in how it’s presented. All I can tell you is that you’ll never see a ring, no ring was ever bought by Luke, he was given a ring by production for God knows what reason, but he never proposes to Hannah.

As the spoilers stated, Luke comes back to talk to Hannah the next day after she lets him go during their overnight date, but it goes nowhere, he never proposes, and she still sends him home. The preview was very misleading, per usual. – Reality Steve

Hannah chose Jed at the end and they are engaged. RS confirmed

A recap of the season episode 5b included this piece…

This is a normal ending. Hannah down to two guys, Jed and Tyler, both want to propose, and she chooses Jed or Tyler. RS

Editors note: All quotes are from Reality Steve and have been accepted at the face value. If you disagree with any of the claims in here then contact us.

Here is the latest promo clip featuring Peter and Hannah’s new pool table moves.


The latest episode, five took the audience to Scotland, kilts and some wrestling between the men only. Just what you want to see!

 She had 10 guys on her group date last night, and in the after party, she mauled 3 of them, who just so happen to be her final 3. This isn’t detective work I tell ya’. You would easily be able to figure out if you knew nothing, just by camera time and quality of time on camera who goes far and who doesn’t.

Reality Steve

Top 3 = Jed, Peter and Tyler.

The neverending Jake’s face off dominated the editing room and made it to air.

Peter shines in Scotland video watch…

Two Lukes are at the table to talk with Hannah listening.

There’s a lot more to this story than I originally thought. Huge thanks to for sharing his insider take on WTF “here for the right reasons” even means these days  (via )


Chubby Bunny Hannah B video

Hannah reads tea to Luke P about their relationship…

A scene or two from episode two for you!

A Recap from Access/* runs 17 minutes explores the latest news from the show!

Near naked men on parade for those adoring fans…your welcome.

The Kelly Rippa v Bachelor Nation turned over this week. Hannah held the course and high ground.

From Reality Steve the first episode spoilers, we have summarized his posts and added videos already released.

Episode one spoilers are in this post.

Season Premiere Sneak Peek for you.

Major spoiler

Hannah never eliminated anyone at the hometown date rose ceremony. All 4 guys went to Greece for overnight dates. On Luke’s overnight, something happened, & she sent Luke home before the actual overnight portion. So Luke is actually #4. Your final 3 were Tyler, Peter, and Jed.

Luke shows up to the final 3 rose ceremony to talk to her, but nothing changes. Peter was then eliminated at #3. So Tyler and Jed are your final 2.

Here is the full extended season featurette


The following is a direct quote from Reality Steve.com covering the episode by episode information.

Episode 2: (airing May 20th) Los Angeles, CA (22 to 19)

Group Date: The “Mr. Right” Beauty Pageant. 8 guys on the date: John Paul Jones, Luke S., Mike, Jonathan, Dylan, Jed, Luke P, & Grant. I’m sure you’ve seen in the promo by now but Luke P. tells her he’s falling in love with her and kisses her at the judges table. Jed got the rose.

1-on-1: Tyler Gwozdz. They took a helicopter out somewhere and went riding ATV’s. Tyler got the rose.

Group Date: Roller Derby. 10 guys on the date: Daron, Tyler C., Dustin, Garrett, Kevin, Joey, Devin, Peter, Matteo, and Connor J. Dustin gets injured on this date, but, Dustin ends up getting the group date rose.

At the after party of this date, Cam shows up because he wasn’t on a date this week, and the other guys aren’t happy about it. Can’t remember a time where they let someone who didn’t have a date come crash one, especially in the second episode of the season. It’s known that there are always people who don’t have dates in episodes 2 & 3, so I guess they needed someone to stir the pot.

Guys without dates this week: Connor S., Cam, & Matthew.

Rose Ceremony Eliminations: Matthew Spraggins, Connor Jenkins, and Daron Blaylock.

Episode 3: (airing May 27th) Los Angeles, CA (19 to 15)

Group Date: They did a photo shoot with animals. Not sure exactly who all was on this date, but definitely Devin, Garrett, Grant, Dylan, and Peter. There were others. Either 6 or 8 on this date. If it was 6, then 3 guys didn’t have dates that week. If it was 8, then only one didn’t. Garrett got the rose.

While the guys were out on this date, production came to the mansion and removed Tyler G. from the show. They had been given some information about his past relationships and told him it wouldn’t be good for him to remain on the show and he needed to leave immediately. If you search hard enough on the internet, you can find out what was said. I don’t believe any of the women have come forward publicly with their names attached to it yet that I’ve seen, so while we don’t know if there’s receipts and proof of anything, the accusations were disturbing to say the least and production and legal for ABC thought it was serious enough to remove him from the show. Don’t wanna make it worse for the guy than it already is, so I won’t repeat what the accusations were. But they’re out there if you look.

1-on-1: Connor Saeli. Hannah was actually sick for their date, so Connor just visited her at her place before coming back to the mansion. Then Hannah ended up getting a second wind and they had a concert date that night with someone that I’m not sure of. The ABC press release says that Lukas Graham performed this season. But they’re a Danish band, so I guess it could’ve been for this date, but more than likely, Lukas Graham performed in the Netherlands on one of those dates. Connor got the rose.

Group Date: 8 guys on the date: John Paul Jones, Kevin, Jonathan, Jed, Matteo, Cam, Tyler, and Mike. It was a class on the female anatomy, breast feeding, diaper changing, labor pains, etc that Jason Biggs and his wife Jenny Mollen were a part of. Mike got the rose.

The day of the rose ceremony there wasn’t a nighttime cocktail party. They had a tailgate party during the day instead. During this party, some guys told Hannah that they felt Cam had shared the story about his health to get a pity rose. \

Whatever was told to her by the guys, she seemingly believed them over Cam because she sends Cam home during this tailgate party.

Rose Ceremony Eliminations: Jonathan Saunders and Joey Jones. Tyler Gowzdz was kicked off the show earlier in the episode by production. Hannah sent Cam home the day of the rose ceremony.

SPOILER): Jake Owen is the musical performance for Hannah and Tyler Cameron’s 1-on-1 tonight at the Jane Pickens Theater. Wow. A performer I’ve actually heard of. They’re allowing pics and videos so there will be a ton out there
There were pictures and video from that date that I posted the night of, but due to privacy laws, I was told to take them down. Whatever. Not sure what all the sudden got up their ass, but they were up long enough so hopefully you saw them.

At the cocktail party, Luke Stone thought Luke Parker was too rough during the rugby match and was out to hurt him. Felt it was uncalled for and upset by the whole thing and when he expressed it to Hannah felt she took up for Luke Parker, so Luke Stone eliminated himself before the rose ceremony.

Rose Ceremony Eliminations: Matteo Valles and John Paul Jones. Luke Stone eliminated himself during the cocktail party.

Episode 5: (airing June 10th) Scotland (12 to 9)

1-on-1: Luke Parker. Part of the date filmed at the Hootananny in Inverness. Luke got the rose.

Group Date: Highland Games. You’ve seen in the previews the guys in kilts battling each other. It was Kevin, Connor S., Dylan, Garrett, Peter, Grant, Dustin, Devin, Tyler C., and Jed. Jed got the rose.

1-on-1: Mike Johnson. Mike got the rose.

Rose Ceremony Eliminations: Devin Harris, Kevin Fortenberry, and Grant Eckel.

Episode 5 b (an adhoc) reprise of her journey so far concentrated on Luke P and her relationship.

Episode 6: (airing June 24th) Latvia (9 to 7)

1-on-1: Garrett Powell. They went bungee jumping barely clothed. Garrett got the rose.

Group Date: 7 guys went shopping in town. Luke, Mike, Tyler, Jed, Dylan, Dustin, & Connor. Not 100% sure on group date rose here, but think it was Tyler.

1-on-1: Peter Weber. Previews showing them in a hot tub and fireworks. Peter got the rose.

Rose Ceremony Eliminations: Dustin Kendrick and Dylan Barbour.

Episode 7 (airing July 1st ): The Netherlands (7 To 4)

I’m not sure the order these dates happened, but because it was the episode before hometowns, roses were up on every date. At some point during this episode, Connor Saeli was eliminated before ever getting a date. Wasn’t told why, but he definitely never had a 1-on-1 and wasn’t part of the group date.

1-on-1: Jed Wyatt. Got a rose.

1-on-1: Tyler Cameron. Tyler got a rose.

1-on-1: Mike Johnson. Went bike riding for a portion of their date. Mike didn’t receive a rose and was sent home.

3-on-1: Peter Weber, Luke Parker, & Garrett Powell. The three of them had to weigh cheese on their date. Peter gets the first rose leaving Luke and Garrett to have a non-traditional 2-on-1. Kinda like Tia & Bekah on Arie’s season and Cassie & Kirpa last season. Luke & Garrett did not get along (and as you’ve seen in the previews, Luke became the guy in the house that rubbed a lot of them the wrong way), and this is the date where Luke yells at him about how he’s not gonna ruin this for him. Whatever went down, Hannah took Luke’s side. Luke gets the rose.

The “Luke the villain” edit I’m hearing just stems from the fact he declared his love for Hannah so early, he got the first impression rose, and a lot of the guys thought he was being fake around her and just saying things she wanted to hear. He’s definitely a lightning rod all season long, and when Chris Harrison says this in an interview:

“…There’s gonna be villains, and it’s not your typical villain,” he says. “It’s not the typical bad guy that’s like a flash in the pan and goes away—although there are those too…What really creates the drama, what really drives this entire season and may dictate how this ends for Hannah and kind of reflects and affects the rest of her life is the drama lasts, and it’s about people she cares about. It’s not just oh here’s the bad guy, he’s gone. This thing festers and has to deal with the entire kind of undertone to the season. So that’s what’s really going to shape the season, and what I think people are going to take away.”

…he’s talking about Luke Parker. The guys just did not like him – but Hannah did. As I told you after episode 4, I heard he was essentially the guy to beat. I haven’t heard there was one particular thing that set the other guys off, but just a combination of things mostly surrounding they thought he was fake and hid behind his faith.

So Mike Johnson didn’t get a rose on his 1-on-1 and was sent home. Garrett didn’t get a rose on the group date. And Connor was sent home at some point in the Netherlands without going on a date.

Episode 8: (airing July 8tht): Hometowns (4 to 3)

Luke Parker Gainesville, FL. (Filmed Sat., April 20th)


Tyler Cameron Jupiter, FL (Filmed Mon., April 22nd)

Jed Wyatt (Filmed Wed., April 24th)

Peter Weber (Filmed Fri., April 26th)

Rose Ceremony Elimination: None. Hannah couldn’t decide so she ended up taking all 4 guys to Greece for overnight dates.

Which brings us to the biggest point of the season, and that’s when Hannah sends Luke home during the dinner portion of their overnight date. This was alluded to in the extended preview. I have it cued up to the spot where she’s talking to Luke:
Episode 9: (airing July 15th): Overnights in Greece
Which brings us to the biggest point of the season, and that’s when Hannah sends Luke home during the dinner portion of their overnight date. This was alluded to in the extended preview. I have it cued up to the spot where she’s talking to Luke:

There’s a lot to digest there. And since that’s only snippets of that whole scene, and it’s an editors job to leave certain things out and not show you the full picture in a preview, there are so many conclusions one can draw from what was shown. Here’s what I can tell you of what went down from what I’ve heard:

We know that Luke had the 4th overnight date. If you don’t think Hannah had sex on any of the previous three overnights, you’re being naïve. And if she did, that’s perfectly normal and she has every right to. Almost all of them have sex with at least one of the guys if not more than one. You may disagree with a woman doing that, but that doesn’t make you right and them wrong. I don’t know which ones Hannah slept with or didn’t. I’m just not naïve enough to think she didn’t have it with any of them. Hannah and Luke’s talk surrounded the issue of sex on the overnights. Luke told her if they spent the night, they wouldn’t be having sex. It’s not something he believes in any more before marriage. Because we don’t know how the conversation played out (we only heard voiceover and snippets from it), it’s impossible to know exactly how the topic of sex with the other guy(s) on the overnights came up. Did Luke straight up ask her if she did? Did Hannah say something to the effect of, “Well what would you think if I did?” Whatever the case was, Hannah was not pleased with Luke’s response to it as we hear her say (and actually visually see her say) “I don’t owe you anything.” And later, we see her say, “I have had sex…and Jesus still loves me.”

Just thinking out loud here, but I highly doubt she was talking about sex in general. We’re at the nut crunching time in the season. We know the topic of sex is brought up. We know Hannah is not happy with Luke at this point. We hear her say lines of “I don’t owe you anything” (seen), “I’m having physical relationships” (voiceover), and “I have had sex…and Jesus still loves me” (seen). To me, that sounds like she didn’t hint that she did, she flat out admitted she did. Which she has every right to do and admit. Luke’s already been made out to be the villain in the previews this season, the audience has it in their head that the guys don’t like him, then this clip is shown, and judging from social media response, it’s already been made out to be a black and white issue. From what I can gather from the outside, seems to be a grey area. Neither of them is right, and neither of them is wrong. Hannah has every right to sleep with whoever she wants to sleep with in the overnights if she chooses. And Luke has every right to choose not to have sex before marriage and on a potential overnight date with her. Seems like that was the disconnect which led to the argument. Seems like she had sex with someone or someone(s) and Luke didn’t like the fact she did. So the next question would be “Why was he so bothered?” I don’t know. Hannah admitted in her intro video in episode 1 last season with Colton that she wasn’t a virgin. And Luke says he knew when he first saw her on Colton’s season, that she was the one for him. So he can’t possibly be bothered by the fact she’s not a virgin. He had to have known that already. Gotta be something else.

It’s all speculation at this point based on a spliced up and heavily edited season preview. The immediate reaction is Luke slut-shamed her for sleeping with someone on the overnights. I’m not willing to jump there just yet. Maybe he did. That’s surely what the preview makes you think, and that guy isn’t getting the benefit of the doubt from anyone watching right now because of the season previews. It will all come down to HOW Luke handled this, HOW he brought it up, and HOW he treated her at that moment because all we’re seeing is Hannah’s reaction.

I mean, in that same clip, we hear Hannah say in a voiceover, “I believe that sex was made for a man and a woman in marriage…” Really? In 2019 someone is uttering this? Uhhhh, I’m guessing the LGTBQ community isn’t exactly jumping up and down cheering at her making that statement. But just like I’m not crucifying Luke yet until I see that whole conversation, Hannah’s comment could also be part of an editing job and maybe there was more to it, so I don’t wanna jump the gun on that either yet. There are so many ways that conversation could go, and the bottom line is, none of us know what happened until it airs. I know everyone has to have a hot take on everything immediately after they see something, but in this case, maybe we should reserve judgment until it happens. Because if we just go by that clip, then Luke should be blasted for slut-shaming and Hannah should be outed for saying sex is only between a man and a woman in marriage. This is going to dominate the conversation all season and especially after it airs. And the way it’s going for Luke already, you pretty much know people have already made up their mind and sided with Hannah. Fully expected. I might too. I’m just saying I’m waiting till that episode before I decide anything and so should everyone.

Rose Ceremony Elimination: Peter Weber.

Episode 10: (airing July 22nd ): Men Tell All

Episode 11: (airing July 23rd): Finale (Jed vs Tyler)

You hear so much every season after filming ends, and you gotta weed through a lot of hearsay, speculation, theories, etc to get to the meat and potatoes of what happened. I’m confident in what I’ve been told enough to report today.

Hannah picked Tyler Cameron and they are engaged.

So much talk this weekend as I was alerted of the social media whereabouts of both Jed & Tyler post-show, and again, conclusions are being drawn because Tyler is hanging out on a boat with friends and Jed is hanging with his friends. Until I’m blue in the face I can tell you that stuff is irrelevant, but people don’t seem to care. I just give up when it comes to stuff like that because I will never base any spoilers based on what’s someone’s doing post show. Tyler and Jed have friends. They both have lives. What they do on a weekend has no bearing on anything. Neither of them were with Hannah this weekend. That doesn’t mean she’s single. Or because Tyler was enjoying himself on a boat with female friends doesn’t mean he’s single. Or because Jed wasn’t as happy as Tyler seemed in his video means he’s single. People create their own narratives and then use whatever they see online to fit that narrative. Nothing Tyler or Jed did this weekend on social media confirms anything 100% either way. Period. It’s just them living their lives like they’re supposed to. Let’s stop reading into every single thing they do. It’s pointless. Unless one of them decides to accidentally snapchat themselves next to Hannah in bed like Kaitlyn did with Shawn, or Hannah and her dude simultaneously post pictures from the same Happy Couple Weekend backyard like Arie and Becca did before their breakup (or riding motor bikes with his friends), Tyler & Jed with their friends is not a giveaway to anything.

One thing I can tell you though: With Hannah living in Alabama, and Jed in Tennessee, and Tyler in Florida, Happy Couple weekends will definitely be on the east coast this year. Doesn’t mean if anytime one of those guys post something and they’re somewhere else on the east coast they are 100% with her (remember Tyler does model and sometimes works out of NY), but I do know a majority, if not all, of the Happy Couple weekends this year will be on the east coast. Remember, Ashley and JP both lived on the east coast their season and their Happy Couple weekends were in NY and sometimes in the Hamptons. Just something to look out for this season.

For the next 2 months you will hear all sorts of stories regarding the ending. It’s the same song and dance every year. But here you go. She picked Tyler and that’s where we’re at. With that said, coming up on the site in future weeks, there are women out there who want their voice heard about some of Hannah’s guys, and I’m letting them speak. I told you that when people want to attach a name, face, receipts, etc then I will let them tell their story. Some are about guys that maybe aren’t as important to the season, and some are about guys that are. And then there are some that I have to bite my lip on because I can’t share the story without compromising sources. Maybe that person will decide to come forward some day. I doubt it, because I’m sure they want to protect him, but they know what’s up. It’s a shame if they don’t. And no, before anyone jumps to conclusions, I’m not talking about any criminal activity for any of these guys. Just more f***boy behavior etc. Just because you’ve already established in your head you like a guy on this show doesn’t mean he’s isn’t like pretty much all the rest of them. I know people will still dismiss the stories, but I’m sorry, some women want to share their stories and I’m gonna give them the platform to. Stay tuned for those.

Earlier information – Archive purposes

Spoiler – Top 4 – Reality Steve credit.

Peter, Jed, Connor, and Luke have been social media silent and we know one of them got eliminated at final four. The show has never seemed to care in the past about who got eliminated at final four hopping back on social media…. So it was either Jed or Peter who got eliminated at four.

The 30 men who will vie for Hannah’s heart are the following:

Brian, 30, a math teacher from Louisville, KY
Cam, 30, software sales from Austin, TX
Chasen, 27, a pilot from Ann Arbor, MI
Connor J., 28, a sales manager from Newport Beach, CA
Connor S., 24, an investment analyst from Dallas, TX
Daron, 25, an IT consultant from Buckhead, GA
Devin, 27, a talent manager from Sherman Oaks, CA
Dustin, 30, a real estate broker from Chicago, IL
Dylan, 24, a tech entrepreneur from San Diego, CA
Garrett, 27, a golf pro from Birmingham, AL
Grant, 30, unemployed from San Clemente, CA
Hunter, 24, a pro surfer from Westchester, CA
Jed, 25, a singer/songwriter from Nashville, TN
Joe, 30, The Box King from Chicago, IL
Joey, 33, a finance manager from Bethesda, MD
John Paul Jones, 24, John Paul Jones from Lanham, MD
Jonathan, 27, a server from Los Angeles, CA
Kevin, 27, a behavioral health specialist from Manteno, IL
Luke P., 24, an import/export manager from Gainesville, GA
Luke S., 29, a political consultant from Washington, DC
Matt Donald, 26, a medical device salesman from Los Gatos, CA
Matteo, 25, a management consultant from Atlanta, GA
Matthew, 23, a car bid spotter from Newport Beach, CA
Mike, 31, a portfolio manager from San Antonio, TX
Peter, 27, a pilot from Westlake Village, CA
Ryan, 25, a roller boy from Philadelphia, PA
Scott, 28, a software sales executive from Chicago, IL
Thomas, 27, an international pro basketball player from Detroit, MI
Tyler C., 26, a general contractor from Jupiter, FL
Tyler G., 28, a psychology graduate student from Boca Raton, FL

Hannah Takes Chris Harrison to Her Hometown Tuscaloosa

Just to clarify – Chris Harrison spouts…Don’t be confused. Monday night is reunion. The following Monday, May 13th is the official start of Hannah’s season

A guy with a girlfriend?

We know what happens to those type of douches…will the beast be unleashed?




Bachelorette Reunion – In anticipation of Hannah Brown’s journey as the next Bachelorette, viewers will celebrate 15 seasons of romance.

Chris Harrison hits the road in a double-decker bus with Bachelor Nation super fans, revisiting some of the most iconic date spots from “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette” history.


Hannah confronts guy about having a girlfriend during the opening episode!

According to ABCs own press release, Hannah will be going to Greece for overnights and Final Rose Ceremony

Third Hometown with Jed in Knoxville TN April 24, 2019!

Part 1 – Two hometown dates Luke and Tyler watch





Ready for Beast mode? Hannah Brown’s journey begins on May 13, 2019. Please be aware that this page contains spoilers!

Her hometown dates began April 20, 2019, final four…


Thursday 3/28 – 1-on-1 with Jed Wyatt see video below.
Friday 3/29 – Group date playing rugby. 13 guys were on the date. Dustin Kendrick was there but didn’t play, so it was 6-on-6.

The Green Team: Mike Johnson, Kevin Fortenberry, Connor Saeli, Dylan Barbour, Luke Stone, and Garrett Powell. Blue/Stripe Team: Peter Weber, John Paul Jones, Luke Parker, Grant Eckel, Matteo Valles, and Devin Harris.
Sat 3/30 – 1-on-1 with Tyler Cameron. Concert by Jake Owen at the Jane Pickens Theater.

Yesterday was a 1-on-1 date where one of the filming locations was at Hootananny in Inverness.

From Reality Steve about Luke Parker, there is a “good chance he’s going to win. If he does, that’ll make it 5 “Bachelorette” seasons in a row where the guy who got the first impression rose ended up winning” the current front runner.



Devin Harris, Kevin Fortenberry, & Grant Eckel eliminated in episode 5 in Scotland. 9 guys remain.

Your 9 guys left are Dustin, Dylan, Tyler, Luke P, Jed, Peter, Connor, Garrett, and Mike.

Hannah on her group date today at the central market in Riga, Latvia. In the pic from left to right: Dustin, Dylan, Tyler C, Mike, and Connor S.

Hannah Brown The Bachelorette Season Review News read n Riga, Latvia. In the pic from left to right: Dustin, Dylan, Tyler C, Mike, and Connor S.

Was also told yesterday she went bungee jumping on her 1-on-1 date in the town of Sigulda, Latvia.

Jed and Luke are the other two guys on this group date. Garrett and Peter have your 1 on 1s this week.

Since there was no 2-on-1 date in Rhode Island (ep 4), Scotland (ep 5), or this week in Latvia (ep 6), pretty much confirms we won’t have a traditional 2-on-1 date this season since they usually don’t do one the week before hometowns, which is next episode.

They are staying at the Pullman Hotel in Riga, Latvia

With the Paradise premiere now penciled in for July 29th, and knowing Hannah’s “Bachelorette” season begins on May 13th, looks like a regular 11 episode season for Hannah with no double episode weeks.

Dustin Kendrick wastes zero time. After getting eliminated in Latvia, he added almost 1,000 new followers on IG.

And his IG went from private to public. Safe to say he’s no longer on the show. Kinda fun when the contestants do your job for you.

Episode 7 being filmed in the Netherlands. They are staying at the Grand Hotel Amrath Kurhaus in The Hague, Netherlands


(HOMETOWNS SPOILER): A mild surprise on the 4th guy, but here are Hannah’s final 4, when & where they’re taking place.

Luke Parker (Sat 20th Gainesville, GA), Tyler Cameron (Mon 22nd Jupiter, FL), Jed Wyatt (Wed 24th, Sevierville, TN), and Peter Weber (Fri 26th, Los Angeles, CA).

Tyler and Hannah Jupiter FL images and information

Video from Tyler and Hannah in Gainesville GA on Saturday!


Who is Luke Parker? Why is he the frontrunner – read more

Age: 24
Hometown: Gainesville, Georgia
Occupation: Entrepreneur.
Instagram: @luke_parker777

A group date roller derby was part of the series production for Hannah’s suitors.

March 30 – Tyler Cameron has the one on one date! RS

Here is our video presentation of her recent date with Jed Wyatt. Credit to various sources including Reality Steve and cohorts.

Age: 25
Hometown: Nashville, Tennessee
Occupation: Musician and was a male dancer at the Music City Male Revue.
Instagram: @jedwyatt
Twitter: @wyattjed

Spoilers Included…

Luke Parker received the first impression rose. He was the first guy you saw on stage the night of the ATFR that Hannah met. Remember, the last 4 guys to receive the first impression rose on the “Bachelorette” have all gone on to get the final rose that season – Garrett, Bryan, Jordan, and Shawn.”

Two guys in particular, Matt Dione and Joe Romeo, definitely didn’t make the final cast.

– Reality Steve


More guys revealed at Hannah’s Guys

Hannah shooting more intro video stuff down in Venice Beach today via RS

ABC will officially announce Hannah B as the new bachelorette. So in the meantime here are some recent posts to settle you into her pageant season. Her family is very supported in this decision. Last night, out came the facetime video watching her being told the news. She asked Chris was he serious? She was clearly overwhelmed by the news.

Back live in the studio. How about we start right now?

Out came the background scene… first five men and the flowers. Let the journey begin.

Meet five dudes chasing Hannah…watch the video below.

Her First Five Men Moved her to hand out a Rose.

Luke was her first man…this is awesome. She exclaimed. Then, Dustin brought a toast of wine, cheers to the start to a wonderful beginning, and journey….etc. Next, Cam from Austin Texas, out cap his rap! She loved it…rhyme came Hannah Beast and roll tide. Connor offers her a stool to stand on to be eye to eye. Luke S, offered to go down anytime he does not go down south often. Double innuendo! Awkward. Hannah wanted to hand out her first rose now.

This is the only rose tonight claimed Chris Harrison. This is one of the hardest decisions she has made this season.

Cam won the first rose! She is only getting started – Premieres May 13, 2019!

First guy: Luke Parker.

Second guy: Dustin Kendrick. Real estate broker in Chicago

Third guy: Cam Ayala.

Fourth guy: Connor Saeli.

Fifth guy: Luke Stone aka Nick Viall look-a-like.

The news and pictures of the fifteen men revealed by Reality Steve start here.

Gallery of Men this season



Tweet from RS, Video of Hannah B dancing on the steps of Bryant Denny Stadium.

Hannah was Miss Alabama 2018! Hannah is an Alabama native from Tuscaloosa. She graduated magna cum laude from the University of Alabama! She also competed in the Miss USA pageant.

Hannah B currently filming her “Bachelorette” intro package at Bryant Denny Stadium in Tuscaloosa. This weekend she’s also filming at her old sorority house, and having a Bachelorette announcement party at Tuscaloosa River Market.

February 19, 2019, we wrote a post featuring reasoning for Hannah B to become the next bachelorette. Here is the link.

For example, we believed that Becca was left heartbroken and scarred so we wanted to see her be“given” an opportunity for a love story. However, there is no way the show can sell us on the very young models Cassie or Hannah G, or the young beauty queen Caelynn, needing the show to find their husband.
These women are young and stunning. They need no help and it would be nearly impossible for the demographic to feel invested in these women in desperate need of a win in life or love.

However, Hannah B – while also young and beautiful – has been shown with deep insecurities and as the one who didn’t win the crown. There’s something about her that
makes you want to wrap her up in a warm blanket and just hug her tight. You feel empathy towards her feeling she’s not good enough and that she just needs a win. The producers have given us reasons to root for her. And, most women can relate to the way she has felt at one point or another – we can believe in her; because we’ve all been Hannah B at some point. (Note: I’m not including Tayshia in this point because she was already married and divorced… she had no trouble finding a husband already. She’ll find another).

Latest Release from Reality Steves’ website 3/5/2019.


Filming will begin this Saturday the 16th March.

Episodes 1 – 3 at the Mansion, in and around LA.

Episode 4 will be shooting in Rhode Island at Gurney’s Resort. Then they’ll be heading overseas. Likely Europe since they are on the east coast.

Hannah Brown Bachelorette.