Week Highlights Blog Voice 2019 Season 17 video

Week Highlights Blog Voice 2019 Season 17 video


Superstars Kelly ClarksonJohn Legend, and Blake Shelton return as coaches for the upcoming 17th season of the four-time Emmy Award-winning musical competition. Carson Daly also returns as host. Week Highlights Blog Voice 2019 Season 17 video.

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This week October 7, 8… from


Myracle Holloway audition link here…Blake and Gwen turned for her performance. She is 44 years young, has brought a sad backstory, at 19 she met Earth Wind and Fire band member toured extensively. She took a break from music to reset her family relationships. She believes she thinks from a different place, a survivor! Both Blake and Gwen turned. He called her voice a gift and loved the performance. She chose Gwen over Blake.

Ricky Braddy is 36 from NC, now lives in Nashville, TN, and excited to sing for us tonight. He was raised in a gospel world and revealed his sexuality. Blake and John start the turns, followed by Gwen. John talked about getting into the finale, Gwen called his voice authentic, a glorious moment, one more space on her team. Blake talked about the big stuff in the song, wants him to ignore Gwen’s pitch. He chose Blake! Range, power, and voice.

Damali, 16, from California, attended a military school, her parents did that for her. A great opportunity for her to shine. Kelly went to the last second! Blake had no idea that she pushed. Oops…Kelly corrected him.

Steve Knill, 37 from San Francisco, he sang Up To The Mountain and moved Kelly to turn her chair early into the performance. Kelly default team member.

Damali, Destiny Rayne, Gracee Shriver, Khalea Lynee, Matthew McQueen, Ricky Braddy, Steve Knill, and Zoe Upkins are dark on social media.

Regarding songs (for when iTunes updates tomorrow):
-Destiny Rayne sang When We Were Young
-If you see Ocean Eyes, that’s likely gonna be Damali (if that last source is accurate)
-If you see Somebody to Love, that’s likely gonna be Caroline Reilly (ditto^)


Watch the full episode 5 here

Joana Martinez is 15 years old from Miami Florida, we meet the family and in school, she was selected as most likely to win the show. In the intro was mentioned working with Kelly. Auditioning with Call Out My Name (early release clip last Friday!) All three jumped in. Legend held out. Gwen claimed she connected to well in her presentation on stage and the voice was beautiful. Kelly went to opening the eyes. Blake countered by keeping her eyes closed, and how you moved us to turn. Three people in the finale coach. She chose Team Blake. Joama impressed Blake with her maturity during the audition.

Brooke Stephenson, 28 moved from Connecticut, sang Let Him Fly now lives in Los Angeles. She moved to Berkely School for business and quit her job and looked for other work to support her singing. Hard pitching from Kelly, Gwen, and Blake, with all interrupting him. She chose Kelly. Kelly stated she loved her and super stoked.

Zack Bridges, 28 from Pearl, Mississippi,  a health care worker in the VA. Blake sensed this audition would be country, and it was one of his own songs. Blake turned, then Gwen. Gwen is a huge fan of Blake. Kelly did not want to be a rejection and wished him the best. Blake moved to Nashville at 17 and shared his story, his signature song, timeless, great job. He chose Blake.

EllieMae from Idaho, auditioned with Merry Go Round grow up on a dairy farm and Blake turned exclusively. She had tears of happiness. He heard enough and wants to coach her.


Callie Lee 27, Atlanta Georgia, fast food worker, from she, auditioned with No Excuses, no chair turn. Out of breath, off-key.

Jessie Lawrence, 31, New Jersey, a commercial painter, his outlet is singing and dancing. Do the work, growing up and making it, it is pretty real today. Gwen turned.

Brennan Henson, 20 from Flint Michigan, the producers went back to 2014 water contamination. Music took the front of his life, and he spoke about Gwen helping him become a rockstar he wants to be. Gwen was jiving to the audition. Blake waited until the last moment to press his button. She went down the pitch about family and how cute he is.  Blake talked about why he did turn and his geniality. He chose Gwen.

Jared Herzog, from Niceville Florida, classically trained voice, he was supported by Jordan Smith season 9 winner because of his academic school. He talked about entering the biggest stage of his life, his love for his family and girlfriend Cree.  Blake and John turned early. He auditioned with Speechless, then Gwen joined the party. Three chairs. Lots of silly pitching between the coaches. He chose John Legend.

Clayton Cowell, 27 from Virginia, a tatoo artist, talks about the stage and the opportunity, art and music form a big part of his life. He auditioned with Just Friends. No turns.

Lauren Hall, 25 from West Hollywood, has been auditioning for the show for the past seven years, now is her chance. She is working to be known as a singer, then we meet the family lead by her father from Honduras. Gameday, bring it. Kelly jumped in so fast, the girl voice she has been holding for…Kelly by default.


Matt New, 29 from Midland Texas, had a love for music at 18, then family happened, and took a gym trainer position. His wife offered emotional support, not like so many others, true love in this young family. Kelly pressed first, then Gwen joined in the chase. John jumped in at the end. Blake called it a foul for turning. This is a crazy season they all talk over each other, no breaks when they are after this. Kelly just interjects too much!

Monty Montarao – Nashville, Tennessee no turns due to lack of control.

Ricky Duran 29, Worcester MAS was the last act on the night, we revisit his early childhood and videos. His father took his own life when Ricky was 22 live his best life. His mother passed away last year, live your best life.

All or Nothing (O-Town)
Call Out My Name (The Weeknd)Joana Martinez Sneak Peek
Just Friends (Sunny) (Musiq)
Let Him Fly (Patty Griffin)
Merry Go’ Round (Kacey Musgraves)
NO EXCUSES (Meghan Trainor) – Possibly Callie Lee (no chair)
Ol’ Red (Blake Shelton)
One And Only (Adele)
Remedy (The Black Crowes)
Riptide (Vance Joy)
River (Leon Bridges) – Source said someone who sang “River” was a four-chair. Maybe Ricky Duran?
Speechless (Dan + Shay)
Sunflower (Post Malone)

Best Part (Daniel Caesar)
It Ain’t Over ‘Til It’s Over (Lenny Kravitz)
Ocean Eyes (Billie Eilish) – DAMALI GUTIERREZ
The Story (Brandi Carlile)
Make You Feel My Love (Adele)
Up to the Mountain (Patty Griffin)
When I Was Your Man (Bruno Mars)

Destiny Rayne apparently sang When We Were Young but maybe they confused it with another Adele song?

The montage or clip tonight

Ricky Duran, Jared Herzog, Zach Bridges, Jessie Lawrence, and Brennen Henson for Monday, and Joana Martinez.

Ellie Mae  hinted they are on this week.

Matt New posted “Tomorrow!!!!”

Brooke Stephenson and Caroline Reilly are unknown when to appear.
Lauren Hall has a Livestream for Monday as every episode.

Regarding songs (for when iTunes updates tomorrow):
Matt New said he’s doing something “unexpected” so maybe consider that?
-Destiny Rayne sang When We Were Young
-If you see Ocean Eyes, that’s likely gonna be Damali (if that last source is accurate)
-If you see Somebody to Love, that’s likely gonna be Caroline Reilly (ditto^)



Song choices this week


Tuesday, October 1, 2019 episode 1704.

Continuing from Monday 1703 episode, Cali Wilson 28, a kickboxer instructor, gets her into the zone, influenced by her mother who was a singer, who gave it up as a single parent. Now she wants to give something back to her. Three chairs, Kelly was asleep. Pitches, tone, great control, Gwen felt her heart. She chose Blake.

Injoy Fountain from Kansas single mother wants it all for her child, raised by her Pat, an emotional background with her child and adopted mother. She sang 7 Rings, Ariana Grande. Kelly turned, with Gwen shortly thereafter. She chose Kelly.

Jordan Chase, 19 from Pensacola Florida, was living in New Orleans during hurricane Katrina, found himself through music and his escape according to his parents. Both Blake and Gwen turned. Good pitching from them both. He chose Blake.

Dane and Stephanie are twins from New Jersey, Dane was born a girl, now transgender was afraid of his sister’s and family reaction. He takes hormones as part of his transition, and Stephanie is thankful for the blind auditions are set up based on voice only. John Legend turned followed by Blake. More pitching. They chose John.

James Violet, 20 years of age, Syracuse UT, moved to LA to go out and busk to make ends meet, returned home, Sweet Creature from Harry Styles…Kelly turned the first two bars, and at the end comes Blake and Gwen. Kelly went inside herself not having to fight. Pitches, songwriter questions, name of songs, Kelly claimed a moment and wants him to pick her. Blake told him about taking a journey then was interrupted by the panel. It seems like a new tactic, (edited for time?). He chose Gwen.

Jordan McCullogh from Tennessee loves his jacket color, music was his crutch for living through tough times and a future. A church singer who auditioned with Let Me Love You. No turns for Jordan.

Preston C. Howell performs “Dream a Little Dream of Me” during The Voice Blind Auditions.

He is 14 and Gwen ejects out of her seat so fast, like she has not ever met a child singer ever. From Miami Florida four chairs and watch the rest of the video. According to a report Maelyn Jarmon tried to sway him to pick her coach….but was cut in the video shown. Maybe it will air? If true then what do you say about that type of on-stage pitching?

He chose John…



Monday, September 30, 2019 episode.

Mendeleyev from Santa Barbara CA, he lost his mother recently to cancer. he describes himself as a multi-instrumental producer and Los Angeles based singer-songwriter spreading funky soul-folk all over the world. His father was part of the preperformance – Girl from the North Country just guitar only. Four chair turn. Kelly called it so heartfelt. Gwen talked about his connection to music. More pitching. He chose John.

Jake Hoot 30 from Tennessee, eight siblings, moved back to the States at age 20, he talked about his young daughter. When It Rains It Pours…Kelly went first…and was the winner by default. Blake thought Kelly used her block on him. You are the real deal!

Calvin Locketts 25 from North Carolina, sang Just My Imagination by The Temptations had a background in church choirs. Kelly did not turn, while the other three turned. Legend called it a masterful performance. Blake talked about being out of his lane and called him as being a star. He picked Gwen, she danced.

Josie Jones Men and Mascara by Julie Roberts 16 from Hamilton Alabama, an outdoors girl who loves her country music…Blake and John turned. The full comments are on the video linked. She chose Blake apologizing to John.


Johnny Sanchez from California, 30 years old he sang Seven Spanish Angels Willie Nelson, married with twin boys, looking for a break. No chairs.

Marybeth Boyd, she works on her food truck with her father, her mother bought her a piano at an early age. She is just graduating high school, from a small town to the big stage (John)

Tamika J, from Miami, a behavioral specialist teacher talked about her career and cultural heritage background. No turns.

Kiara Brown, 21 from Las Vegas Nevada, a child prodigy and music was her foundation, and a songwriter wrote a song for the massacre in Vegas. Free Fallin’ guitar soloist, Blake turned as did Gwen! She chose Gwen.

Melinda Rose Rodriguez 23, she is working on her Master’s degree, we meet her mother and brother Chris. He has a chronic heart condition and wants to be a singer. Eva Cassidy rendition of A Wonderful World brought Kelly and Gwen quick lightning fast turns. Both pitched hard for her, in the end, she chose Kelly.

Jon Rizzo, 34, we meet the family and his father has been music for his life, joining up with the son to form a band. He sang Let Her Cry by Hootie and The Blowfish. No turns.

Cali Wilson 28, a kickboxer instructor, gets her into the zone, influenced by her mother who was a singer, who gave it up as a single parent. Now she wants to give something back to her. Three chairs, Kelly was asleep. Pitches, tone, great control, Gwen felt her heart. She chose Blake.


The Voice 2019 Season 17 News Contestants Judges


Summary… A wide range of artist/contestants/candidates this week. All the coaches benefited from the produced lineup. Standouts for me were Katie, Brennan, and Kyndal. Others will develop over the coming weeks and months. Love the blocks. This is a dynamic panel.


Tuesday night – episode two…

Shane Q performed Tennessee Whiskey for his blind audition…From Sacramento CA, special needs shuttle driver. He talked about his childhood as a shy child and how that has changed. Gwen was first to turn, opening 20 seconds…, then Kelly turned for I want you, then Blake and JL. Four chairs…Kelly already claims he will be in the final and she loves to dive in and out of genres. He chose Kelly.

Max Boyle from Toledo OH, 23… youngest of six children, he became more conscious of his wants to follow music in recent years. JL blocked Kelly! She did not respond well to the block. He defaulted to JL

Hello Sunday, a duo from *, Chelsie and Milo, not sisters, 13 and 14 years, the name is for new beginnings. Kelly Clarkson went for the girls.

Emily Bass 16 years of age, Blank Space, revealed a not common disease that hindered her vocals. Gwen said that she liked the vocal. Alas, no turns, and Gwen admitted to being so close. Blake talked about their role to be a coach.

Royce Lovett from Tallahassee from Florida talked about music and rapping within his artistry. Coffee houses and other gigs have been his present exposure in music. Gwen turned and called out Wow, Yeah, then Blake jumped into the battle. Gwen called this her lane and not Blakes. He picked Gwen.

Elise Azkoul, she comes from a musical family, her grandfather wrote music for Donna Summer, and she won a turn from Gwen.

Corey Jackson, a guitarist with a country roots, singing Galveston by Glen Campbell. As he finishes the blinds he is off to get married. Blake turned, as did Kelly, then Gwen…Outcomes the pitches. He picked Blake.



Tuesday 9/24/2019

Emily Bass and Cory Jackson will be on tonight making the 5 chairs Cory, Emily, Hello Sunday, Royce, and Shane.


Monday episode 1

Katie Kaden – Baby I Love You by Aretha Franklin see videos below… John turned first and one the pitch for Katie. Four chairs, one block (Blake blocked Kelly)! Eight years performing and from Chicago.

Jake HaldenVang – Wish I Knew You, 24 from Charlotte NC, AC/DC fan in his youth, bought a career in a guitar, to become a 200 shows a year band member. Three turns, Kelly held out, then she stayed asleep. Outcomes the Gwen rock chick bringing a hard-soft sell. Blake talked about the rock country relationship, Kelly offered Gwen. Jake went with Gwen!

Jay Miah – Never Enough from The Greatest Showman, 30 from Tampa Florida, drag singer, an all-inclusive claim made, wanting to show range. No turns. People come back all the time. It was not enough all together…JL.


Brennan Lassiter – You Are My Sunshine, 20, from South Carolina, this was her biggest singing performance, her grandparents stepped in to raise Brennan. Blake, Kelly, Gwen then JL turned. Welcome to the voice Brennan! Kelly begged for a chance and the other two instead of Blake. Gwen sold her on her and Blake’s service. She chose Kelly. 

Rose Short – Preach by John Legend, 34 Killeen Texas, former corrections officer, who loves her family chose to sing to JL, Kelly responded first, then Gwen turned for double chairs. Girls pitching to a single girl. Kelly claimed she could be in the finale. Rose chose Gwen Stefani!

Will Breman – Say You Be Mine by The Spice Girl, 25 from Santa Barbara CA. He busks to deal with his autism Aspergers and a chance to break his circumstances. JL and Gwen turned for Will. He was very excited…Gwen talked about his character and voice. Kelly spoke to joining Gwen as did Blake over John. JL spoke to his originality and he joined him on stage. Will chose JL.

Alex Guthrie – Love and Happiness, 25  from Marietta, Georgia. He has done songwriting and music commercials with Jennifer Hudson no less. Alex opened Kelly Clarkson and they never met at the time. He was told she called him possessing the voice of an angel. He chose Kelly.

Kat Hammock – Vienna by Billy Joel, 18 from California, claims to be an introvert, musically based in coffee shops, etc. her music is not from her parents. Kelly predicated blurted that they will pick JL. Blake and Gwen went for her. Gwen wants a pet girl, angel singer and she has that skirt as well. Blake pleaded for her to pick him. Kat chose Blake.

CJ WashingtonSo Tired of Being Alone by Al Green 29, California, family support, has years and years of practice in his craft. No turns for CJ. JL went close but pulled back. Gwen talked about confidence, JL talked about lack of connection, lay down the most solid vocal advice from Blake.

Timmy HoodMake it Rain by Ed Sheeran from 19, Michigan, family support, brother in the marines and turns up for his audition. However, no turns, he needs more experience. You can come back.

Marina Chello – Walk Me Home, from 37, New York, was a recording artist but was released, here for a second chance via this platform. Blake and Kelly went for the high notes towards the end. Gwen called her in Kelly’s lane, stepping on Blake’s pitch. Blake called her voice a final winning one. Kelly spoke to using her lower range. Marina chose Blake.


Kyndal Inskeep – Never Been to Spain, 22 from Nashville, TN – she works on her music at night a nanny during the day. From a divorced family, she claims depression in her childhood from family situations.  Gwen blocked Blake in her turn. He pressed and realized it straight away. Kelly turned towards the end of her performance. Gwen wanted to just do it. Kyndal chose Gwen.

Katie Kadan first new season contestant released by production. Watch the video. One coach was blocked.

This latest exclusive “Gwen’s Back revealed two contestants who chose her. More revealed below.


The Voice 2019 Season 17 News Contestants Judges

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