The Voice Australia 2020 Season 9 Spoilers Forum News

The Voice Australia 2020 Season 9 Spoilers Forum News


Here is all the tea on the new season featuring Matt Gresham, Masha Mnjoyan, Stella Perry, and others…watch/read The Voice Australia 2020 Season 9 Spoilers Forum.

Moreover, this is part of our Voice Global coverage…join in the news and details featuring new contestants with an All-Star group of returnees.

The new series started May 24th, 2020 local time 7:00 AEST.

Latest information posted below…

Latest Summaries – Our coverage commences here – Blind Auditions episodes 1 – 10…Top 49 revealed

Preview/watch The Battles here – predictions and confirmed battles

Team Guy Sebastian 

Adam Ludewig

Josh Pywell

Stephanie Cole

Jimi the Kween

Timothy James Bowen

Luke Biscan

Bukhu Ganburged

Kirby Burgess

Natalie Gauci

Xy Latu

Johnny Manuel

Elyse Seno-Lefao

Wolf Winters

Team Delta 

Stellar Perry

Janie Gordon

Jesse Teinaki

Emmagen Rain

Matt Gresham

Matt Evans

Maddy Thomas

Elishia Semaan

Claudia Harrison

Callum Gleeson

Graeme Issako

Steve Clisby

Team Boy George 

Virginia Lillye

Despina Savva

Roxane Lebrasse

Sebastian Coe

Siala Robson

Caleb Jago Ward

Angela Fabian

Andy Dexterity

Jonathon Welch

Ricky Muscat

Nathan Issac

Clarissa Spata

Team Kelly 

Chris Sebastian

Charlie McFarlane

Ella Monnery

Masha Mnjoyan

Soma Sutton

Alex Weybury

Emma Mylott


Lyric McFarland

Mark Furze

Matt Lloyde

Sapphire Tamalemai

Earlier information…

Summary Episode 4

All-Star Masha Mnjoyan – All By Myself by Celine Dion, Everyone Turned – Picked Team Kelly

Matt Evans –  Need You tonight By INXS, Delta, Boy George, and Kelly turned,  – Picked Team Delta

Kirby Burgess – Maybe This Time by Matt Corby, Guy and Kelly turned – Picked Team Guy

Emmagen Rain – Something Bad by Miranda Lambert, only Delta  turned – Picked Boy George

Matt Gresham -Bruises by Lewis Capaldi, Delta, Guy block, and Kelly turned – Picked Team Delta

Siala Robson –  Other Than You, her original song, Everyone Turned – Picked Team Boy George

Jake Meywes – Feeling Good  by Michael Buble – No Chairs

Blind audition episode one standout

Stellar Perry with Always Remember Us This Way…full clip below. (It may disappear) watch. A four-chair turn.

Our coverage commences here

Other sources and sneak previews appear below…

Spoilers for contestants

Among the auditioners this season are:

– an Australian Idol winner Natalie Gauci

– an actor from the Aussie soap opera Home and Away

– an Order of Australia medal winner

– the youngest artist ever to audition for The Voice, international franchises included might be Emmagen Rain, who would be the youngest at 12 years old.

– “TikTok star” is probably Sebastian Coe, whos already on the list.

There are also format changes. There will be two new rounds called The Showdown and The Playoffs. The Block will also be introduced this season, with coaches getting two blocks instead of one.

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