V.Unbeatable Semifinal #AGT 2019 Performance video

V.Unbeatable Semifinal #AGT 2019 Performance video

Here is the latest dance performance from the group V.Unbeatable Semifinal #AGT 2019 Performance video

Simon called them Very Unbeatable, your country will be proud of this performance. Everybody was on point. Dance is for everyone claims Julianne Hough.

Was this enough to make it to the finale? Simon Cowell claims it was.

Here is the full performance video and comments.

V.Unbeatable formed in 2012 and was originally named Unbeatable. Founded by Vikas and Om Prakash, the group was doing well until, two years later, Vikas got injured during rehearsal and passed away. The group renamed itself V.Unbeatable (for Vikas Unbeatable) in his honor and continued to pursue Vikas’s original dreams for the group. The group began auditioning for reality shows such as “India’s Got Talent” and “Dance Plus,” and after many rejections decided to form a mega-crew with 35 group members. Finally, they were selected for “Dance Plus” Season 4, giving them the chance to fulfill Vikas’s dream for the group. Performing on “America’s Got Talent” is a very proud moment for them, as they continue to fulfill Vikas’s dream as well as represent India. [1]

They competed on the Indian dance competition Dance Plus in 2018 where they finished in 4th place. [2]

V.Unbeatable’s Quarterfinals performance in Episode 1413 consisted of performing an acrobatic dance routine which included tricks on moving carts and flying through a hoop in midair.

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