The Voice Season 20 Spoilers News Updates 2021 read

The Voice Season 20 Spoilers News Updates 2021 read

Sources are reporting lists of contestants, coaches and songs. The Voice Season 20 Spoilers News Updates 2021 read.

This information is provided as is, we can not independently verify the claims made here. The lists have many names with links. Do not contact anyone on the lists until after reveal day.

NEW – for Season 20 – Spring 2021

Here are some general comments about the auditions to watch for…

-Kelly hands out jackets, Nick gives out notebooks, John uses a keyboard arranging a song for each contestant, Blake has bobble heads.

-Kelly filled three places early and was hesitant to push her button.

-Gean’s unique tone lead the panel to think he was a female

-Ryleigh’s audition, Kelly was convinced she’d pick Nick off the hot factor but Ryleigh screamed “I’M A LESBIAN”

-Cam went on for a while, Blake talked to his family on the screen and promised not to turn for any other artists like him if he picked him. He did, and Blake followed through with his promise – consider him a lock for his lives.

-Kelly didn’t turn for Victor due to early run up of contestants and believed that he’d pick John anyway.

-Pete is a former friend or collaborator of Blake Shelton.

Avery Roberson, each coach felt the need to seek him on their team that several blind auditions were delayed to a later recording. And yet he still chose Blake. Apparently it was the “longest” they’d ever had to fight for.

Former reality show contestants:

Cam Anthony (Showtime At the Apollo winner)

Ciana Pelekai (America’s Got Talent quarter finalist)

Pia Renee and Devan Blake Jones (American Idol contestants)

Corey Ward and Becca Kotte (S19 no-chairs)

Ryleigh Modig and Jonny Gold (S19 shortlist – likely didn’t get to audition at all last season but were both present in LA)


4-chair contestants

Anna Grace Felten (Kelly)

Avery Roberson (Blake)

Kenzie Wheeler (Kelly)

Zae Romeo (Nick)

Dana Monique (Nick)

Team members and coach

TEAM KELLY (10/10):

Kenzie Wheeler
Gean Garcia
Ryleigh Modig
Savanna Woods
Anna Grace Felten
Gihanna Zoe
Corey Ward
Halley Greg
JD Casper

TEAM JOHN (10/10):
Christine Cain
Ciana Pelekai
Victor Solomon
Durell Anthony
Pia Renee
Deion Warren
Rio Lana
Zania Alake
Carolina Rial
Denisha Dalton

TEAM NICK (10/10):
Dana Monique
Andrew Marshall
Rachel Mac
Jose Figueroa, Jr.
Lindsay Joan
Zae Romeo
Raine Stern
Devan Blake Jones
Bradley Sinclair

TEAM BLAKE (10/10):
Cam Anthony
Emma Caroline
Aaron Konzelman
Ethan Lively
Savanna Chestnut
Pete Mroz
Jordan Matthew Young
Avery Roberson
Connor Christian
Keegan Ferrell
Nick Jonas returns for season 20 replacing Gwen Stefani. The other coaches remain the same. Blake, Kelly, and John.

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Christine Cain – Watermelon Sugar (Harry Styles) – turned John and Kelly. Picked JOHN.
Kenzie Wheeler – Don’t Close Your Eyes (Keith Whitley) – turned 4 chairs; Kelly blocked Blake. John and Nick also tried blocking Blake*. Picked KELLY.
Gean Garcia – All I Want (Kodaline) – turned Blake, Nick, and Kelly. Blake blocked Nick. Picked KELLY.
Dana Monique – Freeway of Love (Aretha Franklin) – Nick and John turned. Picked NICK.
Jonny Gold – Sister Golden Hair (America) – NO CHAIR TURNS
Ryleigh Modig – when the party’s over (billie eilish) – Kelly and Nick turned. Picked KELLY.
Cam Anthony – Lay Me Down (Sam Smith) – Nick, John, and Blake turned. Nick blocked John. Picked BLAKE.
Yellsmiles – Midnight Sky (Miley Cyrus) – NO CHAIR TURNS
James Tutson – Beyond (Leon Bridges) – NO CHAIR TURNS
Emma Caroline – Slow Burn (Kacey Musgraves) – Blake and Kelly turned. Picked BLAKE.

*John and Nick also trying to block Blake… rumored based on the fact that the crew apparently needed to “re-film” John and Nick hitting their block buttons after Kenzie left the stage.

Ciana Pelekai – Dance Monkey (Tones & I) – John and Nick turned. John blocked Nick. Team JOHN.
Tyler Kohrs – More Hearts Than Mine (Ingrid Andress) – NO CHAIR TURNS
Aaron Konzelman – Ordinary World (Duran Duran) – John and Blake turned. Picked BLAKE.
Savanna Woods – Zombie (The Cranberries) Nick and Kelly turned. Picked KELLY.
Andrew Marshall – Gravity (John Mayer) – NICK turned.
Victor Solomon – Glory (John Legend) – Blake, Nick, and John turned. Picked JOHN.

Durell Anthony – What’s Going On (Marvin Gaye) – Kelly and John turned. Picked JOHN.
Madison Corvello – Don’t Worry, Be Happy (Bobby McFerrin) – NO CHAIR TURNS
Conner Snow – This City (Sam Fischer) – NO CHAIR TURNS
Rachel Mac – Let Him Fly (Patty Griffin) – NICK turned.
Charlotte Boyer – Love Is A Losing Game (Amy Winehouse) – NO CHAIR TURNS
Jose Figueroa, Jr. – At This Moment (Billy Vera & The Beaters) – Nick and John turned. Picked NICK.
Almond & Olive – Wildflowers (Tom Petty) – NO CHAIR TURNS
Lindsay Joan – Nightmare (Halsey) – Nick and Blake turned. Chose NICK.
Jesse Desorcy – TBA – NO CHAIR TURNS

Kaitlyn Myers – If You Really Love Me (Stevie Wonder) – NO CHAIR TURNS

Pia Renee – Master Blaster (Jammin’) (Stevie Wonder) – Blake and John turned. Picked JOHN.
Ethan Lively – You Look So Good in Love (George Strait) – BLAKE turned.
Becca Kotte – Try (P!nk) – NO CHAIR TURNS
Deion Warren – Shallow (Lady Gaga) – Kelly, John, and Nick turned. Picked JOHN.
Savanna Chestnut – Hold Me Now (Thompson Twins) – BLAKE turned.
Nadia Nicole (?) – I Wanna Be Down (Brandy) – NO CHAIR TURNS

Pete Mroz – Can’t Find My Way Home (Blind Faith) – John and Blake turned. Picked BLAKE.
Anna Grace Felten – my future (billie eilish) – turned 4 chairs. Picked KELLY.
Jordan Matthew Young – I’m No Stranger to the Rain (Keith Whitley) – Kelly, Nick, and Blake turned. Picked BLAKE.
Gihanna Zoe – She Used to Be Mine (Sara Bareilles) – Kelly and Nick turned. Picked KELLY.
Avery Roberson – I’m Movin’ On (Rascal Flatts) – turned 4 chairs. Picked BLAKE.
Connor Christian – Bright Lights (Gary Clark, Jr.) – Kelly, Nick, and Blake turned. Picked BLAKE.
Clara Waidley – True Colors (Cyndi Lauper) – NO CHAIR TURNS
(Order of contestants in taping is not confirmed; Some info may not be 100% accurate.)
Rio Lana – Make You Feel My Love (Adele) – JOHN turned.
Zae Romeo – Falling (Harry Styles) – turned 4 chairs. Picked NICK.
Raine Stern – TBA – turned Nick, John, and Kelly. Picked NICK.
Devan Blake Jones – Hard Place (H.E.R.) – NICK turned.
Zania Alake – TBA – turned John and 1-2 other coaches. Picked JOHN.

Carolina Rial – TBA (Spanish song) – turned at least John and Kelly. Picked JOHN.
Corey Ward – Dancing On My Own (Calum Scott version) – KELLY turned.

Denisha Dalton – Pillowtalk (Zayn) – John, Blake and Kelly turned. Picked JOHN. (full)

Keegan Ferrell – She Will Be Loved (Maroon 5) – Kelly and Blake turned. Picked BLAKE. (full)
Madison Marigold – If the World Was Ending (JP Saxe) – NO CHAIR TURNS
Awari – Weak (SWV) – Kelly and Nick turned. Picked NICK.
Bradley Sinclair – Say You Won’t Let Go (James Arthur) – Kelly and Nick turned. Picked NICK. (full)
Halley Greg – I’m Like A Bird (Nelly Furtado) – KELLY turned.
JD Casper – How To Save A Life (The Fray) – KELLY turned.
Ainae – Best Part (Daniel Caesar) – KELLY turned. (full)


Confirmed Chair Turners (40/40)

Aaron Konzelman Instagram | Youtube (Duo’s Account)
Ainae Instagram | Youtube | TikTok
Andrew Marshall Instagram | Youtube | TikTok
Anna Grace Felten Instagram | Youtube | TikTok
Avery Roberson Instagram | Youtube | TikTok
Awari Instagram | Youtube
Bradley Sinclair Instagram | Youtube
Cam Anthony Instagram | Youtube | TikTok

Carolina Rial Instagram | Youtube
Christine Cain Instagram | Youtube
Ciana Pelekai Instagram | Youtube | TikTok
Connor Christian Instagram | Youtube

Corey Ward Instagram | Youtube
Dana Monique Instagram | Youtube (No Official Channel)
Deion Warren Instagram | Youtube
Denisha Dalton Instagram | Youtube |TikTok
Devan Blake Jones Instagram | Youtube
Durell Anthony Instagram | Youtube
Emma Caroline Instagram | Youtube Not Found
Ethan Lively Instagram | Youtube
Gean Garcia Instagram | Youtube | TikTok
Gihanna Zoe Instagram | IGTV | TikTok
Halley Greg Instagram | Youtube
JD Casper Instagram | Youtube
Jordan Matthew Young Instagram (Private) | Youtube
Jose Figueroa, Jr. Instagram | Youtube
Keegan Ferrell Instagram | Youtube | TikTok
Kenzie Wheeler Instagram | Youtube | TikTok
Lindsay Joan Instagram | Youtube | TikTok
Pete Mroz Instagram | Youtube
Pia Renee Instagram | Youtube
Rachel Mac Instagram | Youtube Not Found
Raine Stern Instagram | Youtube
Rio Lana InstagramYoutube | TikTok
Ryleigh Modig Instagram | Youtube | TikTok
Savanna Chestnut Instagram | Youtube | TikTok
Savanna Woods Instagram | Youtube | TikTok
Victor Solomon Instagram | Youtube (Topic)
Zae Romeo Instagram | Youtube | TikTok
Zania Alake Instagram | Youtube

Non-Chair Turners:
Almond & Olive Instagram |
Becca Kotte Instagram |
Charlotte Boyer Instagram |
Clara Waidley Instagram |
Conner Snow Instagram |
James Tutson Instagram |
Jesse Desorcy Instagram |
Jonny Gold Instagram |
Kaitlyn Myers Instagram |
Madison Corvello Instagram Not Found |
Madison Marigold Instagram |
Nadia Nicole Instagram Not Found |
Tyler Kohrs Instagram |
Yellsmiles Instagram |

Earlier information

As to production, Season 20 commenced taping this Sunday, October 25, 2020. A source confirms that the tickets have commenced being approved for some tapings.

Furthermore, if you haven’t already signed up for tickets:—s20

At the very least we can expect a coaching announcement for Season 20 in the coming days!

Speculation is

keep Kelly and Blake, Gwen very likely stays, and the only one that is likely to switch out is John. Which means incomes an R&B coach. OR

Gwen/John leave

Usher/Alicia/Jhud/Nick most likely to return

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