The Voice Season 19  Spoilers News Updates Fall 2020 read

The Voice Season 19  Spoilers News Updates Fall 2020 read

A new-season post-COVID-19 world of reality television is back. Here is our coverage for The Voice Season 19  Spoilers News Updates.

This post relies on several sources for the information. At times these may not all be 100 percent correct, so keep that in mind. Do not contact the artists for a follow until after reveal day.

Currently, The Blind Auditions appearing on-air on NBC.

Audition and now Battle spoilers revealed.

Advisor :

Gwen:  Julia Michaels

Kelly: Leon Bridges

John: Miguel

Blake:  Kane Brown

Schedule and production details


September 30: Reveal Day and KeyArt sometime this month.

2 weeks before Blinds: Full Sneak Peek

October 16: FIRST LEAK

October 19: 2 hr Blind Audition (8-9 successful artists)

October 20: 2 hr Blind Audition (9 successful artists)

October 26: 2 hr Blind Audition (9 successful artists)

October 27:  1 hr Blind Audition (5-successful artists)

November 2: 2 hr Blind Audition (8-9 successful artists; depends on how many successful artists are on the first show)

November 9: 6 Battles (2 hr). 3 steals/saves used

November 10: 6 Battles, 3 (2 steals/saves used) Montaged or Short Clipped (1 hr)

November 16: 8 battles, 2 Montaged or Short Clipped (3 saves/steals used)

November 23: Knockouts

November 30: Knockouts (one will get Montaged for 4-way KO)

Battle dates were confirmed by The Voice Producers. It’s Nov 9, 10, and 16. BLIND AUDITIONS WILL NOT BE MONTAGED, BUT THEY MIGHT BE CUT SHORT BY THIRTY SECONDS

-10 per team

-1 steal

-And apparently, the block is still available

Some names and links dropped from a reliable source…


Julia’s team John.

There’s evidence for Casme, Hailey, Olivia, and Payton still being in LA, haven’t heard about Hailey or Olivia from the source.

Hailey and Casme are most likely the 2 names missing from Team Kelly.

Teams will have 10 spots this season. Coaches will have one steal during battles.


Teams will have 10 spots this season. Coaches will have one steal during battles.


Joseph Soul (actually chose Kelly in blinds, not Blake)

Ryan Gallagher (male opera singer)



Larriah Jackson (her missing contestant – I swear she was on the OP but I guess she wasn’t)



Bailey Rae (Female country singer)

James Pyle (confirmed to be the last one from blinds)

Olivia Reyes (his missing name)


Aaron Scott (his actual contestant instead of Joseph – we can’t find this guy’s Instagram though. His band name on Youtube is One Way North and he sings rock.)


TEAM KELLY (10/10)

Marisa Corvo

Skylar Mayton


Eli Zamora

Madeline Consoer

Joseph Soul

Kelsie Watts

Ryan Gallagher

Tanner Gomes



TEAM GWEN (10/10)

Liam St. John

Lauren Frihauf

Payge Turner

Tori Miller

Chloe Hogan

Van Andrew

Larriah Jackson

Ryan Berg

Lain Roy

Carter Rubin


TEAM JOHN (10/10)

Sid Kingsley

Tamara Jade

Rio Souma

John Holiday

Olivia Reyes

Cami Clune

Julia Cooper

Bailey Rae


James Pyle


TEAM BLAKE (10/10)

Taryn Papa

Ben Allen

Sam Stacy

Ian Flanigan

John Sullivan

Payton Lamar


Jim Ranger

Aaron Scott

Worth the Wait

Taping One:

Liam St. John – Sex & Candy (Marcy Playground) – turned Gwen & Blake. Chose GWEN.

Taryn Papa – TBA (Martina McBride) – turned Kelly, Gwen, and Blake. Blake blocked Kelly. Chose BLAKE.

Apropos – I Heard It Through the Grapevine (Marvin Gaye); possibly. No chair turns.

Sid Kingsley – Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright (Bob Dylan) – turned Gwen, John, and Blake. He chose John.

Lauren Frihauf – Come to My Window (Melissa Etheridge) – Gwen and John turned. Chose GWEN.

Ben Allen – Red Dirt Road (Ronnie Dunn) – Gwen, John, and Blake turned. Chose BLAKE.

Marisa Corvo – Perfect (P!nk) – Turned Kelly, Gwen, and Blake. Chose KELLY.

Tamara Jade – Cuz I Love You (Lizzo) – 4 Chairs. Chose JOHN.


Taping Two:

Rio Souma – Cruisin’ (Smokey Robinson) – Kelly, Gwen, and John turned. Chose JOHN.

Sam Stacy – Fire & Rain (James Taylor) – Kelly, Gwen, and Blake turned. Chose BLAKE.

Kiari Mhoon – Wanted (Hunter Hayes) – No chair turns.

Skylar Mayton – Blinding Lights (The Weeknd) – KELLY turned.

DeSz – Un-Break My Heart (Toni Braxton) – 4 Chairs. Chose KELLY.

Ian Flanigan – Colder Weather (Zac Brown Band) – BLAKE turned.


Taping Three:

James Mace – The Show Must Go On (Queen) – No chair turns.

Payge Turner – Call Out My Name (The Weeknd) – turned Gwen and Blake. Chose GWEN.

Kevelin Jones – A Million Dreams (P!nk) – No chair turns.

Eli Zamora – Ya Lo Se Que Tu Te Vas (Juan Gabriel). KELLY turned.

John Holiday – Misty (Johnny Mathis) – John, Gwen, and Kelly turned. John blocked Kelly. Chose JOHN.

Madeline Consoer – Girl (Maren Morris) KELLY turned. Kelly blocked Blake, but he saw and did not turn.

John Sullivan – Operator (Jim Croce) – Blake and John turned. Chose BLAKE.

Joseph Soul – Is This Love (Bob Marley & the Wailers) – Blake and Kelly turned. Chose BLAKE.

Kelsie Watts – I Dare You (Kelly Clarkson) – Kelly and Gwen turned. Chose KELLY.


Taping Four:

TBA (male, apparently sang opera) – KELLY turned.

Payton Lamar – TBA – BLAKE turned.


Taping Five:

Corey Ward – Way Down We Go (Kaleo) – No chair turns.

Faye Moffett – Anyone (Demi Lovato) – No chair turns.

JusJon – Talk (Khalid) – BLAKE turned.

Tori Miller – When You Say Nothing At All (Alison Krauss) – GWEN turned. Gwen blocked Blake, but he did not end up turning.

Jerome Godwin – Lay Me Down (Sam Smith) – No chair turns.

Chloe Hogan – What the World Needs Now is Love (Jackie DeShannon) – GWEN turned.

Van Andrew – TBA (The Who) – Gwen and Blake turned. Chose GWEN.

Jim Ranger – Blue Ain’t Your Color (Keith Urban) – John, Gwen, and Blake turned. Chose BLAKE.


Taping Seven:

Cami Clune – Skinny Love (Birdy) – 4 chairs; Kelly blocked Blake. Chose JOHN.

Tanner Gomes – TBA (Dustin Lynch) – Kelly, Gwen, and John turned. Picked KELLY.

Ryan Berg – Waiting on the World to Change (John Mayer) – Gwen and John turned. Gwen blocked John. Defaulted to GWEN.

Worth the Wait – When Will I Be Loved (Linda Ronstadt) – 4 chairs. Chose BLAKE. (Blake’s team full)

Julia Cooper – Alaska (Maggie Rogers) – Kelly, Gwen, and John turned. Chose JOHN.

Lain Roy – Someone You Loved (Lewis Capaldi) – Gwen and John turned. Chose GWEN.


Taping Eight (order not confirmed):

Carter Rubin – TBA – GWEN turned.

Emmalee – TBA – Kelly and John turned. Chose KELLY.

Casme – TBA – JOHN turned.

TBA (female country singer) – JOHN turned.

TBA (male from CA, possibly James Pyle but not 100% certain) – possibly Watermelon Sugar (Harry Styles) – JOHN turned.




 Julia Cooper Instagram | YouTube

 Sid Kingsley Instagram | YouTube

Lauren Frihauf Instagram | YouTube

Tamara Jade Instagram | YouTube


View this post on Instagram


You guys asked so I answered! Here is the full song, with me forgetting the 3rd verse and all! 😂

A post shared by Tamara Jade (@tamarajademusic) on


 Jim Ranger Instagram | YouTube – from AIS9

For what it’s worth, if The Voice can take just one extra hour timeslot from the week, then it’s possible to pull this off.


DeSz vs. Joseph Soul

Eli Zamora vs. Madeline Consoer

Emmalee vs. Kelsie Watts

Marisa Corvo vs. Ryan Gallagher

Skylar Mayton vs. Tanner Gomes


Carter Rubin vs. Larriah Jackson

Chloe Hogan vs. Lain Roy

Lauren Frihauf vs. Payge Turner

Liam St. John vs. Ryan Berg

Tori Miller vs. Van Andrew


Bailey Rae vs. Sid Kingsley

Cami Clune vs. James Pyle

Casme vs. Rio Souma

John Holiday vs. Julia Cooper

Olivia Reyes vs. Tamara Jade


Aaron Scott vs. Ian Flanigan

Ben Allen vs. Sam Stacy

Jim Ranger vs. John Sullivan

JusJon vs. Payton Lamar

Taryn Papa vs. Worth the Wait




-Same steal/save rules apply as last season. Contestants can only be saved once they step off the stage. Each coach gets 1 steal, 1 save.

-Mentors: Kelly – Leon Bridges, Gwen – Julia Michaels, John – Miguel, Blake – Kane Brown



J: Bailey Rae vs. Sid Kinglsey – Tennessee Whiskey (Chris Stapleton) – Sid STOLEN by Kelly.

K: DeSz vs. Joseph Soul – If You Don’t Know Me By Now (Patti Labelle) – Joseph STOLEN by Gwen.

B: Worth the Wait vs. Taryn Papa – Little White Church (Little Big Town) – Blake SAVES Taryn

G: Payge Turner vs. Lauren Frihauf – If the World Was Ending (J.P. Saxe) – Lauren stolen by John and Blake. Lauren chooses JOHN.

J: Tamara Jade vs. Olivia Reyes – Hard Place (H.E.R.)

K: Marisa Corvo vs. Ryan Gallagher – I Surrender (Celine Dion) – Kelly SAVES Ryan

B: Ian Flanigan vs. Aaron Scott – Have You Ever Seen the Rain? (CCR)



G: Carter Rubin vs. Larriah Jackson – Like I’m Gonna Lose You (Meghan Trainor) – Gwen SAVES Larriah

J: John Holiday vs. Julia Cooper – Summer Soft (Stevie Wonder) – John SAVES Julia

B: Jim Ranger vs. John Sullivan – Good As You (Kane Brown)

G: Chloe Hogan vs. Lain Roy – Adore You (Harry Styles) 

K: Tanner Gomes vs. Skylar Mayton – Whiskey Lullaby (Brad Paisley ft. Alison Krauss)

J: Cami Clune vs. James Pyle – Wicked Game (Chris Isaak) – James STOLEN by Blake.



B: JusJon vs. Payton Lamar – Dancing With A Stranger (Sam Smith feat. Normani)

G: Van Andrew vs. Tori Miller – Exile (Taylor Swift)

K: Madeline Consoer vs. Eli Zamora – Nobody Wants to Be Lonely (Ricky Martin & Christina Aguilera)

J: Casme vs. Rio Souma – You’re All I Need to Get By (Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell)

B: Ben Allen vs. Sam Stacy – Free (Zac Brown Band)

K: Kelsie Watts vs. Emmalee – I Love Me (Demi Lovato)

G: Ryan Berg vs. Liam St. John – I Need A Dollar (Aloe Blacc)




Confirmed Chair Turners:

Ben Allen Instagram | Youtube

Cami Clune Instagram | Youtube

Carter Rubin Instagram | Youtube Not Found

Casme Instagram | Youtube

Chloe Hogan Instagram | Youtube

DeSz Instagram Youtube

Eli Zamora Instagram | Youtube | La Voz Mexico Blind Audition

Emmalee Instagram | Youtube

Ian Flanigan Instagram | Youtube

Jim Ranger Instagram | Youtube | American Idol Audition

John Holiday Instagram |  Youtube

John Sullivan Instagram Youtube

Joseph Soul Instagram | Youtube

Julia Cooper Instagram | Youtube

JusJon  Instagram | SoundCloud

Kelsie Watts Instagram | Youtube | American Idol Season 15 Audition

Lain Roy Instagram | Youtube

Lauren Frihauf Instagram | Youtube

Liam St. John Instagram | Youtube

Madeline Consoer Instagram | Youtube

Marisa Corvo Instagram | Youtube

Payge Turner Instagram | Youtube

Payton Lamar Instagram | Youtube

Rio Souma Instagram | Youtube

Ryan Berg Instagram | Youtube

Sam Stacy Instagram | Youtube

Sid Kingsley Instagram | Youtube

Skylar Mayton Instagram | Youtube

Tamara Jade Instagram | Youtube

Tanner Gomes Instagram | Youtube

Taryn Papa Instagram | Youtube

Tori Miller Instagram | Youtube

Van Andrew Instagram | Youtube

Worth the Wait Instagram | Youtube


Possible Chair Turners (Did not appear in any of the tapings but may have still turned chairs. Underlined names have some evidence suggesting that they turned chairs)

Antowan White Instagram | Youtube

Becca Kotte Instagram | Youtube

David J. Instagram | Youtube

Devix (Eric Torres) Instagram | Youtube

Hailey Green Instagram | Youtube

James Pyle Instagram | Youtube

Jonny Gold (They/Them) Instagram | Youtube

Marykate Connor Instagram | Youtube

Michelle Moonshine Instagram | Youtube

Neci Instagram | Youtube Not Found

Olivia Reyes Instagram | Youtube

Thomas Stringfellow Instagram | Youtube | American Idol Season 15 Audition

Will Burke Instagram | Youtube not found


Confirmed No-Chairs

Apropos Instagram | Youtube

Corey Ward Instagram | Youtube

Faye Moffett Instagram | Youtube

James Mace No social media links found

Jerome Godwin Instagram | Youtube

Kevelin Jones Instagram | Youtube

Kiari Mhoon Instagram | Youtube


Early Returnees (Presumed No-Chair/Teams Filled Up/Sent Home Before Blinds)

Courtney Arnold Instagram | Youtube

Daly Braxton Instagram | Youtube

Derek Jermaine Instagram | Youtube

Ethan Senger Instagram | Youtube

Grace Milton Instagram | Youtube

Haley Brooke Instagram | Youtube

Jared Ming Instagram | Youtube Not Found

Jessica Manalo Instagram | Youtube

Jonah Mossman Instagram | Youtube

Ryleigh Modig Instagram | Youtube

Untitled Instagram | Youtube Not Found

The Voice 2019 Season 17 News Contestants Judges

The Voice 2019 Season 17 News Contestants Judges

 The voice tagged Nick John Kelly and Blake – the same coaches 

Carson Daly Interview via ACCESS

In this video interview, Carson Daly talks about all things important to him including, love, family, friends, and his work. You will hear him speak about the possibilities of COVID 19 outcomes that may include keeping Blake Shelton away from Los Angeles…production. This is his thoughts on Season 18 and speculation about how Season 19 may proceed.

There are rumors circulating that the blinds will occur in July, behind normal schedule, and with no audience. If that is the case then there will be no spoilers for blinds.

One possibility for production could include taping around July, holding the successful acts in LA, and record the battles soon thereafter. Then Knockouts two weeks later.

More details will be added when available. Bookmark this article and check back regularly for updates.

The Voice Season 18 2020 Two-Night Finale watch

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