Women Finalists Voice Australia Grand Finale Week video

Women Finalists Voice Australia Grand Finale Week video

Here is a new release clip featuring the final four women in season 8. Lara, Madi, Chynna, and Diana want your vote. Women Finalists Voice Australia Grand Finale Week video.

Twelve contestants remain four of them are female. Aside from the gender focus, they all bring their own strength and weaknesses to the competition. This final week three shows switch from a coach voting focus to the public vote focus. The Australian public gets to decide the outcome.

Who will win? I do not know. However, here is a review of the women who have made the finals this season and a snapshot comparison for you to offer your opinion.

It is all about popularity, the connection to the singer and their music. It is all live!  What could go wrong?

Our season 8 coverage page is here. Highlights and many full performance videos are listed.

Live shows part one and two are here!

The warrior women of The Finals | The Voice Australia 2019


Lara Dabbagh – newbie

Lara is the newest entrant in the competition, being her first attempt in contrast to the other three females in the competition. She has been a fresh of clean air and has apparently grown in her development under.

She has been watching the show since she was nine and wants to be like those people up on tv! – from the clip. Wanting to be “a good generational role model” is a strong goal.

Does she have the potential? Her inexperience will be an obstacle she will have to overcome, however, she may surprise many people.

Lara Dabbagh 'Green Light' – The Voice Australia 2019 Finals


Oddities, she holds position #4 with Zeek “Lovely”, a strong positive for her (and Zeek), however, the other work, includes #85 “Scars To Your Beautiful, and  #96/96 on the seasons iTunes list with “Umbrella.” Live show #1 Top 16 – Lara with Lordes’ Green Light! #43!



Madi Krstevski – All-star

In comparison to Lara, Madi is an all-star and this is not her first appearance on a reality show. So her strength aside from her good vocals is the experience of past appearances. Her popularity on iTunes has not been top tier, with all her performances appearing in the lower tier of 98 songs since the auditions to date.

She is young and vibrant in her stage presence willing to follow her coach George’s lead trying new production including appearance, song choices and on-stage presentation.

Has she a chance of winning the show? Potentially yes…given her status and experience. It all comes down how many people support her. “She thinks it is her time….”

Madi Krstevski 'I'm A Slave 4 U' – The Voice Australia 2019 Finals

#22 Leave a Light On with Lee Harding is her best place. #58 “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” then “IDGAF” at #63. #81 “I’m A Slave 4 U



Chynna Taylor – All-star

In comparison to Madi, Chynna is an all-star as well. This season is not her first commercial reality show rodeo. Hailing from the United States she has one of the two powerhouse female voices remaining in the competition.

Chynna won high praise from Guy Sebastian. “I have not seen you so vulnerable!” Which captures her journey this season well. Her song list is below, and the buying public has only rewarded “Shallow” as her highest-ranked performance. The last appearance Alone, a 1980’s hit by the all-girl band Heart….(ranked)

The Finals: Chynna Taylor sings 'Alone' | The Voice Australia 2019

Given the 80’s song Alone by Heart…and the twist about her being a long way from home. Are they holding her a prisoner?

Her appearances in the iTunes show list – #20 “Shallow,#38, “Alone” by Heart, #41 “Never Tear Us Apart,” with Diana, and Kim Sheehy. #57 “Papa Don’t Preach,” a

Diana Rouvas – All-star

Diana – “I have worked really hard, It is my time, do or die.”

In comparison to Chynna and Madi (the other all-stars), Diana seems to be the gold standard. Her strength is in her own self, the power and control of her vocals are of the highest standard. The other quality is her tone, and that places her in my opinion as to the best overall female vocal remaining in this competition. The other strength is her coach and mentor George seems to be connected with her and has embraced her maturity in the business.

Will she win? She has the potential, song choice and her fan base really have to get behind her. Her iTunes results appear below.

Diana Rouvas 'A Song For You' – The Voice Australia 2019 Finals

Diana Rouvas performed “A Song For You” by Donny Hathaway which was claimed to be flawless, you decide.

#14 A Song for You, #41 “Freedom” with Prinnie #51 “I’ll Never Love Again,” and #53 “Vision Of Love.”



Sorry ladies, the men have it this year. Jack, Jordan, Mitch, Sheldon, and Daniel….too good imo. 🙂
Very strong group of singers overall (though not sure why the rapper is in this competition)

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