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World Taekwondo Golden Buzzer AGT 2021 Journey video

World Taekwondo Golden Buzzer AGT 2021 Journey video


Here is Terry Crews’  act to move straight into the live shows…World Taekwondo Golden Buzzer AGT 2021 Journey video.

The finale was action-packed routine…watch

Back-to-back performances showcase the talent of this act!

Several links are provided below for you to investigate their details.

The World Taekwondo demonstration team may have missed the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, but they did earn Gold on the Olympics of talent:


Post performance interview with some members


The Demonstration Team delivers a jaw-dropping performance and receives the Golden Buzzer from Terry Crews!

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Demonstration Team gets Golden Buzzer!

 Demonstration Team gets Golden Buzzer! America’s Got Talent June 16, 2021 Entering tonight’s America’s Got Talent episode, we knew that Terry Crews would be handing down a Golden Buzzer.
The  Demonstration Team impressed the judges at Italia’s Got Talent audition, as judge Mara Maionchi secured the team’s automatic place in the final by pressing the golden buzzer. The Demonstration Team wowed the 2,000 spectators that filled the theater, who showed their appreciation and excitement at the mastery of the power and skill…

Gary Norman

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