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The Voice Season 14 Recap Top 8 Results Top 4 video

The Voice Season 14 Recap Top 8 Results Top 4 video

Four will advance to the final and the remaining four go home! Wow! Who will the four be? The Voice Season 14 Recap Top 8 Results Top 4 video.

Congrats to Kayla, Britton, Brynn, Kaleb, Pryor, and Spensha for making the Top 10 on iTunes overnight.

IT IS ALL UP TO YOU! for the final spot at least! No doubt you will have to choose one from the three on stage.

The Voice Season 14 Recap Top 8 Results Top 4 video

The Voice Season 14 Recap Top 8 Results Top 4 video NBC YouTube

iTunes Top 100 earlier today was

iTunes Rankings at 12 pm

2. Kyla Jade Let it Be
3. Britton Buchanan The Rising
4. Brynn Cartelli  What the World Needs Now is Love
6. Kaleb Lee  It Is Well With My Soul
7. Pryor Baird Change the World
10. Spensha Baker  My Church

All have their numbers five timed as a bonus for reaching the top 10 on the chart.
31. Rayshun LaMarr – Imagine
47. Jackie Foster – Here I Go Again

With that in mind and the two to be eliminated will be Rayshun and Jackie.

Leaving six to fight for four places. Now anything can happen! And it may happen. At this stage, Adam looks to be out of team spirit and a member with Rayshun gone.

The bottom three and singing off likely to be between Spensha, Kaleb, Pryor or Brynn. Just a guess.

Kane Brown: "Heaven" – The Voice 2018

Watch Enjoy and share
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Blake Shelton: "I Lived It" – The Voice 2018

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The following acts move into the final.


Spensha  – Stunned Team BLAKE is into the finale!

Brynn Cartelli – youngest in the season! Team Kelly

Kyla Jade – Team Blake



The sing off or bottom three were:

In no particular order

Britton (Alicia), Pryor (Blake), Kaleb (Kelly)

Jackie and Rayshun leave the competition!


The Voice 2018 Pryor Baird – Instant Save Performance: "Soulshine"

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Pryor sang first! Blake told America that Pryor is their guy! He deserved to be in the finale according to Blake!  Hold on to the Instant Save.

The Voice 2018 Kaleb Lee – Instant Save Performance: "Simple Man"

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Kaleb was second to perform. Kelly claimed he has grown so much, people are excited to vote for Kaleb.

The Voice 2018 Britton Buchanan – Instant Save Performance: "Dancing on My Own"

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Britton was third to perform. Alicia called him the real deal for America to vote for her act. Adam spoke for saving Britton.

America Saved! Britton.

Final four

Britton, Kayla, Brynn, Spensha!

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