Voice Season 17 Contestant Spoilers and Team read

Voice Season 17 Contestant Spoilers and Team read

Here is the first look at names, teams and other information for you…Voice Season 17 Contestant Spoilers and Team read.

You will find previews, actual performances, and results in this post. Spoilers for the knockouts and into the commencement of the live shows revealed below.

Updated programming schedule:


Mon 11/4 is knockouts 3, and 11/5 is knockouts 4.

Nov 11: live playoffs commence.

Short news Schedules updated yesterday


It will be a top 13 to top 11

2 artists eliminated. Also, the top 13 is dedication weeks.

Episode descriptions are up through the first week of live shows AND

Monday night: Live top 20 perform 8-10 E

11/11/2019 (08:00 PM -- 10:01 PM) (Monday): The Top 20 artists perform in front of coaches Kelly Clarkson, John Legend, Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani for their chance at a spot in the Top 13. All 20 artists will perform live. Carson Daly (“TODAY Show”) hosts.

Tues night: Results (8-9): Top 8 revealed, each coach then gets one save. And then

11/12/2019 (08:00 PM -- 09:00 PM) (Tuesday): In the live results show, eight artists will be revealed as safe by America’s votes and the coaches, Kelly Clarkson, John Legend, Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani, will each select an artist to save. The remaining artists from each team with the highest overnight vote will have a chance to compete for the Wild Card and one artist will continue on. Carson Daly (“TODAY Show”) hosts.

The remaining artists from each team with the highest overnight vote total will have a chance to compete for the wild card and will remain on the show for a final top 13.


Knockouts Start -- Taylor Swift was the guest mentor… This is/was the second and final week of Knockouts…

Highlights from the round this week of final knockouts.

Tuesday: November 5, 2019

Team John:

Marybeth Byrd  All I Ask (Adele) vs. Preston Howell The Way You Look Tonight (Frank Sinatra)

Marybeth was 18, turned four chairs, with Blake blocked. He called her a potential winner. Taylor wanted her to warm up her register and customize her voice. Preston was 15 at the time of production in the KO series. You can watch the video release using the link. Preston sang first and while he sang well it was rather predictable, withholding personality and connection to the song. Marybeth went second and was more connected to the song and showcased her personality to the audience. Gwen spoke nicely to both of them. Blake talked nice about their performances not critical at all. John called Marybeth the winner. Preston has all the opportunities in the future, good luck to him.

Team Blake:

Ricky Braddy: Terrified to Sing John Legend's "So High" in Front of John - The Voice Knockouts 2019

Ricky Braddy So High by John Legend.  vs. Zach Bridges The Dance (Garth Brooks) Ricky started the rehearsal, Taylor wanted more stillness, and get lost in his physicality. Blake called his rehearsal was impressive. Zach grew up on country music and make fans for life. Taylor wanted him to move, go loud, and shake it off… Who is the most believable? Was it smart to perform a Legend song in front of him?

Zach Bridges's Tone Is Perfect on the Garth Brooks Classic "The Dance" - The Voice Knockouts 2019

Zach performed second with this classic country song. Blake claimed that both of them really laid it out there. He chose Ricky Braddy… Zach went home.

Team Gwen:

Myracle Holloway vs. Calvin Lockett This knockout was cut down for a time. The winner was Myracle. Calvin was eliminated without a note… (maybe a first) in this part of the season.

Team Kelly:

Damali Wonderfully Tells the Story of "Sober" - The Voice Knockouts 2019

Damali Sober (Demi Lovato) vs. Gracee Shriver  Leave The Pieces The Wreckers. More fangirling from both towards Taylor. Damali attends military school, sang rehearsal first impressing both Taylor and Kelly. Gracee and Taylor relate as being tall blonde and started in cowboy boots. Both girls are 16. Taylor suggested a different way to deliver the lyrics to that she rehearsed. Damali performed first.

Gracee Shriver's Tone Is Incredible on "Leave the Pieces" - The Voice Knockouts 2019

Gracee performed second. This was one of the best performances of the night. Kelly created her own dilemma pairing these two. Similar ages, but different genres. Blake is a fan of her tone. Damali received praise from all the coaches. Gracee was favored by John and Blake. Kelly chose Damali! Blake swooped in for Gracee!

Final knockout showed this season, leaving us with Blake’s final steal. Blake got Gracee from this knockout. That completes the KO’s and spoilers for the season. Thank you to IdolForums.com for their insight into this season.

The Top 20 looks (close to this)… updated

Team Kelly:
Hello Sunday
Jake Hoot
Shane Q
Max Boyle (steal)

Team Gwen:
Jake HaldenVang
Kyndal Inskeep
Myracle Holloway
Rose Short
Joana Martinez (steal)

Team John:
Katie Kadan
Khalea Lynee
Marybeth Byrd
Will Breman
Alex Guthrie (steal)

Team Blake:
Cali Wilson
Kat Hammock
Ricky Duran

Ricky Braddy
Gracee Shriver (steal)





Monday: November 4, 2019

Team Gwen:

Rose Short's "Big White Room" Is Blake's Favorite Performance of the Knockouts - The Voice Knockouts

 Rose Short Big White Room -- Jessie J vs. Destiny Rayne Tell Me You Love Me (Demi Lovato) Taylor wanted Destiny to delve into the emotional side. She took good direction from the mentors. Taylor claimed Rose has the inbuilt magnetism, that brought tears from her. Lots of praise from both Gwen and Taylor, fangirl Rose. Rose’s rendition was one of the best vocals this season hands down.

John Thinks Destiny Rayne Attacks Her Song with Power and Charisma - The Voice Knockouts 2019


Destiny followed with her performance. Kelly dressed in Kermit green, the feeling and vibe, Rose is an impressive singer…Blake thought Rose’s performance was the best of the KO’s this far. John…Destiny power and emotion. Rose was phenomenal.., Gwen was moved more by Rose. Destiny went home.

Jake HaldenVang's "Powerful" Performance Reminds Kelly of Prince - The Voice Knockouts 2019

Jake HaldenVang Powerful (Major Lazer ft. Ellie Goulding) vs. Royce Lovett Wake Me Up (Avicii). Jake has been playing music for 9 years on his own. Gwen wants her to be more exposed and Taylor talked about using his eyes, looking at everyone. Royce wants the message of the song to get out. Taylor called him a significant presence and move to the edge and stand in front of the audience. Jake performed first. No move to the edge. Still powerful rendition.

Royce Lovett Has Stage Presence for Days Performing "Wake Me Up" - The Voice Knockouts 2019


Royce performed second this KO, he delivered a consistent good vocal. All the coaches liked their performances…Blake did not expect that from Royce, wanted to see more personality from Jake. Gwen was really impressed with her fellow coaches and felt split. The moment Jake was the winner, Royce went home. Good luck.

Team Kelly:

Hello Sunday (Almost Is Never Enough – Ariana Grande) vs. Alex Guthrie (I’m Not The Only One – Sam Smith) – STOLEN BY JOHN
-Kelly apparently felt like Hello Sunday was more “unique” and there was no one else like them in the competition. John stole Alex.
-Source argues that Hello Sunday is literally being carried by one member because the other isn’t that good.

Alex chose the song due to his past relationships and trust. Taylor called his voice good and stage dynamics using his body and vocals. Then was Hello Sunday girls. Chelsea talked about their connection to music back in Atlanta. Taylor was shattered by the young girl’s performance, fully crying, really great…Kelly called it as being blown away. Alex picked up that he would have a hard time winning this KO! Kelly was super screwed….inappropriate, choose better words etc..

Kelly chose Hello Sunday. Alex was stolen by John.

Shane Q Does a Perfect Job on the Vocals of "In Case You Didn't Know" - The Voice Knockouts 2019

 Shane Q In Case You Didn’t Know (Brett Young) vs. Kiara Brown The Bones (Maren Morris)(stolen from Gwen) (Kelly’s final pairing is Tuesday). She is inspired by Maren Morris as being a singer-songwriter. Taylor addressed the hook, expand the second hook…Then Shane chose the Brett Young song claiming Kelly expanded his confidence. Taylor wanted more emotion as if he got the girl etc…Shane sang first.

Kiara Brown Dazzles in Her Performance of "The Bones" - The Voice Knockouts 2019

Kiara made her strong claim for the win with this strong performance. Well done. Blake called her one of her standouts this season and called Shane very capable and went with him. John talked about Kiara’s energy. He talked about Shane was more conversational and went with Shane. Gwen, her former coach, Shane she called fun to watch. Kelly talked about her growth, talked about his hesitancy. Kiara showed her personality and wanted more from Shane. Kelly thought Shane was more ready. Kiara hard-luck young lady. Keep at it!


Team John:

Will Breman Is Magnetic Singing Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber's "I Don't Care" - The Voice Knockouts

Will Breman I Don’t Care (Ed Sheeran & Justin Bieber) vs. Zoe Upkins Like I’m Gonna Lose You (Meghan Trainor ft. John Legend) Soulful pop singers according to John. More fangirling from everyone towards Taylor. Will chose Ed Sheeran who is a hero in his world. Taylor talked about simplifying the song. Zoe talked about treasuring time with people, Sara Gains recent passing was mentioned. Taylor talked about good intuition in her stage work. She mentioned how John is very into managing his team.

Zoe Upkins Is Poised Beyond Her Years Performing "Like I'm Gonna Lose You" - The Voice Knockouts

Zoe sang first. Will sang second. Gwen called Zoe’s performance really good. Will was so good and a huge fan. Kelly, Will straight-up fun, Zoe is not normal, so fluid, and refused to help him Legend. Blake talked about Will was brilliant, called Zoe as mature. John talked about her age, at 16, thanked her for letting him work with her. Will made him excited, creativity and artistry. John chose Will. Zoe was eliminated. Good luck Zoe.

Team Blake:

Kat Hammock Truly Makes "Kiss Me" Her Own - The Voice Knockouts 2019

 Kat Hammock Kiss Me (Sixpence None the Richer) vs. Lauren Hall Breakaway -- Kelly Clarkson.  Kat has dedicated this song to her mother…Taylor called her unique as Blake worships her voice. Do not be nervous on the night. Lauren spoke about how crushed she was by Kelly and used Breakaway as her story to tell to us. Blake wants her to find the breathing for the song, crack in her voice is unique. Was Lauren looking to send a special message back to Clarkson? Blake thought so, asked Taylor to share the message with her! Kat went first, starting with a slow rendition, her voice is totally recognizable, then she sped it up to make it her own.

Lauren Hall Takes on Kelly Clarkson's "Breakaway" Right in Front of Kelly - The Voice Knockouts 2019

Lauren attempted a version of the KC classic and it was not as good as it could have been. Maybe to fast and breathing. John some praise for Lauren, however, called Kat as more flawless. Kelly went for Kat. She was kind to Lauren about her cover of Breakaway. Blake, he was really happy for both of them, handling it all really all. Blake chose Kat. He called her a threat.



You’ll Be in My Heart (Phil Collins)

Only 7 songs on Tuesday. Wonder what didn’t get added properly… unless someone dropped again or got completely cut out.

Monday: November 4, 2019
Kelly -- Hello Sunday Almost Is Never Enough (Ariana Grande) vs. Alex Guthrie I’m Not the Only One (Sam Smith)
Kelly  -- Shane Q vs. Kiara Brown (Kelly’s final pairing is Tuesday)
Gwen -- Rose Short vs. Destiny Rayne (promo)
Gwen -- Jake HaldenVang Powerful (Major Lazer ft. Ellie Goulding) vs. Royce Lovett Wake Me Up (Avicii)
John -- Will Breman I Don’t Care (Ed Sheeran & Justin Bieber) vs. Zoe Upkins Like I’m Gonna Lose You (Meghan Trainor ft. John Legend)
Blake -- TBA (Kat Hammock/Lauren Hall or Ricky Braddy/Zach Bridges (likely montaged/cut)); based on songs I assume it’s Kat/Lauren

Tuesday: November 5, 2019
Kelly -- Damali Sober (Demi Lovato) vs. Gracee Shriver
Gwen -- Myracle Holloway vs. Calvin Lockett (by default)
John -- Marybeth Byrd vs. Preston Howell (by default)
Blake  -- TBA (Kat Hammock/Lauren Hall or Ricky Braddy/Zach Bridges (likely montaged/cut)); based on songs I assume it’s Ricky/Zach


Results Monday: October 28, 2019 -- Tuesday follows on…

Team Blake: Cali/Marina…

Marina Chello performed first, with I Who Have Nothing by Tom Jones, wanted her to move into the audience and not air chop.

The came, Cali Wilson who performed Wicked Game by Chris Isaak, was the first to talk to Taylor and Blake. Gwen and John shouted out for Cali! John blurted she is perfect to Blake. Beautiful, pitch-perfect to Cali, astounding to Marina. Both of you guys were stunning stated Gwen. Kelly talked about how well Cali did that rendition, and Marina has a God gifted voice. Blake kicked himself,  Cali had softened herself up, Marina has been awesome from the beginning. Who grows in these situations. The winner was Cali! Marina left the show.

Team Kelly: Melinda/Jake

Jake Hoot with Cover Me Up by Jason Isbell,  an old school country singer…he impressed both coaches. Taylor spoke to his stage presence.

Melinda Rodriguez performed Always by My Baby by Mariah Carey she chose to old school jams… she shared the heart emotional story about her child. Blake talked about Kelly making a huge mistake whatever she does. Melinda talked about her wonderful tone. John loved his voice and Melinda this was her best performance. Gwen went for Jake, an ordinary guy, so familiar and incredible. Kelly, her team is stacked, gifted Melinda, she likes him being herself. Kelly chose Jake. Melinda spoke that Chris is well.

Team John: Katie/Max

Katie Kaden performed Piece of My Heart by Janis Joplin…revisited her journey in short, at 19 she stopped her musical charge. Back into music in her 30’s, the song relates to her journey.
Max Boyle sang When the party’s over by Billie Eilish. The full video is posted… with all the comments. John chose Katie. A Double Steal between Kelly and Gwen…Max chose Kelly. Kelly claimed she was not planning to press steal him.

Tuesday: October 29, 2019, revealed the following knockouts on the show.

Team John: Khalea/James


Khalea Lynee vs. James Violet… The full video is above.
-The judges commented that this was the best Khalea’s performed across all rounds thus far. James could’ve done better if he wasn’t up against someone like Khalea. The winner of the knockout according to John was…


Team Gwen: Kyndal Inskeep vs. Jessie Lawrence

Jessie Lawrence sang Dancing with a Stranger by Sam Smith ft Normani talked about his life’s journey has not been easy and music has been his safe place. Blake thought he did a good job. John stated he did a good job also.

Kyndal Inskeep Elastic Heart, Kyndal and Taylor are both based in Nashville…she has a raspy voice Gwen called her voice unique and this song is just right for her. Taylor called her amazing, loved the strip down and tone…focus on the beginning, deep dark and more uplifting at the end. Striking in her rendition…she followed TS GS advice. Blake called her voice great but gave it to Kyndal. John favored Kyndal. The winner was Kyndal! Jessie went home.


Team Blake: Ricky/Joana

Ricky Duran She Talks to Angels by the Black Crowes, he picked this song because he sounds like Chris Robinson and this is his father’s favorite song. Taylor suggested dropping the guitar and find his spot musically and in the stage presence.

Joana Martinez California Dreamin by The Mamas and the Papas -- she chose the song because of where she lives and is the dream. She fangirled over Taylor and will rub meeting her into her sister. Taylor wanted her to move to the front and layer the performance for the audience. Kelly, John went for Ricky. Gwen went for Joana. Hint! Ricky is Blake’s four-chair turn, respect. Winner was Ricky!

Ricky Duran vs. Joana Martinez  – STOLEN BY GWEN
-Ricky and Joana were both “so good,” although one source said Ricky was “slightly better”
-Gwen stole Joana “for Blake”

Gwen’s pairings went like this:

Kyndal Inskeep vs. Jessie Lawrence
Jake HaldenVang vs. Royce Lovett
Rose Short vs. Destiny Rayne
Myracle Holloway vs. Calvin Lockett


Stay by Post Malone (James violet)
Because you Loved Me by Celine Dion (Khalea Lynee)
Elastic Heart by Sia (unknown)
Dancing with a Stranger by Sam Smith ft Normani (unknown) probably a team Gwen battle
She Talks to Angels by the Black Crowes (Ricky Duran)
California Dreamin by The Mamas and the Papas (Joana Martinez)

Elastic Heart vs. Dancing With A Stranger definitely has to be a Gwen KO.
-We know it’s not Jake/Royce

-It could be Rose/Destiny, but I feel the source would’ve recognized at least Elastic Heart.
-Otherwise, it’s two from Kyndal, Myracle, Jessie, or the winner of Brennen/Calvin.
Hello Sunday’s KO is not in this week

I feel like Elastic Heart might be Myracle, it reflects her backstory a lot

Dancing With A Stranger could be Jessie?

Which would leave Kyndal vs. Brennen/Calvin

Jason Isbell is the guy who publicly disclosed that he was recruited by the Voice as a contestant.



So winners from today are Preston, Jake, Ricky B, ?, and Hello Sunday with Lauren getting stolen?

Is Ricky B confirmed to win? Yes, he was spoiled in the Taylor Swift promo. His KO partner is Zach (and by default, we get Kat/Lauren as Blake’s remaining KO pairing)

Leaving Myracle against the winner of Brennan vs Calvin


Week 5 Battles -- prediction…


Caroline Reilly vs. Jake HaldenVang (Team Gwen) Just Like a Pill. Back with her advisor will.i.am is back…together because they are the rockers on her team… Jake was in bands from a young age. Caroline is 16 years, so far along for her age, 70- 80’s rock music, from 12, guitars and duo group in her background. Just Like a Pill by Pink. Several moments of critiquing their voice rehearsal. will wanted to record Jake’s voice right now. A true compliment from one of the biggest music producers on television. Gwen stated she does not know who to pick! Kelly was impressed with Jake. Blake talked about the age, he voted for her. John went for Jake for the cool runs. Gwen talked about confidence, Caroline is her dream someone to mentor. Her gut told her to chose Jake. No soup for Caroline. SAD! Keep at it, Caroline.

Mendeleyev vs. Preston Howell, Fire and Rain by James Taylor (Team Legend) Preston is 15 (at the time) a student in high school, he sang at the US Open. Mend has hippie parents, a four-chair turn. They meet Usher, started the rehearsal. Critiquing about talking to the audience, with more through offs, the way the lyrics are exiting the mouth. Who executes the best? Usher pointed out that they were two keepers! A ballad battle?? Really. Slow slow start, low energy, the last half had more energy…so predictable. Gwen liked the flipping of the parts. Preston’s tone. Kelly recalled his low tones in the blinds, Preston won her heart. Blake talked about both being four-chair turns. John chose… Preston. Mendeleyev left the show.

Hello Sunday vs. Lauren Hall (Team Kelly) Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus. Normani was Kelly’s advisor. It was her odd pairing… Kelly’s direct quote. Lauren impresses Kelly during the blinds. The two kids are 13 and 14 respectively…this is not the kid’s show. Chelsea Glover and Myla Finks are Hello Sunday! Lauren has been auditioning for the show for several years. Both John, Blake did not help Kelly! Ha! Gwen went for Lauren. Kelly talked about their age, Lauren and her (Kelly) are very similar. She sweated the decision and wanted another 30 secs, not wanting the act to come back and beat her. She figured Blake was ready to swoop! Lauren spoke to Kelly, then walked seven steps, the Blake hit his button. Kelly chose Hello Sunday. Blake used his steal on Lauren. 


Montaged or cut short :

Brennen Henson vs. Calvin Lockett (Team Gwen) Gwen chose Calvin.

Jordan Chase vs. Ricky Braddy (Team Blake) Ricky was Blake’s choice.


-Coaches only had 1 steal and no save. The source suspects that comebacks will return this season because it was “implied” in some coach discussions.
-A coach mentioned Taylor as a mentor, so they’re assuming Taylor Swift (which means does NBC have $$$ for The Voice again or nah -- and the picture above is probably unrelated lol)
-Ricky Duran was Blake’s only 4-chair turn this season, based on coach discussions.
-John’s remaining pairing is Marybeth Byrd vs. Preston Howell
-The main source confirmed 2-3 blonde girls on Team Blake in the group photo. They believe them to be Lauren Hall (blondish brown hair, sequined outfit), Cali Wilson (taller girl), and possibly Brennan Lassiter (blonde girl, two colored pantsuit).

Team Gwen:
Jake HaldenVang (Powerful -- Major Lazer) vs. Royce Lovett (Wake Me Up -- Avicii)
-No steal. Royce seemed to have pitch issues.

Team John:
Katie Kadan (Piece of My Heart -- Janis Joplin) vs. Max Boyle (when the party’s over -- Billie Eilish) -- STOLEN BY KELLY; Gwen also tried to steal.
-Katie got a standing ovation, Max got a standing o as well. Max was a fantastic surprise and Kelly kept telling the panel that he was “so good.” Apparently, Kelly told John during the break that she had been saving her steal for Preston Howell (remember this comment for later tbh)

Team Kelly:
Hello Sunday (Almost Is Never Enough -- Ariana Grande) vs. Alex Guthrie (I’m Not The Only One -- Sam Smith) -- STOLEN BY JOHN
-Kelly apparently felt like Hello Sunday was more “unique” and there was no one else like them in the competition. John stole Alex.
-Source argues that Hello Sunday is literally being carried by one member because the other isn’t that good.

Team John:
Will Breman (I Don’t Care -- Ed & Bieber) vs. Zoe Upkins (Like I’m Gonna Lose You -- Meghan Trainor)
-One source said they were average but the coaches thought Will was fun, the other said Will was a mess but at least it was a “fun mess.” No steal for Zoe here.

Team Blake:
Ricky Duran (She Talks to Angels -- The Black Crowes) vs. Joana Martinez (California Dreamin’ -- The Mamas & The Papas) -- STOLEN BY GWEN
-Ricky and Joana were both “so good,” although one source said Ricky was “slightly better”
-Gwen stole Joana “for Blake”

Team Kelly:
Damali Gutierrez (Sober -- Demi Lovato) vs. Gracee Shriver (A country song) STOLEN BY BLAKE
-Both were good, but Gracee was better. Kelly pulled a Pharrell here.
-After the taping was recorded, apparently Kelly said she wanted Gracee.
-The other source commented that Gracee has a unique yodeling type of tone that was “way better”

Team John
Khalea Lynee (TBA -- Celine Dion) vs. James Violet (TBA- Post Malone)
-The judges commented that this was the best Khalea’s performed across all rounds thus far. James could’ve done better if he wasn’t up against someone like Khalea.

Team Kelly
Shane Q (TBA) vs. Kiara Brown (TBA)
-Shane “really delivered” and the coaches thought it was his best performance to date. Kiara was “OK.”

Team Gwen
Rose Short (TBA) vs. Destiny Rayne (TBA)
-Rose had easily “the best performance of the taping” and Kelly said that even she couldn’t go up against Rose.
-Rose completed overshadowed Destiny and the source couldn’t remember much about Destiny’s actual performance.
-The coaches said Destiny did her best she ever did but had no chance up against Rose.

Team Blake
Cali Wilson (Wicked Game -- Chris Isaak) vs. Marina Chello (TBA)
-Cali and Marina both did great.
-Gwen commented that if she’d known that they were going up against each other, she would have saved her steal.
-The judges mentioned that Cali had won her battle/was not stolen so that officially places her on Team Blake post-blinds.
-People were very disappointed that there was no steal available for Marina.

EARLIER news and information…

SPOILERS -- additional info in quotes or parentheses are the opinions of the respective source.
From Source:
-Jake Hoot sang a country song and turned Kelly’s chair.
-Royce Lovett sang a ska/reggae song and turned Gwen and Kelly. He chose Gwen.
-Rose Short sang a John Legend song and turned Gwen and Kelly. She chose Gwen. Kelly said she could “make the finale”
-Preston Howell sang Dream A Little Dream of Me and turned all 4 chairs. He chose John. Maelyn surprised him onstage to encourage him to pick John.
-Hello Sunday (duo) sang This Is Me and turned Kelly’s chair. (“a mess -- but one great high note that Kelly turned for”)
-Jessie Lawrence sang a ballad and turned Gwen’s chair. Correct
-Marybeth Byrd sang Angel from Montgomery and turned all 4 chairs. Blake was blocked, and she chose John. The judges said she was “one to look out for”

From promos:
-Katie Kadan sang “Baby I Love You” by Aretha Franklin and turned all four chairs. Blake blocked Kelly, but Katie chose John.
-Mendeleyev turned at least Gwen and John’s chairs (Kelly and Blake’s chairs not visible)
-Will Breman sang “Say You’ll Be There” by The Spice Girls and turned at least John and Gwen’s chairs.
-Jared Herzog turned at least Gwen’s chair
-Myracle Holloway turned at least Gwen’s chair, but not John’s.

No turns:
-CJ Washington sang an R&B song but turned no chairs
-Callie Lee sang a Meghan Trainor song and turned no chairs (“a total mess”)
-Mariangeli Collado sang Warrior and turned no chairs (“oversung/lack of control”, they told her to come back next year)


Battles Week 4

ALL 1200 plus videos are here

Many diehard fans are in disbelief with some of these selections by the respective coaches. Some fan favs will hit the door tonight and tomorrow. Standing by for blowback.

The bolded name reportedly wins. A coach acts to save or steal other acts noted.

Will Breman vs. Jared Herzog (Legend) -- Treat You Better (Shawn Mendes) Soulful pop sided pairing claimed Legend speaking to Usher. Some heavy critiquing between the circle of four. Will uses looping for his live performances outside of the show. Find your little nuances, scratching your leg or moving the mic up down…advice now done. Watch the body language and antics on stage…for a fun moment. Some parts were fun, others were awkward. Gwen could not keep her eyes off them. She then talks about the strengths and weaknesses, Will had her attention. Kelly had to stand up for one run, some other standup was crazy sexy. Blake called them both sexy. The low notes, Will is the problem, a karate move, an incredible performance. Legend said they all stepped up…proud to work with them both. He chose Will. Jared went home.


Marina Chello vs. Ricky Duran (Shelton) -- Valerie (Amy Winehouse) Saved by Shelton. This is the preview/leak of the weekend. Darius Rucker is Blake’s advisor this week… Marina was signed to a record label that did not happen, motherhood came along and she now has the time to be on stage. Ricky a fulltime musician for the past 8 years all over Texas, four-chair turn winner. Looking for a more fun up-tempo cover from both was the goal. Lots of chills during the practice were claimed. Blake hinted there is no reason that either one of the two going home. HINT!  All the coaches went for Ricky this close battle. Blake called it 150 percent, Marina kept building on this performance and showcase. Based on this song… Ricky won, Blake saved Marina. Kelly went for the steal. Marina chose Blake. See you in the knockouts.

Jake Hoot vs. Steve Knill (Clarkson) -- Always On My Mind (Willie Nelson) Country Jake and singer Steve… Kelly talks a lot and covers all history. blues and country meshing together. Normani was almost in tears during the rehearsal. Lots of critiquing and guidance were offered to them both. Kelly called it tasteful in the rehearsal. She has no idea who she will pick! Yeah! Blake called Jake the perfect nasal for the country then something about Willy or Willie Nelson…John went for Jake. Gwen talked about the warmth. Kelly spoke to the strategy of her team… the winner was Jake.


Brennan Lassiter vs. Gracee Shriver (Clarkson) -- Blue Ain’t Your Color (Keith Urban) montage city…She loved both of their voices…

Brooke Stephenson vs. Damali Gutierrez (Clarkson) -- Set Fire To The Rain (Adele) montaged…just because she is intrigued…Damali was her choice. Let the rage begin!! Sorry diehard fans…I’m in shock as well.

Kiara Brown vs. Royce Lovett (Stefani) -- Turn Your Lights Down Low (Bob Marley) -- Steal by Clarkson… will.i.am was Gwen’s advisor…Royces is a singer-songwriter…set for the intimacy, chemistry, like her and Blake…Kiara has a music audio mixing school degree. She is also a singer-songwriter… Do not hold back the politeness, own the house will suggest to Kiara. Kelly claimed Kiara was toe to toe…and safe on the fence back at Royce. Blake claimed Kiara had the taller mountain to climb, he went for Royce. Gwen chose Royce.  Kelly went for the steal. Then Gwen went for the save. Kiara chose Kelly.

Joana Martinez vs. Matthew McQueen (Shelton) -- High Hopes (Panic! At the Disco) Blake guided Darius that these two are pop singers…relying on his expertise. Joana was 15 at the time of recording, has a strong vocal range, take the breath, Darius was amazed by her control. More critiquing was offered to both of them. John talked about their separate strengths, notes and he went for Joana. Gwen talked about Joana as being strong. Kelly went for Matthew for his vocal growls…etc. Blake called this a really hard place, captivating, impressive and would have been easier if one of you had sucked. Blake chose Joana. Her voice is still developing and figure out her lane. Matthew went home.

Full seven-minute clip…

Kyndal Inskeep vs. James Violet (Stefani) -- I Could Use A Love Song (Maren Morris) Stolen by Legend…this is his second attempt at being a musician. She wants this bad. Both were impressed to meet will.i.am and talked on his well known to them. Music changed Kyndal and wants Gwen to help her develop. This is an emotional song especially because they are both singer-songwriters.  All the metaphors were message worthy for the two of them. Make the pizza and flip/fold it anyway. He wanted her to not shy away to flex the notes, own it. This was the best battle of the night as far as a vocal pairing in my opinion. Kelly their voices were beautiful together, vibe, texture, she went for James. Blake went for Kyndal in the change of vibrato… John went for Kyndal. Gwen talked about Kyndal’s unique voice, then Gwen repeated the comments… Gwen chose Kyndal. Legend went for the steal, then Gwen hit the save button.

To be continued… Yep, but we know the result…

James went to John. While he slammed his own fate with this choice. He did not think about his own risk being on Legend’s team rather than Stefani’s house.

Tuesday, Oct 22

Cory Jackson vs. Zach Bridges (Shelton) -- I Should’ve Been A Cowboy (Toby Keith) Here are the two guys from Team Blake, Zach is from MS works as a tech. Cory is from AK both straight-ahead country artists…Darius knows they are both storytellers… do not miss a lyric. More critiquing for everyone, he wants them to prove who is the best cowboy. Kelly wanted them to be a duo…maybe they will take her advice after their respective journeys. Good harmonies from them for this performance aside from Kelly’s over the top. You are screwed was floated towards BS. Legend went for Zach. Stefani went for Cory stage presence. Clarkson called it magical, different tones in the blend. Fence sitter. Blake picked Zach due to his baritone voice.


Marybeth Byrd vs. Dane & Stephanie (Legend) -- Burning House (Cam) Back with Usher and lots of puff going on between…all of the four. Marybeth took four chairs, Clarkson blocked Shelton in the process. Singing or fast food truck …she is aware of the challenge. Stephanie is aware of the challenge of Marybeth’s voice…some critiquing, Dane is transitioning (gender)…more notes and feeling the music. Four coaches were on their feet after this performance. Gwen wanted to keep eating it…perfect…sat on the fence. Kelly went to highlight Dane and Stephanie. Blake was impressed with their development…he went full-on Marybeth as being in the final. John chose Marybeth. Dane and Stephanie left.

Rose Short vs. Jessie Lawrence (Stefani) -- Can’t Feel My Face (The Weeknd) reported saved by Stefani! A former corrections officer who quit her job to take the leap of faith validated everything for Rose. Jessie 3 years ago was homeless, now he found his way to the show…lots of praise from both towards will.i.am…She wanted a contemporary song, these two moved through the rehearsal impressing both coaches…will has been on the Voice UK for a number of years now. Be authentic, the evil person inside fighting, showcased the inside battle many of us face. Confidence and fun were talked about by Gwen. He (will) thought Rose could wash Jessie away with her momentum. Kelly loved it. Blake talked about Gwen’s constant words about these two. Smart musically to pick your notes towards Rose. Legend used the superstar word…and leaned towards Rose. Gwen chose Rose. Then she saved Jessie. Blake hit his button for a steal but did not pitch for him. He offered his respect to him by using his button and he needs to stay with Gwen! 

With nine pairs shown, at least it means that there’ll be no montages this week. Unfortunately, it ensures that exactly half of the pairs in the fifth Battle episode will be montaged instead.

Brooke/Damali, one of the Gwen pairings, and either Preston/Mendeleyev or Ricky B/Jordan will be montaged then.

Blake’s pairings, Ricky D vs Marina are safe, leaving Cory vs Zach and Joana vs Matthew


Earlier information

Team Update 10/16/2019

Team Kelly:
Alex Guthrie vs. Injoy Fountain
Shane Q vs. Melinda Rodriguez
Gracee Shriver vs. Brennan Lassiter
Hello Sunday
Lauren Hall -- stolen to Blake (this is confirmed by VOICENEWS)
Steve Knill
Jake Hoot
Brooke Stephenson

*The Jake Hoot being in info is based on the photoshoot thing, so I’m not counting him as in.

The Voice 2019 Season 17 News Contestants Judges

Team Gwen:
Royce Lovett vs. Kiara Brown -- stolen to Kelly
Myracle Holloway vs. Elise Azkoul
Kyndal Inskeep vs. James Violet -- stolen to John
Rose Short**
Jake HaldenVang**
Calvin Lockett
Jessie Lawrence
Brennen Henson
Caroline Reilly

**Gwen’s save is unknown, so it could still potentially be Jessie?

Team John:
Katie Kadan vs. Destiny Rayne -- stolen to Gwen
Khalea Lynee vs. Zoe Upkins
Max Boyle vs. Matt New
Will Breman
Marybeth Byrd***
Preston Howell***
Dane & Stephanie
Jared Herzog


Team Blake:
Ricky Duran vs. Marina Chello
Kat Hammock vs. Josie Jones
Cali Wilson vs. EllieMae
Joana Martinez
Cory Jackson
Jordan Chase
Zach Bridges
Ricky Braddy
Matthew McQueen


October 14, 15

Tuesday 15, 2019

Alex Guthrie vs. Injoy Fountain – Home (Marc Broussard) Kelly thought that this was the perfect match. Watch the video for the performance and coach’s words.

Alex was the guy who ended up singing with Jennifer Hudson on a corporate video not too long ago.

Result --
-- Injoy went home.


Elise Azkoul (28) vs. Myracle Holloway (44) (Team Gwen) -- “Breathin'” by Ariana Grande, will.i.am Voice UK eight years, an old friend and awesome talent. Both talk to give their best advice and the growth is noted. Will listened to Myracle’s story and talked about she should be an artist now, they even shared a childhood school commonality. The coaches were split about their critiques. Gwen called it a really hard decision…challenging and the winner was Myracle. Elise sadly left the competition.

Decisions only for the following…wow hardly any airtime! -- Producers sending a strong message right here!

Matt New vs. Max Boyle (Team Legend) -- “Let Me Love You” by DJ Snake ft. Justin Bieber -- the winner was Max.

Cali Wilson vs. EllieMae (Team Blake) -- “Miss Me More” by Kelsea Ballerini -- the winner was Cali.

Destiny Rayne vs. Katie Kadan (Team Legend) -- “Tiny Dancer” by Elton John, Usher was Katies’ crush, a creeper not! The usual history repeat background time goes to both acts. The big steals come out…hence the others being shortened. A big reaction from all the audience and four coaches. Great comments from all the coaches. Gwen told Destiny she stood her own, Katie was very strong. John chose Katie. Blake and Gwen steal bids come in. John already used his save. She chose Gwen. Blake was not the hero this time.


Monday completes the auditions…


Matthew McQueen auditioned with his family in tow, his family members dreamed that Blake turned his chair, he sang Someone To Love. Kelly turned along with Blake! His dream was complete! Congrats Matthew…he did get better as the audition went on…Blake was all about his achievements. He chose Blake. Team full.


Gracee Shriver 16 from OK, a country girl, loves music and performs at a small BBQ joint to this platform, her mother was emotional with the whole event. She auditioned with Rainbow. Kelly turned first, then Gwen followed soon after. Nice tone from Gracee in this rendition.  Both the coaches were aggressive for her. Team Kelly.

Ty Mauro an EMT by profession was raised around old school music performers. No turns for him aka Gwen.

Caroline Reilly 16 years old, was the final contestant to find a team place with Gwen Stefani. Congrats Caroline, her favorite artists include Gwen, Joan Jett to name two. She has been a rock girl performing in a duo. Kelly called her rad! Happy end of auditions all! Gwen was so excited!

You will see Zoe Upkins… and others 

The Battles 

Usher was an advisor with John Legend.

Darius Rucker from Hootie and the Blowfish.

Normanie was on The X Factor USA -- 5th Harmony… (google them if you need too)

Khalea vs. Zoe -- sang The Boy Is Mine by Brandy and Monica. Khalea was a four-chair turn, busy gigging with her band, Zoe is younger (16) and as a three chair turn. Advice from “two lengends” says the 16-year-old. The question is this really age-appropriate for these two to sing about?  Gwen talked about Zoe’s performance! Kelly loved both…different styles, she signaled her move. Blake talked about the professional maturity of Khalea. John sat in the middle with his standard verbals not to offend, he chose Khalea! Save from John, then two steals, on the stage. John tried to save the position. Kelly claimed to be a fan. Gwen talked about messing up back at John. Zoe picked John. WTF.

Josie vs. Kat -- Team Blake both teen singers and rootsie in their music. Kat loves Billy Joel and Bread, taking her SAT’s recently.  Take Me Home Country Road by John Denver, Kat has a quieter output, verses Josie’s powerhouse. Blake offered a mixed range of advice along with Darius, control and believability will decide this battle. Both girls talked about their nerves when rehearsing. John spoke for the difference and went for Josie. Gwen called it for Kat. Kelly went for an angelic opinion. Blake talked about the head voice from Josie. Kat was unique. Blake went for his Kat! He believed she has a chance to go far.

Melinda vs. Shane -- Team Kelly, sang Too Good at Goodbyes by Sam Smith, these notes are way up there. Shane received four chair turns where Kelly lost it. Melinda is chasing her academic degree, we revisit her sick sibling. She received two chairs from between Kelly and Gwen. In rehearsal, Kelly has been made speechless, and she was ready to cry in aware of making a choice. Battle of the night and series so far!!!!  Your welcome America claimed Kelly. Blake was on Shane. John called it a fun spirit, Shane by a hair. Gwen talked about the confidence of Melinda, Shane was like a phenomenon. Kelly was wrapped up in them both. In the end, she chose Shane! Kelly used her save, John jumps in for a steal. Melinda was told of the opportunity to upgrade and would love to steal her. Melinda chose to stay with Kelly.

October 7, 8… from the promo released expect to see

The Voice Episode 5 in full here

Ricky Duran, Jared Herzog, Zach Bridges, Jessie Lawrence, and Brennen Henson for Monday, and Joana Martinez. Correct

Ellie Mae  Monday and Myracle Holloway Tuesday both hinted they are on this week.

Matt New posted “Tomorrow!!!!” Correct

Brooke Stephenson Monday 10/7  correct and Caroline Reilly unknown when to appear.
Lauren Hall Monday has a Livestream for Monday as every episode. correct!

Damali, Destiny Rayne, Gracee Shriver, Khalea Lynee, Matthew McQueen, Ricky Braddy, Steve Knill, and Zoe Upkins are dark on social media.

Regarding songs (for when iTunes updates tomorrow):

The latest information from source IdolForums.

The Battles and Knockout spoilers


Taping 1:
Team Kelly:
Alex Guthrie vs. Injoy Fountain -- Home (Marc Broussard)
-The coaches apparently chose Injoy, but Kelly sent Alex through. The source was surprised no one stole Injoy.

Team John:
Khalea Lynee vs. Zoe Upkins -- The Boy is Mine (Brandy feat. Monica) [SAVED BY JOHN; Kelly and Gwen tried stealing]
-A good, sassy battle. Both were good, but coaches were impressed that Zoe was able to keep up with Khalea.

Team Blake:
Ricky Duran vs. Marina Chello -- Valerie (Mark Ronson/Amy Winehouse) [SAVED BY BLAKE; Kelly tried stealing]
-- An enjoyable battle, a source said Ricky was better but Marina was great as well.

Team Kelly:
Shane Q vs. Melinda Rodriguez -- Too Good At Goodbyes (Sam Smith) [SAVED BY KELLY; John tried stealing]
-Shane was “clearly outstanding,” but he was nervous. They didn’t know why Melinda was stolen or saved.

Team Gwen:
Royce Lovett vs. Kiara Brown -- Turn Your Lights Down Low (Bob Marley) [STOLEN BY KELLY; Gwen tried saving]
-They loved this battle! Gwen said she was “falling in love with Kiara as a human being.”
-Per source, “Gwen had admitted she had in mind saving someone else on her team and so Kiara was nice and said she can go ahead and save them instead.”

Team John:
Katie Kadan vs. Destiny Rayne -- Tiny Dancer (Elton John) [STOLEN BY GWEN; Blake also tried stealing]
-Source described it best: “Amazing! Katie is a beast and the tone is incredible! All judges were on their feet and the crowd went crazy for it! Destiny was at a disadvantage but she stepped it up and proved she was able to keep up with Katie. A great way to end the taping.”



The Voice 2019 Season 17 News Contestants Judges

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