Got Talent Global 2019 Auditions Performances video watch

Got Talent Global 2019 Auditions Performances video watch

Here is a look at various auditions from across the planet featured on Got Talent Global 2019 Auditions Performances video watch


September to remember across the globe. Ten selected titled The Best! We will see.

All the original songs this past season from AGT on one clip enjoy!

The recently aired Britain’s Got Talent Championship -- Auditions provide this reflection piece for you.

Here are several comedy performances to relive.

The most HILARIOUS comedy acts from BGT: The Champions - PART ONE


Ten acts from across their reach are provided. Love the performers, hate the method used to choose a winner.

TOP 10 Auditions On Britain's Got Talent: The Champions 2019! | PART 1 | Got Talent Global

Most dangerous auditions on AGT season 14 for you to relive! Please do not attempt these at home or anywhere!

MOST DANGEROUS AUDITIONS On AGT Season 14 - America's Got Talent 2019

Top 5 Denmark auditions 2019 series

TOP 5 AMAZING Auditions On Denmark's Got Talent 2019! | Got Talent Global

Original songs and vocalists who brought them on AGT 2019! Best coverage of the season. Watch this clip.

FANTASTIC ORIGINAL Song Auditions And Performances On America's Got Talent 2019 | Got Talent Global

Best of September 2019 from The Voice -- just to confuse and compare here.

BEST OF SEPTEMBER 2019 in The Voice


Top 10 American’s Got Talent 2019 performances highlighted in this video.

TOP 10 America's Got Talent 2019 Performances! | Got Talent Global

Watch this audition by inspirational dancers ‘Asociacion Nana’ that got the golden buzzer on Spain’s Got Talent 2019!

INSPIRING Dance Brings Judges To Tears And Gets The GOLDEN BUZZER | Got Talent Global

Acts come in all shapes and sizes, some with hands some with paws. Take a look!

Including performances by Melissa Arleth and Hanta on America’s Got Talent, Lukas and Falco on America’s Got Talent, Mickey YuYu on World’s Got Talent.

In addition, Dogs of Anarchy on Poland’s Got Talent, Dominguez Poodles on America’s Got Talent Dave and Finn on Britain’s Got Talent.

BEST And FUNNIEST Animal Auditions On Got Talent 2019! | PART 2 | Got Talent Global

Human Golden Buzzer acts

QDS Megacrew on Spain’s Got Talent Dakota and Nadia on France’s Got Talent Dance Queen on Croatia’s Got Talent Junior New System on Philippine’s Got Talent BSD on Ireland’s Got Talent

GOLDEN BUZZER Dance Groups On Got Talent Around The World! | Got Talent Global

Animal Auditions

From the world of Got Talent comes another video this time featuring Animal Auditions On Got Talent Global 2019 video

America, Mexico, Sweden please stand and take a bow wow!

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Watch the top animal auditions from America’s Got Talent: The Champions, Mexico’s Got Talent and Sweden’s Got Talent!

Featuring amazing performances by

Asa and Wilhelm on Sweden’s Got Talent

Ashley and Sully on America’s Got Talent: The Champions

Luis Gomez and Reynalda on Mexico’s Got Talent

Sara and Hero on America’s Got Talent: The Champions

Minigrisen Roger on Sweden’s Got Talent

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AMAZING Animal Auditions On Got Talent 2019 | Got Talent Global


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