Watch Dogs: Legion: Official Trailer & Launch watch

Watch Dogs: Legion: Official & Launch Trailer

The new update 1 arrives May 4th with all-new content for Online Mode and Season Pass holders. Watch Dogs: Legion: First Update Launch Trailer.

Great a breakdown of what to expect with Watch Dogs: Legion’s first update including a look at the new playable hero character, Mina Sidhu. Additionally, the update brings a new DedSec Stories mission, and more.via IGN

Some of the promo wording included this…

Play as the new character, Mina Sidhu, and use mind control on enemies to take back London and fight for the people.

Just what is needed in London these days?

Through Online Mode, experience all-new co-op missions and character customization.

Ubisoft [NA]

Here are some genuine comments

Are we all just going to ignore the chaos symbol. Someone is a servant of chaos in Ubisoft somewhere.
Mina seems cool and her abilities are interesting. Would’ve been good to hear her voice for the campaign. That’s my biggest worry that the voice acting for season pass characters won’t be that great.
I didn’t expect this to actually look this solid. Good job!

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