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Trek to Yomi Multiple Reviews Comments Playtime watch
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Trek to Yomi Multiple Reviews Comments Playtime watch

Trek to Yomi Multiple Reviews Comments Playtime watch

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Our review is to look at the quality of the product, does it suit your game play, storyline and value.

Also there is an opportunity to see a length of gameplay in one of the presentations.

Trek to Yomi is a stunning representation of classic Japanese cinema that draws heavily from the work of Akira Kurosawa. However, it’s also a case of style over substance.


0:30 “subdued and weightless” combat. this right here is a deal breaker for me. FIST had the same problem. the attacks just never felt weighty or powerful so enemy encounters always felt flat.
Love the look of this game, yes the combat may be a little weak, but still it’s very impressive at its heart, would love to have been given the option to play/see its visuals in colour. Cool review dude

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I recommend: Trek to Yomi (Review)

Austin recommends this game.

Trek to Yomi, certainly makes me think, it’s def something I’d enjoy, but I thought I’d pitch something here, this’ll be sweet in VR… Reason being there are some games that have proven 2D sidescrollers are absolutely perfect for VR and I would absolutely love to see something like this implemented for it, I can’t wait to pick this up next week, the length of this game is perfect, there’s other games where they drag on for 70 odd hours that make you wonder at some point ‘um… what happened 70hrs ago?’ and you’ve forgotten how the story began and what happened up to your current point, so this is dead set a perfect length for a game… Well maybe another hour or two longer would be good, but I’m not complaining! Seriously can’t wait to get stuck into this myself, thanks for your review, take care till the next one
Check out the first 16 Minutes of gameplay of Trek to Yomi, the Akira Kurosawa inspired 2D hack and slash!

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