The Voice Season 18 2020 Two-Night Finale watch

The Voice Season 18 2020 Two-Night Finale watch


Ready for the end of the latest season? Here is our coverage …The Voice Season 18 2020 Two-Night Finale watch.

Furthermore, we are down to the final five and two nights of singing and more singing. Here is our coverage including the videos provided.

Summary: Three hours to shut down a series on one night…marathon ended with the winner declared.

The winner was…

CONGRATS @todd_tilghman !!! Season 18


2nd and third placers not announced on the broadcast – many speculating it was Toneisha and Thunderstorm…that would be a 1 – 2 for Blake as coach.




America has chosen to be the winner.

Scheduled to appear this Tuesday night…Shakira and Cee Lo Green will appear this finale night(s) shows.

Artist Open Call @ virtual application…


CamWess got clearance to perform “Purple Rain”… Kelly was his coach earlier in the series…lights and fog, with a good vocal…according to Nick. John sang his praises in full weight…vouching for the performance.

His original song “Save It For Tomorrow” by Ryan raising the keys and developing the new status…watch.

Todd was second to perform “I Can Only Imagine” for the church audience combined with Blake supporters. His original song titled Long Way Home…with a push from Songlands producers Shane and Ester.

Micah’s original song called “Butterflies” from the Songland’s producer Shane… Team Kelly. Praised by Nick and Kelly. “Chasing Cars” was cleared for him to perform in the finale. Nick’s microphone audio went out…Kelly talked about her point of view.

Toneisha sang Faithfully by Journey. She won a four-chair turn, held back from her audition in season 2…now she has her chance… Team Blake. Shane helped produce her new original song called “My Superhero” and is about her son’s journey.


Thunderstorm original song called Sedona by Ryan from Songlands. Team Nick. Praised by Nick and John. His last performance song was “What A Wonderful World” was designed to appeal to a wide audience…all done remotely. He closed out the first night of the finale. Good luck to your favorite artist/contestant. VOTE!



On Monday, May 18, the Top 5 artists will perform for America’s vote. Each artist will perform one cover and one original song. The episode will kick-off with a special performance of Collective Soul’s “Shine,” featuring the Top 5 artists.

The five finalists perform, working with @Songland all-star producers, and America votes to decide who will be named The Voice. Watch the Season 18 finale, Monday and Tuesday at 8/7c on NBC. » Get The Voice Official App: » Subscribe for More: » Watch The Voice Mondays and Tuesdays 8/7c on NBC! » Stream Anytime:


Public vote winner – Kelly…Micah Iverson…

Team Nic winner…Thunderstorm

Team John winner…CamWess

Team Blake winner…Todd

In the sing-off (Kelly) Megan,(Nick) Allegra, (John) Zan, (Blake) Joanna, and Toneisha.

Some of the spoilers during the season. Season 19 Fall 2020 is a work in progress…

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The Voice Season 18 News Contestants Judges updates


Megan sang Simple Man…Kelly offered to support her after the show…


Allegra sang In My Blood…Nic offered kind words…


Zan sang…John praised her performance…


Joanna sang…Blake praised her performance.

Toneisha sang…Blake praised her performance.

Artist/contestant moving into the top five was…Toneisha 

‘The Voice’ Crowns Season 18 Winner

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