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Zurcaroh Acrobatic Group Finale AGT 2018 video

Zurcaroh Acrobatic Group Finale AGT 2018 video

After weeks of performances and Golden Buzzer this group has arrived at the finale. Watch the talented Zurcaroh Acrobatic Group AGT 2018 video.

Here is all their performances and that epic Golden Buzzer audition. Tay Tay just loved them, and so do we.

From Brazil, the leader wants to be a leader and nothing is impossible, being able to fly and encourages children to do great things.

Zurcaroh Acrobatic Group THE CROWD WENT WILD JAW DROPPING | America's Got Talent 2018 Finale AGT

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Mel B claimed they may actually win this show. Heidi called them jaw-dropping, you guys are ready for Vegas. Simon – positivity America welcomes Talent.

Zurcaroh: Legendary Dance Group Delivers Mind-Blowing Performance – America's Got Talent 2018

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Zurcaroh Acrobatic Group Finale AGT 2018 video

Zucaroh America’s Got Talent 2018 Semi-Final video

Zurcaroh @Zurcaroh – Acrobatic Group Tara Banks Golden Buzzer – VIDEO Zurcaroh Acrobatic Group AGT 2018 Quarter Final video.

Heidi called them ready for Vegas already.

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