Zak Waters “Bad Things” Original Song – Songland 2020

Zak Waters “Bad Things” Original Song – Songland 2020

Here is a new release before the panel in its raw force…Zak Waters “Bad Things” Original Song – Songland 2020.

Read more about Zak and some of the comments about the OSP highlighted.

Zak Waters – Singer, Producer, Writer, Mixer – Los Angeles … › profiles › 54561-zak-waters

Singer, Producer, Writer, Mixer Zak Waters – Listen to samples, read reviews, learn more, contact. Read interview with Zak Waters, see credits, and hire.

This song was everything !!! Idk if it’s the right fit for boys II men but it’s still a banger. This show really gave me a new appreciation for songwriters Never really stood still to think about how much goes into writing a song. Talent upon talent
I want this song. The chorus and the falsettos were nice. Why are Ryan’s ears sooo good. He can hear the magic
NOW this is the perfect way to start a long weekend

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