DeAndre Nico Results The Voice 2018 Season 15 

DeAndre Nico Results The Voice 2018 Season 15 

DeAndre Nico Results The Voice 2018 Season 15 


This is a journey page for contestant DeAndre Nico. DeAndre started singing when he was 7, eventually learning to play keyboards and drums. DeAndre Nico Results The Voice 2018 Season 15. 

Top 10 Performance

Results for top 8 saw one of the most controversial segments in the history of the show, when another contestant Reagan Strange who was ill, could not perform, yet out voted DeAndre and Dave!

A smooth voice who will grow over the years to develop his skill base. Good luck DeAndre. Not sure Adam did the right thing tonight choosing Reagan over you to support.

Watch the video and make out of this what you want too.

Instant Save: DeAndre Nico Performs "All of Me" – The Voice 2018 Live Top 10 Eliminations

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The Voice: DeAndre Nico On Singing For The LADIES & Having J-Hud As A Fan! 😏

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DeAndre Nico – That’s What I Like by Bruno Mars. Adam revisits his bottom two-moment last week and talks about his vocals.  This song has not been performed on the show and comes with all he’s got! Singing to survive and pick up some votes from other people.

DeAndre Nico Performs "That's What I Like" – The Voice 2018 Live Top 10 Performances

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Top 11 Performance

DeAndre Nico –  Cry for You by Jodeci… he watched the fans react to his rise in their lives, a dude from Texas. Adam wanted a full commitment to the song and the fans know better than him!

DeAndre ended up in the Bottom 2 this week, however, he was saved by a wide margin over Lynnea Moore (Comeback Artist)!

Instant Save: DeAndre Nico Performs "Take Me to the King" – The Voice 2018 Live Top 11 Eliminations

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DeAndre Nico Performs "Cry for You" – The Voice 2018 Live Top 11 Performances

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The Top 13 November 19, 2018

DeAndre Nico I Can Only Imagine by MercyMe. He claimed he has connected to the meaning of the song…his girlfriend lost miscarried recently. To the Christian music lovers, this was very popular several years ago. JHud, that must be a mighty girlfriend, she loved the spirit in the song. Adam loved it, he restrained going on and on! DeAndre has a recognizable voice. Yes, he does!

DeAndre Nico Sings "I Can Only Imagine" – The Voice 2018 Live Top 13 Performances

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The Playoffs

Result DeAndre moved on under America’s vote.

DeAndre Nico Performs an Emotional Cover of "Ordinary People" – The Voice 2018 Live Playoffs Top 24

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“Ordinary People” sung by DeAndre Nico. Four chair winner in the blinds. A strong performance to push him through.

Knockout Show 3

DeAndre Nico (Wanted – Hunter Hayes) vs. Jake Wells (Yellow Coldplay)

Adam went for the opposites in this clash. The Mariah Carey effect was prominent. He recalled their trouble during Hurrican Harvey last year in rebuilding the house, the stage brought out the emotions in himself. I can not go home, I do not have a home! He wants to add more soul to this country rendition. Mariah wants him to find the balance between emotion and feelings. Adam wants more refrainment, with more production tips like raising the key half a note! Adam praised his work ethic!  Jake admits watching DeAndre made him terrified. He toured a gospel singer with his family, moved to sing with his brother and stepped out on his own. Gospel, funk influences and playing the piano, he has flipped the song, stays in the piano mode, building and building, breath, a nice collaboration of concepts… self-praise.

Jake performed first…he missed a few notes, throughout the performance. Nope. Time to go home.

DeAndre nailed it. Blake, he is no expert on Coldplay… a real solid job. DeAndre good performance. Kelly you have a beautiful voice DeAndre, she chose Jake.

Adam went the blah blah route, rich tones, 100,000 singers he could pick him out. DeAndre winner. Jake went home. 

DeAndre Nico's Powerful Vocals Soar on "Wanted" – The Voice 2018 Knockouts

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In 2017, Hurricane Harvey hit his hometown of Houston TX. His neighborhood was devastated and his family lost their home. The singer earned a 4 chair turn with an emotional performance of “When I Was Your Man” by Bruno Mars.

Adam chose… Deandre!

Dave Fenley performances The Voice 2018 Season 15

Blake used his final steal…Funsho and will sing country next time, just kidding! He called Adam a bonehead for pairing these two!

DeAndre Nico and Funsho Impress with New Edition's "Can You Stand the Rain" – The Voice 2018 Battles

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DeAndre Nico Results The Voice 2018 Season 15 

DeAndre Nico When I Was Your Man The Voice 2018 S15 NBC Image via YouTube

Were you expecting a four-chair turn, and what does that feel like?

I was expecting a four-chair turn; that was a big goal of mine, and I prayed–that’s what I wanted. But when it happened…that was a tremendous feeling. Everything was just–I was speechless.

You said you chose Adam because he was the first to turn. But did you have a specific reason for choosing Adam?

I made a vow to myself whoever had turned around first, that’s what I was going to choose, and I stuck to my word, I’m a man of my word. If I say I’m going to do it, I’m going to do it even though someone else sounds better–J. Hud was trying to get me.

What is it like working with Adam?

Adam’s a great guy, he’s really cool, down to earth. He tells us what we need to hear–he don’t cut no nickels with us, he lets us know what’s up–hey, that sounds bad. He tries to help us in every area that he can. He’s trying to win, just like us.

You released a gospel single a couple of years ago?

I released a gospel single, I think it was like 2016 or ’15, one of the two. That was just one of the areas that I considered going down because that’s my faith and what I believe in. That was one of the areas that I was going down. But wherever God leads me now, that’s where I’m going.

What were you doing musically right before the show?

I was playing drums, playing keyboard. I really wasn’t gigging singing. It was just mostly me playing instruments for people.

What was it like when all four judges were fighting for you?

My family was there, first of all, so my dad was acting a fool. He was having so much fun. My mom and all my family were really emotional. You have your family there, and everybody there supporting you, and then the crowd going crazy. It was just an amazing feeling, it’s really overwhelming. I’m just grateful that I had that experience. [It was] just amazing, I love it. And it was very emotional, I wanted to cry up there, but you know, couldn’t do that.


DeAndre Nico Gets Four Turns with Bruno Mars' "When I Was Your Man" – The Voice 2018 Blind Auditions

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DeAndre Nico sings Bruno Mars’ “When I Was Your Man” during the Blind Auditions.

“First of all, I heard the greatness in your voice early, and I pressed my button like a minute before everybody else” Levine said.

“Honey, your voice the way it soars, the range, the depth, the soul,” Hudson said. “And then you got a great look, too.”

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