The Season Voice Norway 2021 Video Highlights watch

The Season Voice Norway 2021 Video Highlights watch

Here is a selection of performances from The Season Voice Norway 2021 Video Highlights watch.

You will find many of the acts will sing in English….the coaches host comments are not subtitled.

This is one of the outstanding franchises in the world today.

The link below showcases all the season performances….

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All the additional videos


Live shows…. Finale – Erlend Gunstveit won


WINNER OF THE VOICE 2021 🔥 Congratulations Erlend!! ✌🏼🎤











All the names and titles are on the video….same names every week…

No subtitles are offered by the producer of the videos…performances are usually in English…the rest you will figure out….


00:00 Natan Dagur sings “Bruises” by Lewis Capaldi 02:13 Maria Marzano sings “No Time To Die” by Billie Eilish 04:27 Einar Christiansen sings “Wake Me Up” by Avicii 06:28 Maria Petra Brandal sings “Lonely” by Maria Petra Brandal, original song 08:33 Frode Vassel sings “Into The Unknown” by Panic! At The Disco 10:40 Cynthia Verazie sings “Je Suis Malade” by Lara Fabian 12:33 Christiane Roald sings “Hurt” by Christina Aguilera 14:44 Sverre Eide sings “Scars” by James Bay 16:49 Erlend Gunstveit sings “Home To You” by Sigrid 18:57 Sarah Bøhn sings “Wade In The Water” by Eva Cassidy





Sverre Eide Human by Rag’n Bone Man

Cynthia Verazie The Windmills of Your Mind by Noel Harrison

Amalie Haugen Ovestal Freedom

Sondre Hoiby Bjelland Human

Sofie Fjellvang The Show Must Go On

Natan Dagur Back to Black Amy Winehouse Mark Ronson.

Maria Petra Brandel Knowing Me, Knowing You ABBA

Erlend Hunstveit You’ll Be In My Heart Phil Collins



Live shows….

James Fox I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing


Sofie Fjellvang sang Nothing Breaks Like a Heart


Sondre Hoiby Bjelland Crying in the Rain



Byron Williams sang You’re The First, The Last, My Everything

Sverre Eide sang Run

Cynthia Verazie sang To Love You More

Charlotte Sofie Eliassen The Story

Maria Marzano Life On Mars



The Week before

Thea Sofie Vervik Barka performs




featuring Maria Petra Brandal


Christiane Roald with Anyone Knockout performance

Sverre Eide with his Royals Knockout performance…

Linn Kristin Maeland with her Break Free Knockout performance….



Knockouts Two selected the rest are on YT enjoy earlier performance highlights below or YT

Ingebjorg Andrea Andnanes with Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall by Coldplay.

Frode Vassel with Chandelier by Sia!


Charlotte Sofie Eliassen | Soon We’ll Be Found (Sia) | Knockout


Maria Tetlie | Lay Me Down (Sam Smith) | Knockout

our featured clip this week

Amalie – My Mind (Yebba) vs. Christiane – Anyone (Demi Lovato) | Knockout |

Julia vs Knut-Sigurd Knockout

more clips on YT link provided!

Amalie vs. Julian | Fades Away (Avicii feat. Noonie Bao) | Battle


Linn Kristin vs Mads Battle round performance….


Martinius vs. Bjørnar | Counting Stars (OneRepublic) | Battle



Benedicte vs. Cynthia | Caruso (Lara Fabian) | Battle

Sarah vs Kristian with Creep (Radiohead)

Byron vs Tilla perform Perfect Ruin (Kwabs)

Goran vs James perform Brother….

Thomas vs Ingeborg perform Go the Distance….

 Knut-Sigurd vs Christine ‘Rewrite The Stars” from the Battles…watch share like,…

Elinar Christiansen v Audun Haukvik

Ash & Thomas v Charlotte Sofie

Mads v Jule

Henriette Humlekjaer v Mie Omholt

Knut-Sigurd v Christine

Christiane Roald v Sverre Eide


Sarah Emilie Birkeland v Camilla Sorensen


This was SO beautiful 😍 There are so many fantastic singers in The voice Norway..I have no words. Julian was more than good enough to go through, but as I said….everyone is crazy good and sadly someone has to go.
Btw, its not easy to sing a duet if you are not used to it. You not only has to consider yourself, but also match with the duet partner.
That makes it even more impressive in all these duels.


Maria Petra Brandal vs Sondre Bjelland | Fix You (Coldplay) | Battle | The Voice Norway | S06

Everyone is crazy good in The Voice Norway. All of them deserves to go through…but sadly someone has to go. Happy both of these amazing singers made it.
Glad Sondre got saved! Sondre acted more like the “harmoniser” for Maria in this performance. Hope he can perform a good solo song in the next part.

Maria & Caroline – “Queen of the Night” /Battle/ The Voice of Norway 2021

Whitney Houston – “Queen of the Night” /cover/ Original video:

Thea Sofie Vervik Barka – “I See Red” /Blind Auditions/ The Voice of Norway 2021

Everybody Loves an Outlaw /Anni-Frid Lingstad/ – “I See Red” /cover/ Original video:



Maria Petra Brandal | Lonely (Maria Petra Brandal) |Blind audition | The Voice Norway | S06

For those who wants to know what the judges say:

Matoma: Can I just say something before we start? This is the most beautiful…….the most beautiful performance/achievement on The voice. Its fantastic.

Espen: Whats your name?

Maria: Maria Petra

Espen: How old are you?

Maria: 20 Espen: I didn’t recognize this song?

Maria: No…its my own written song

Espen: Maria, what happened now was that when you sang, the whole world stopped for a moment. While you sang, it was only me and you here. You sang straight in to my heart. It was a thread between our nerve centers. The piece of art here is that I am absolutely sure that Yosef,

Ina, Tom and everyone in the audience felt exactly the same.

Maria: Thank you, thank you so much

Espen: That you manage to do this, to convey a song so strongly that we just forget everything else. And to do that with a song you have written yourself, and you are only 20 years old. I think I go so far as to say that I think this is perhaps the best I’ve heard in my 3 years on The Voice. Maria Oh my god. A thousand thank you.

Yosef: The best thing about music is when you can stop thinking. I had a moment when you stood there and closed your eyes and as you open them you see that the chairs are turned, then I hear what is happening inside you, then you just take yourself back in again. And the place you go back to again it is the place that makes the world stop. it was magic! Maria: Thank you so much

Matoma: Can I be allowed to add something? Eh, I’m working with vocals every day, and occasionally you get that ..WOW… and you just start crying and it hits you straight in the heart. From the first moment you started singing it .. (points to the heart). You are completely unique, completely unique.

Espen: You managed to hit the hearts of everyone sitting here. You simply have to make a choice. Maria: Should I think and be dramatic now or are they editing? Laughing..

Yosef: Do as you want Maria: Okay (laughing). I just say it. I chose Espen.

Kristian Storvold Davidsen | My Immortal (Evanescence) | Blind audition | The Voice Norway | S06