Watch 10 Most Inspiring Animal Rescues video

Watch 10 Most Inspiring Animal Rescues video

This is a viral video on YouTube published on January 7, 2020. Some of the stories are explained below. Watch 10 Most Inspiring Animal Rescues videos.

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10 Most Inspiring Animal Rescues

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Animals can be fierce, defensive and wild. But sometimes, they find themselves stuck in terrible situations that put their lives at risk. It is only through the help of humans that these animals are able to overcome these challenges and carry on with their lives. Today I’ll be showing you 10 Animal Rescues that will surely melt your heart and make you want to go out and look for ways to help the animals around you. Stay tuned all the way to number one! It’s the ultimate animal rescue, one that many people call: The Greatest Animal Rescue Ever.

A Cat on the Freeway

Some animals can be in danger right in front of our noses without us even noticing. That was the case of a small kitten that was trapped in the middle of a freeway in Los Angeles, right off the fast lane. With so many cars driving by, it was hard for the kitten to get out of there and it was hard for the drivers to spot the cat and save him. Luckily, a driver named Sheila Greene was able to spot the kitten and immediately sent a text to Hope for Paws, an animal rescue team that would know what to do. The staff immediately came to the scene, following Sheila’s instructions. She couldn’t take a photo, but she gave clear directions to find the poor kitten. The team was able to find the kitten and noticed an eye infection and malnourishment. They named him Little Napoleon and immediately fed him and cleansed him. We don’t know why someone would leave a small cute cat in the middle of the freeway, but we’re lucky to have people like Sheila and the rescue team.

The Fawn in the Frozen

Lake Winter can be a scary time for animals. As the temperatures get lower and the bodies of water freeze over, some animals are not ready for the challenges that come in such conditions. That was the case of a poor innocent fawn that got stuck in the middle of a frozen lake and would have remained there if it wasn’t for the help of some hunters who were nearby to rescue him. The hunters had already seen something odd around the lake area, but they hadn’t noticed it was a fawn! They found the fawn with his back legs stuck inside a hole while his front legs kept him from sinking. The hunters brought the fan to the shore, but his hind legs were still struggling against the slippery ground. He was then brought to a more solid ground where he was able to fully stand on his four legs and run back to his mom!

The Paralysed Dog

A few years ago, a rescue team in Udaipur, India got a call regarding a dog that couldn’t walk after being hit by a car. When the team came to check on the dog, they learned that the dog’s spine had been hurt during the impact and that produced severe nerve damage. That was what kept the dog from properly using his hind legs. The dog kept staring at his legs as if he was trying to figure out why they wouldn’t move and why he couldn’t properly use them. While nerve damage is often irreparable, the team decided to give it a try and see how much they could do for the dog. To their surprise, after a lot of weeks of rest and physical therapy, the dog was able to walk on his four legs again. They named him Georgie and became an inspiration for more people in the area to help their local stray dogs that are victims of a lot of accidents.

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