The Bachelor Matt James Previews Spoilers video

The Bachelor Matt James Previews Spoiler video

ABC’s production company released this new lead information today. From ACCESS comes video The Bachelor  Matt James Previews Spoilers video.

We are happy to see the production step up and decide on the new lead.

Tyler Cameron thinks that…

Thank you to ACCESS for the video and ABC.

To be frank, the timing is… ridiculous.
YUP! This is it. He’s the one. The Bachelor. I’m HAPPY! AWESOME CHOICE Bachelor Nation! #TopTier #Well-spoken #VibesInAllTheRightPlaces #WhenYouGotItYouGotIt
Seriously?? I wonder what happened to change their minds??? Give me a second………….
This show has become incestuous. You have to either know a former contestant or know someone connected to the franchise to get on the show! Hell, even Peter is Chris Harrison’s neighbor! The Bachelor/ette is now just grasping for straws to stay on the ABC Monday night lineup. The franchise has definitely jumped the shark
Trust me…this is NOTHING more than a symbolic gesture from the dominant society. Willing to bet this dude don’t like BLACK women. This is some BS….

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