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Zareh Turner’s Journey American Idol 2022 Video watch

Zareh Turner’s Journey American Idol 2022 Video watch


Here is a new release clip featuring Alumni Nadia Turner’s daughter Zareh Turner’s Journey American Idol 2022 Video watch.

She was 21 years of age at the time of recording and from Los Angeles.

Hollywood Week

Blind Audition

Nadia Turner is an American singer, songwriter, actress and radio/television personality, best known as the eighth place finalist on the fourth season of American Idol

Compare and contrast their styles below

You Do Something to Me by Zaréh feat. Nadia Turner on …

Zaréh feat. Nadia Turner. 1 SONG • 5 MINUTES • FEB 20 2022. Play. 1. You Do Something to Me. 05:02 ℗© 2022 TurNer & NurNur Records. 0:00

This audition is a total surprise to Zaréh’s mom, Idol alum Nadia Turner, who made it to the Top 8 during Season 4 back in 2005. Instead of the spa day Nadia expected, here she is standing next to Ryan Seacrest AGAIN, while her daughter auditions for Idol in the very same top she auditioned in! See more of American Idol 2022 on our official site: Like American Idol on Facebook: Follow American Idol on Twitter: Follow American Idol on Instagram:

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The two new songs (co-produced and co-written with her creative partner, Nur Nur Cummings) available now on Spotify are:

“I’m Not Ready For Love”

“You Do Something To Me”

“’I’m Not Ready For Love’ tells the story of a young woman roughly Zaréh’s age (22) struggling with whether to be truly serious about a relationship. I imagined what a woman her age might go through if she was in a casual relationship and the boyfriend asked her to marry him. Twenty one is very young and I think it’s a lot to ask anybody to spend the rest of their lives together when so young. There are many young people who are going through something like this, so perhaps there’s a universal quality to the theme of this song. And you don’t have to be 21 to be unsure if you want to commit to a relationship. Or to be, as the song says, not ready for love,” said Turner.

She adds: “’You Do Something To Me’ is more of a vibe. We were going for an impressionistic approach to songwriting–Imagery that evokes an emotional environment, without being very specific or literal. I think there’s room for people to have different interpretations of what this song is about. It is an incredibly special song to me and my creative partner Nur Nur Cummings. In writing for Zaréh, we grew stronger as a writing team, and did our best to help develop Zaréh as an artist.”



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