Ten Best Performances July 2019 The Voice Global video

Ten Best Performances July 2019 The Voice Global video

Ten acts including Australia, South Africa, Vietnam, Israel, and Germany feature in this video. Ten Best Performances July 2019 The Voice Global video.

You can review the Australian season 8 here. 

Diana Rouvas went on to win the season and many attribute the performance in this video as one of her best.

It is great to see other contestants from other countries included in this compilation.

BEST OF JULY 2019 in The Voice


zeek peformed at my school yesterday and he sounds so much better live. he was good yesterday.
Nobody said this but these voices are beautiful and ultimate
1. Kelly Rowland and Zeek Power sing ‘Earth Song’ (The Voice Australia): https://youtu.be/DAe_QoOglqo
2. Giuliano De Stefano sings ‘A Song For You’ (The Voice of Germany): https://youtu.be/A9PnrR0-JsA
3. Tasché Burger sings ‘Let It Be’ (The Voice South Africa): https://youtu.be/eyeo2x3M0MU
4. Sheldon Riley sings ‘7 Rings’ (The Voice Australia): https://youtu.be/upSRlSz62IY
5. Amit Shauli and “Uni-Ma” sing ‘River’ (The Voice Israel): https://youtu.be/1UkLvx0Aw1s
6. Sümeyra Stahl sings ‘Shake Away’ (The Voice of Germany): https://youtu.be/7_cyiK_PFVQ
7. Siki Jo-An sings ‘Someone Like You’ (The Voice South Africa): https://youtu.be/JCOkiyIT6LY
8. Diana Rouvas sings ‘Hallelujah’ (The Voice Australia): https://youtu.be/YAYs7BTbwdM
9. Lâm Bảo Ngọc sings ‘Never Enough’ (The Voice Vietnam): https://youtu.be/RNlaaRWRupE
10. Nora Brandenburger sings ‘One Night Only’ (The Voice of Germany): https://youtu.be/TINvo0ZAQiQ

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