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urbancrew’s Journey on AGT 2022 watch

urbancrew From The Philippines deploys The Pinoy Power To America!

The video below shows a sneak peek of this group, nicknamed the “Flyers of the South.”

In an early-release clip, fans meet a high-flying breakdancing and acrobatics group from the Philippines named Urbancrew.

Semi-final 5 performance below

Top 5 then eliminated not making it into top 3. Well done urbancrew

“This is the biggest stage, and we believe, being Filipino, it could be a big contribution to our beloved countries,” they said before their audition.

“We work hard for this. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.”

Appearing in matching red sweatsuits and platinum blonde hair, the ‘family crew’ execute gravity-defying flips and stunts.

In the video watch how the routine clearly impressed the audience and panel in the clip. Is this a golden moment?

Tonette Hawke Salve

5 hours ago most stunning acrobatic dance crew I’ve seen in AGT. The height and the precision of their flips are incredible. Definitely a golden buzzer worthy.

Direk Ron Channel

7 hours ago (edited)Pinoy’s are very talented proud from Philippines good job another pride of our country Amazing Salute! deserve a Golden Buzzer

Fernan Montevista

7 hours ago They’re more than a group, they are family. Wish you all the best Urban Crew.

urbancrew (Flyers of the South) Defies Gravity With an AMAZING Audition | AGT 2022

Anton Kris Patinio

6 hours ago Sobrang nakaka-proud maging Pinoy. Salamat sa pagtaas ng bandera ng Pilipinas

urbancrew came all the way from the Philippines to impress the judges with their incredible moves!

CJ Jackson

6 hours ago I had been waiting for an act like V-Unbeatable to perform on this show, and this group BLEW ME AWAY! FLAWLESS! AMAZING PERFORMANCE! I loved every second! ️ Golden Buzzer Worthy, 100 times over! There was so much going on at one time. I need to watch this over again and in slow-mo! The hours of practice, the sweat and tears, and extreme discipline to get to this level of expertise! If this is their audition, I can’t imagine what these acrobatics will do next round! I’m excited for them! I hope and pray this audition will change their lives forever


7 hours ago (edited)1. That was insanely extreme. 2. They were fantastic and fun. 3. Acrobatics were well executed 4. Definitely, they can win this… Well done! 5. Where’s Howie

Katrina Web

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