The Masked Singer Season 3 News Reveals video

The Masked Singer Season 3 News Reveals video

Season three underway and the reveals plus clues continue. FOX has another round of celebrities The Masked Singer Season 3 News Reveals video.

Hosted by Nick Cannon and features panelists Jenny McCarthy, Nicole Scherzinger, Ken Jeong and Robin Thicke.

18 celebrities from all walks of life compete to stay anonymous. We already know who the Roo is…from Group A…read below for content.




Episode 17 – Semi-final reveal

Barry Zito World Series Champion Pitcher

Episode 16 – The Final Five

The Reveal 9 pm |8 C

Jackie Evancho from America’s Got Talent fame and singer.

Jackie Evancho | The Official Jackie Evancho Website

Jackie Evancho to Release Album of Broadway’s New American Songbook ‘The Debut’. With her upcoming new album, “The Debut”, multi-platinum recording …




Episode 15


Episode 14

Brett Michaels was the Banana Mask – I know everyone was confident with their #BananaMask,

Episode 12

The Reveal was….standby

Jordyn Woods Model, Influencer and Entreprenuer

Hm that was not expected….


Turtle with Let It Go…

Episode 10 and 11 top nine….

Kangaroo is Natalie Umbruglia from down under…google her she has a new album coming out soon and other clues including her vocal tones! Watch this latest release.

Rob Gronkowski was revealed under the White Tiger mask.

Astronaut performance

Rhino performs

Night Angel mask performance


Frog Mask performance

Banana’s performance



White Tiger performs



Episode 9 has a reveal moment – here it is….

Rhino has “Tracks of My Tears” to performance this week.

T-Rex performed “Jai Ho” for us all.

Night Angel performed “Shout” for the audience…

“Shape of You” was Astronaut’s choice performance.

And here was the intro song

This week meet Group C contestants…

Episode 8 rounds up the group C singers…who went home?


A fresh bunch of masked singers takes the stage and presents clues to baffle us all. Here are the performance clips. The clues are posted on the YouTube channel.

Astronaut performs Signed Sealed Delivered…

Night Angel sings



Group B contestants appeared last week

Another reveal this week!

Tom Bergeron was the Taco singer…..

Kitty performs “Mama’s Broken Heart” by Miranda Lambert

Performances this week with Frog “You Dropped a Bomb on Me” by The Gap Band

Banana performs “Lean On Me” by Bill Withers


Opening featuring all acts….

More from group b this week as we reveal the least popular audience act….

Revealed act ….Mouse was Dionne Warwick !

Here are the performances….

Kitty purred

Taco Mask ” ”

Frog “In Da Club” legs it through tonight….its like chicken…

The Moused Singer

Banana “Achy Breaky Heart” had no appeal for me…

Clues links here.

The reveal for you —The Elephant was sent home this week – Tony Hawk.

Meet the new batch of contestants episode 4 clip….



The Banana chest beated himself during the walk on…rodeo, smoothy on the inside, blue collar, cowboy hat…Bill someone. Ed Helms, Diarus Rucker, Hootie and the Blowfish…

The Mouse was in the house…clues leader in her field, football, pom poms- a more mature voice came from within the costume. Nicole – Darlene Love, Dione Warwick, Myer Rudolf.

The Taco walked into Funky town…an older guy… clues decades in the business sang “Fly Me to The Moon”…Regis? Martin Short? Who do you think it was?

The Elephant – a musician – drummer…the mask gave him the confidence…bicycle in the background…Travis Barker, Tomi Lee, Beto O’Rourke?

The Frog – some person with athletic background.. the Olympics

Kitty appears on stage for the first time. Here is a preview clip. Clues a reinvention of herself, the queen of the crop, roses falling out of vase on floor, bachelorette…She is a singer! Impressive, the pick of the litter. Robin a fan favorite…this could be her second talent, dancer, Julie Ann Hough, Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie,… she should advance…

The Reveal – continue

Chaka Khan was the singer behind the Monster mask.

Kangaroo Performs “Diamonds” By Rihanna

Imbruglia hails from the land Down Under, which is also home to the kangaroo.  We are convinced that the Kangaroo is Australian singer Natalie Imbruglia.

As a teenager on the hugely popular daytime drama “Neighbours” in the early 1990s. Later she left Sydney and moved to London where she pursued a singing career.

Her first single, “Torn,” was a huge hit and propelled her debut disc, “Left in the Middle,” to #1.

She earned three Grammy Awards nominations including

Best New Artist, Pop Performance and Pop Album.

Imbruglia went on to record four more albums and racked up global sales of 10 million. Three of her discs went gold.

Natalie is releasing a new record later this year so this high-profile appearance on “The Masked Singer” is certainly well-timed.

And she just had a baby which would explain the pouch on the front of her costume.

Highlights – our coverage night two more Group A

The act who received the least votes and unmask was – Llama…

Next week is the Group A Championship….

Unmasked Llama was….Drew Carey! 

Dr Ken has a meltdown… Drew he did the show to have fun.


The White Tiger performed “Good Vibrations”….

Miss Monster performed  “Fancy” by Bobbie Gentry.

The Llama performs “It’s Not Unusual” by Tom Jones…

The Kangaroo performs in this group of contestants… Robin called her the frontrunner and that was a good call.

The Turtle performs tonight… is he a rocker Darius Rucker? Zac Efron?

Reveal video

The least votes – was The Robot from Group A…reveal…boxer, perfect, Floyd Mayweather, Johnny Knoxville, Steve Owen, Shaun White, and Ken stood…Favor Flame?

Lil Wayne!

Platinum was in the periodic table for his record achievements.

Performance videos media and clues….

White Tiger performed first… Jenny likes the tall ones she is obsessed. Ken called the clues…clams, New England, and other clues. John Cena.

Turtle rolled on stage…with this performance…his clues starting line, new comers, tooth and nail, he takes it step by step, surfboard, make a big splash…cross the finish line. A singer from a boyband? Ken called him front runner in the show…drop the mic…Jenny thought Back Stree Boys…New Kids on the Block…Zac Efron.

The Llama ran on stage…four legs…with this performance and clues. Radio station, a joker, black jack, and can not wait to sing it. A romantic. “She Bangs” was the song. The panel guesses included, Jamie Fox called him confident to wear the costume…he wears real vibe and digs. Howard Stern is a bit taller. David Spade, Joel McHale…he is from Seattle…and some others.

Miss Monster walked on stage…a performance and hints, hair spray, fun key, misunderstood, he made her feel on Monster on season one. Will we still love her without knowing her name…out walks Monster…Nicole gets the Patti LaBelle feeling about this act. They heard a souther twang about her, Dolly Parton by Ken. Jenny singer sounds younger as Mary Jane. Nicole goes with Diane Worwick. Jamie…the hand clutch…no guess.

The Robot stomped on stage…not that tall and skinny…clues include, skateboard and firetruck, stunted, tip the scales, relatable to everyone, lets rock. “Are You Gonna Go My Way” he can dance, and sing somewhat with the mic effect…well done. In character, he is having the most fun in his career. Nicole loved the tone. Jenny Johnny Knoxville, Jamie goes for Steve Oh. Nicole guessed Floyd Mayweather?

Link to ALL video posts direct including the clues and performances.

The Kangaroo was the final act, jumped on stage…clues…she is a survivor, outback Australia, in the spot light for all the wrong reasons, fighting bullies, and this one is for the survivors. “Dancing On My Own” was the emotional choice…Jamie and Jenny are moved…standing ovation. Robin.. we all leaned in. Jamie about the real vocal…a misty moment… Jenny went with Jordan Sparks. Nicole…Kelly Rowland. Iggy Azalea….is from Downunder…Murwillinbah to be exact.


Enjoy the first look video released by FOX today.

The producers and behind the scenes, creatives take you on a first look of the epic third season of THE MASKED SINGER.

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